Show Notes 04-27-2019

Monday show notes 04-27-19


Houston principal bans hair rollers, satin caps and pajamas — for parents

Tim Scott: Too Many Public Colleges ‘Are Silencing the Voices of Faith-Based Student Groups’

Parents disavow California synagogue suspect, say son is part of ‘history of evil’

Trump is ‘a threat to our world order’ and unworthy of UK state visit, Labour’s Emily Thornberry says

Dartmouth professor: ‘Magic’ of guns can turn good people evil

R.I. Town Declares Itself a ‘Sanctuary’ for Gun Owners

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We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. Then, What the hell is wrong with Britain and Brexit the Ups and Downs for the week. What is the ERA amendment, The Second Amendment Report,more homeschooling news and they blinded me with science

Show Notes 03-25-2017

Saturday Show 3-25-17

CEO Makes Employees Take Snowflake Test
You’d better put on your safety pin.  This article is sure to trigger some of you.  Why?  Because … gasp … you’re about to get some real talk from someone who makes hiring and firing decisions every single day.
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Many Montana Lawmakers Seem To Be Falling For A Conspiracy Theory About Muslims
Montana lawmakers are close to passing a bill aimed at preventing Islamic law from being used in court cases, an unfounded conspiracy theory based on no evidence that claims Muslims in America are trying to subvert the US Constitution.
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Jewish Voice for Peace to host convicted terrorist at confab
An Israel advocacy group criticized a pro-BDS group for denying its request to hold a memorial event for Israeli terror victims at its conference, which will feature a convicted terrorist as a speaker.
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U.K. top cop warns of ‘extreme right-wing groups’ after Islamist attack
A top cop in London’s Metropolitan Police department warned the public Wednesday evening over the ongoing threat from extremist organizations. Only he wasn’t referring to the Islamist attack that unfolded hours before, but threats from ‘extreme right wing groups’ that may target Muslims for retribution.
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Half of all federal arrests related to immigration
Immigration arrests and border-related cases have swamped the federal government, the Justice Department said Thursday, pointing to new statistics that show half of all arrests made by federal authorities in 2014 were for immigration offenses.
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Senate Letter Reveals Staggering Number Of Murders By Illegal Aliens With Previous Criminal Convictions
A letter written by the Senate Judiciary Committee in June 2015 to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, Secretary of State John Kerry and Attorney General Loretta Lynch reveals news facts about the number and nature of crimes committed by illegal immigrants who had already been convicted of other crimes but were released back into the public either because their home country would not accept their deportation and/or because they exceeded a Supreme Court mandate prohibiting detention of deportable foreign nationals beyond six months.
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Starving Venezuelans dying for eating poisonous yuca sold in black market
Tulio Linares saw four of his relatives and a neighbor die one by one in Venezuela. It all happened within a week, following a family meal where they had ingested one of the few staples that are still available and affordable in the starved nation: the starchy yucca o cassava.
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Venezuela military trafficking food as country goes hungry
 When hunger drew tens of thousands of Venezuelans to the streets in protest last summer, President Nicolas Maduro turned to the military to manage the country’s diminished food supply, putting generals in charge of everything from butter to rice.
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Desperate and hungry, thousands of Venezuelans risk life in mafia-infested illegal mining
Amid record-breaking poverty rates countrywide, an increasing number of Venezuelans is stepping outside the law and trying their luck in the treacherous world of illegal mining.
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Show Notes 02-12-2015

