Show Notes 06-07-2019

Friday Show Notes 06-07-19

Pro-Gun Senators Introduce Bill to Prohibit Discrimination in Financial Services

MSNBC’s O’Donnell Promotes Getting Rid of Trump AND Pence

Judge Orders Antifa Activist to Pay $22,000 in Legal Fees to Conservative Judicial Watch

Four teens rush into a burning home, saving the life of a 90-year-old neighbor

Jeff Bezos Outlines Plan to Colonize Space, Interrupted by Chicken Protestor

NASA allowing commercial travel to International Space Station, but it’ll cost you

School Removes Cross from Yearbook: ‘It Was Not Sensitive’ to Students

Catholic Georgetown University Celebrates LGBT Pride Month

Pope makes major change to Lord’s Prayer

$10 Trillion ‘to Have a Shot’: Ocasio-Cortez Updates Climate Change Price Tag

Sign warning of imminent loss of glaciers vanishes

Show Notes 04-27-2019

Monday show notes 04-27-19


Houston principal bans hair rollers, satin caps and pajamas — for parents

Tim Scott: Too Many Public Colleges ‘Are Silencing the Voices of Faith-Based Student Groups’

Parents disavow California synagogue suspect, say son is part of ‘history of evil’

Trump is ‘a threat to our world order’ and unworthy of UK state visit, Labour’s Emily Thornberry says

Dartmouth professor: ‘Magic’ of guns can turn good people evil

R.I. Town Declares Itself a ‘Sanctuary’ for Gun Owners

Show Notes 04-09-2019

Tuesday show notes 04-09-19

American billionaires call for upgrades to capitalism, starting with higher taxes on themselves

House Democrats put gun control into new Violence Against Women bill

John Lott On ‘Folly’ Of So-Called Red Flag Laws

New York City Declares Public Health Emergency In the Face of an Intensifying Measles Outbreak

Show Notes 01-23-2019

Wednesday show notes 01-23-19

Trump: ‘A Just Government Abides by the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God’

Church attacks Trump: ‘White supremacy is the real crisis’

Porn star-turned-pastor says she wants ‘everyone to experience the love of God’

Former Christian Rockstar Warns Today’s Generation Not to Be Deceived by ‘Popularity Gospel’

State sued for suspending 2nd Amendment for foster parents

Private Security Stops Mass Shooting At Alabama Night Club

Twitter allows ‘verified’ calls for violence on pro-Trump teens

Show Notes 12-10-2018

Monday show notes 12-10-18

China Launches 1st Mission to Land on Far Side of the Moon

Police shooting of hero with gun sparks call for national dialogue

Study Claims Most People Vastly Overestimate Number Of Gun Owners In U.S.

Study: 8 In 10 Adults Lie To Their Doctors About Their Health

As doctors taper or end opioid prescriptions, many patients driven to despair, suicide