Show Notes 04-17-2019

Wednesday show notes 04-17-19

Rep. Kevin Brady: Democrats, as usual, were wrong on Trump’s tax cuts

House Democrats give IRS an extension to provide Trump tax returns

The Income Tax: Lessons from the Sixteenth Amendment

Rep. Swalwell Would Turn Some Gun Owners Into Criminals

NRA Sues Ad Company Responsible For NRA TV

Bay of Pigs Invasion

Trump Administration Cracks Down on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela in Obama Policy Roll Back

Show Notes 04-16-19

Tuesday show notes 04-16-19

Short on electricity, food and water, Venezuelans return to religion

Millennials lie the most on resumes – here are the most common fibs

Thousands of Christians Urge Christian School to Disinvite Mike Pence

High School Principal Apologizes After Telling Student to Take Off ‘MAGA’ Hat, Cover Up Trump T-Shirt

Prestigious $30,000 federal scholarships once again dominated by liberals in 2019

7 abortion businesses for sale, could close

Show Notes 04-15-2019

Monday show notes 04-15-19

Happy Tax Day

Facebook plans to scan people’s photos into their own ads

Human brains could be connected to the internet in ‘next few decades,’ scientists predict

Muslims celebrate as blaze destroys Notre Dame

German intelligence top dog says 2,240 jihadis now in Germany, Islamic State “can launch an attack anytime”

Arizona: Muslim murders his wife and two daughters, says Allah told him to do it

Petting Zoos May Be Crawling With Drug-Resistant Bacteria, Putting Kids At Risk


Show Notes 04-14-2019

Sunday show notes 04-14-19

Nigel Farage launches Brexit Party

Israeli sovereignty in Judea, Samaria won’t hurt Trump peace plan, says Pompeo


Scientists predict a new solar cycle is about to begin and that it will be stronger than the last one

Chicago Mayor-elect Lightfoot says she’d welcome immigrants if Trump sends them

Appeals court rules Trump admin can temporarily continue to send asylum-seekers back to Mexico

Fight brews as DA hides details about mass confiscations

Feds sued for destroying 73,000 bump stocks

Show Notes 04-10-2019

Wednesday show notes 04-10-19

Colorado could be about to get its own net neutrality law

Governor says surfing can connect California and El Salvador

Half of Pastors Are Concerned They Will Offend Someone If They Speak on Social Issues

3 historic black churches burned down, FBI investigates; members share pain, unite in worship

U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar Calls Trump’s Jewish Advisor a ‘White Nationalist

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s commander defying Trump’s orders, trying to send him ‘back to the brig’: lawyers

U.S. Troops Evacuated from Libya

Trump Wants More Troops on Border, Implies They Should Get ‘A Little Rough’

Pence confronts Venezuelan ambassador at UN: ‘You shouldn’t be here’ Iranian airline begins direct flights to Venezuela

US-blacklisted Iranian airline begins direct flights to Venezuela

Show Notes 04-09-2019

Tuesday show notes 04-09-19

American billionaires call for upgrades to capitalism, starting with higher taxes on themselves

House Democrats put gun control into new Violence Against Women bill

John Lott On ‘Folly’ Of So-Called Red Flag Laws

New York City Declares Public Health Emergency In the Face of an Intensifying Measles Outbreak

Show Notes 04-08-2019

Monday show notes 04-08-19

Nielsen resigns as DHS secretary after White House meeting with Trump


Woman arrested at Mar-A-Lago had cash, signal detector in hotel room, prosecutors say

The Bering Sea Should Be Frozen Right Now. It Isn’t.

Beekeeper’s warm-weather warning: ‘Do not be frightened’ of swarming honeybees

Geologists discover a new hotspot in Yellowstone supervolcano that’s killing off trees in a patch of warm land the size of FOUR soccer fields