Show Notes 09-17-2018

Monday show notes 09-17-18

Surprising hidden order unites prime numbers and crystal-like materials
The seemingly random digits known as prime numbers are not nearly as scattershot as previously thought. A new analysis by Princeton University researchers has uncovered patterns in primes that are similar to those found in the positions of atoms inside certain crystal-like materials.
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Cannibal Nutrition and Self-Colonoscopies Win Accolades at the 2018 Ig Nobels
Scientists from around the world gathered at Harvard University on Sept. 13 to accept unconventional prizes for their highly unusual research.
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Twitter Alternative Gab.AI Blocked by Google for ‘Hate Speech
Somewhere in the “community standards” that Facebook demands everyone follow is a real doozy. The social-media company has told author and commentator Jamie Glazov the standards forbid an article about how to prevent jihadi attacks on Americans.
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Members of the European Parliament have voted to approve new web copyright rules and regulations that have been described by a prominent privacy organization as an “extinction-level” event.
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Uncooperative Radio 09-20-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. Ups and Downs for the week, States Rights the Loony Toony global warming report and the war on Christianity.

Christine Blasey Ford’s High School Yearbook Was Scrubbed!

I was going to highlight this article on the show tonight, but it is to long, so here is the link. Check it out and pass it on.

Christine Blasey Ford’s High School Yearbook Was Scrubbed to Hide Culture of Racism, Binge Drinking by Minors and Elitism… Update: Cached Copy of Yearbook

Uncooperative Radio 09-19-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We will start the show with a liberty quote. We will tell you about the most obscure Founding Father ever, the Second Amendment report,The Fuzzy Muzzy report, what is Planned Parenthood up to now and The Loony Toony global warming report

Uncooperative Radio 09-18-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with a Founding Fathers’ quote. It is Yom Kippur today, we will review, medical madness, what’s up with our schools and the most obscure Founding Father ever.

Uncooperative Radio 09-17-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with a Psalm. Then, They Blinded me with science, the Internet wars continue, and medical madness.

Show Notes 09-13-2018

Thursday show notes 09-13-18

Minnesota firefighters rescue bear after his head gets trapped in milk jug
Firefighters in northern Minnesota recently came to the rescue of a black bear after he got his head stuck in a 10-gallon milk jug. The 150-pound bear was in quite the predicament last week in the Roseau area when officers with the state’s Department of Natural Resources tried to free him.
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NYPD officers arrested in prostitution, gambling probe
Seven New York City police officers were arrested Wednesday as part of a wide-ranging gambling and prostitution inquiry, multiple media outlets reported. According to the New York Post, the investigation centered on a retired vice detective who operated multiple brothels in Brooklyn and Queens with his prostitute wife.
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Evergreen State sees ‘catastrophic’ drop in enrollment after social justice meltdown
Evergreen State College enrollment plummeted after fallout from the controversial “Day of Absence” in May 2017 when all white people were asked to leave the campus.
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Illegals cited in theft of 39 million Social Security numbers
Describing a “thriving black market,” an immigration reform agency reports IRS records show 39 million Social Security numbers have been stolen by illegal immigrants to obtain jobs.
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New Mexico compound residents indicted by feds
Five residents of a ramshackle desert compound were indicted Tuesday on firearms and conspiracy charges. Federal prosecutors in New Mexico say the group was preparing for violent attacks on government, military, educational and financial institutions.
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The Top Five Ways Obama Attacked the Free Press
It’s been over a year and a half since Obama left office, but it still bothers me hearing him speak. Between his trying to take credit for the Trump economy and his claim that he, unlike Trump, didn’t “threaten the freedom of the press,” it’s hard not to get angry when he speaks because virtually everything he says is a lie.
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