Thursday show 2/12/15
New Mexico Sheriff stands against IRS
In a case reminiscent of the Cliven Bundy land standoff in Nevada, a New Mexico sheriff is refusing on constitutional grounds to allow the federal government to sell the property of a business owner embroiled in a dispute with the IRS until the owner receives due process of law and his appeal is heard.
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Terror suspects arrested every day in UK as police call for extra funding to cope with Islamic threat
Metropolitan assistant commissioner Mark Rowley revealed fanatics were being detained on a daily basis following a sharp rise in arrests because of the growing threat from Islamist jihadists.
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Earnest, Psaki Take to Twitter to Clarify Position on Terror Targeting of Jewish Store
White House and State Department press secretaries took to Twitter Tuesday to underscore that the administration believes a terror attack on a kosher store in Paris last month was anti-Jewish, hours after both appeared reluctant during daily press briefings to acknowledge that.
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VA secretary asks Iraq War veteran: ‘What have you done?’
Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald on Wednesday asked a Republican lawmaker who served in both Iraq wars, “What have you done?” as the two men sparred over huge cost overruns at a troubled Denver VA hospital.
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PA town packs hear and wants visitors to know
Drive into tiny Conoy Township, Pa., and you’ll see the standard “welcome” sign, but it also comes with a warning: “THIS IS NOT A GUN FREE ZONE.”
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Beretta Pushes Back on Army Rejection of M9A3 Pistol
The U.S. Army has now formally rejected Beretta USA’s proposal for a modernized version of the M9 9mm pistol. But Beretta is not giving up just yet.
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Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a one-room log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Thomas was a strong and determined pioneer who found a moderate level of prosperity and was well respected in the community.
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Show Notes 10/23/2014

Thursday Show 10/23/14
UK gun owners now subject to warrantless home searches
Registered gun owners in the United Kingdom are now subject to unannounced visits to their homes under new guidance that allows police to inspect firearms storage without a warrant.
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Former Secret Service agent on gun mess: I knew it!
The disclosure that guns purchased in the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ Fast and Furious anti-drug cartel program have been found at a crime scene in the United States did not surprise Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent who raised the very scenario last year.
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Senate Democratic Officials Start Lashing Out at White House
The relationship between the White House and Senate Democrats hit a new low Tuesday evening after the administration’s press office released a transcript of first lady Michelle Obama’s appearance in Iowa on behalf of Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley. The problem: The subject line of the e-mail referred to Braley as the “Democratic candidate for governor.”
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Judge restricts Dinesh Dsouzas travel
A federal judge in New York City has put filmmaker and bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza under a travel restriction during the eight months in which he has been sentenced to a community confinement center in San Diego, where he must spend each night.
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A federal judge in Washington, D.C., sided today with the Internal Revenue Service and dismissed lawsuits by tea party organizations seeking redress for improper delays and scrutiny of their applications for tax-exempt status.
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Davis City Council votes to return armored vehicle to federal government
It was free, but the imposing-looking armored vehicle recently acquired by the Davis Police Department is being sent back. The Davis City Council voted 3-2 Tuesday night to return the vehicle to the federal government.
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MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry More Afraid of Police Than Ebola, ISIS
“At this point, I feel much more terror every time I see blue lights than when I think about Ebola or ISIS,” said Harris-Perry. “It feels to me – and it could be, not blue lights coming for me, but just anywhere on the street – I feel like, ‘Please God, don’t make me have to interact here,’ because these videos make it feel like there is nothing that makes you safe.”
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Show Notes 05/16/2013

Uncooperative Radio Show Notes: Thursday 05/16/2013
Spain’s economy is now as bad as Greece’s
The unemployment rate in Spain recently hit an astounding 27.2 percent for the first quarter of 2013, which is the highest it’s been in decades and higher than unemployment was in the United States during the Depression.
OECD’s down beat on Italy
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has just delivered yet more bad news for Italy’s new prime minister.
It is now forecasting that the eurozone’s third largest economy will contract by more than expected this year.
UK joblessness up again
The latest unemployment totals from London underscored how weak Britain’s economy remains.The number of people without jobs continued to rise.
IMF board approves Cyprus bailout
The EUR1 billion IMF loan program is part of a EUR10 billion joint bailout with the European Union. Euro authorities have already approved the deal, paying out the first tranche earlier this week.
FDR Sowing the Seeds of Chaos
The long-lasting imprint from FDR’s famous “Hundred Days” did not stem from the bank holiday, national industrial recovery act, the farm adjustment act, the Tennessee Valley Authority, or the public works administration.