Show Notes 12-10-2018

Monday show notes 12-10-18

China Launches 1st Mission to Land on Far Side of the Moon

Police shooting of hero with gun sparks call for national dialogue

Study Claims Most People Vastly Overestimate Number Of Gun Owners In U.S.

Study: 8 In 10 Adults Lie To Their Doctors About Their Health

As doctors taper or end opioid prescriptions, many patients driven to despair, suicide


Uncooperative Radio 12-12-18 Live!

Live! @ 9:00pm ET topics:
We will start the show with an economist quote. Brian will read a lesson on socialism and progessivism from Ludwig Von Mises. The Fuzzy Muzzy Report meets the Internet wars continue, More Venezuela news meets to Russia with love and the News behind the News if we get to it.

Uncooperative Radio 12-10-18 Live!

Live! @ 9:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with a Prayer. Then,
China is not our friend meets space the final frontier, the Second Amendment Report, and Medical Madness, if we get to it

Show Notes 12-06-2018

Thursday show notes 12-06-18

Haley Pushes Ahead With First-Ever UN Resolution Condemning Hamas

Illinois first deer hunting weekend yields 59,000 deer

Psych prof claims God lacked Mary’s ‘consent

France’s protesters are part of a global backlash against climate change taxes

‘VeggieTales’ is ‘racist’ and ‘dangerous’ for children, California students claim

George H.W. Bush’s service dog ‘Sully’ isn’t a Democrat or Republican — It’s doggone crazy to attack him

Show Notes 12-05-2018

Wednesday show notes 12-05-18

Putin: Movie Depicting US Military Rescuing Russian President ‘Sounds Like a Bad Film’

Controversial tree display: 2 Mpls. officers ‘relieved of duty’

Britain’s The Guardian: Melania Trump’s 2019 Christmas May Employ ‘Voodoo/Human Sacrifice Theme’

Blue Christmas as red and green get banned

The children, the caravan and the contagions

Trump’s $5B Border Wall Request Equals 0.11% of Federal Spending

Israel Prepares to Destroy Hezbollah Tunnels Inside Lebanon

Show Notes 12-04-2018

Tuesday show notes 12-04-18

World Bank ups funds to tackle ‘existential threat’ of climate change

Charged with war crimes and stuck in the brig, a Navy SEAL vows to fight on

Show Notes 12-03-2018

Monday show notes 01-03-18


Sam Donaldson critiques Sarah Sanders: George H.W. Bush’s press secretary ‘didn’t try to insult reporters’

Embattled Google CEO Sundar Pichai to Testify before Congress

TheBlaze and CRTV Merge to Create Conservative Media Powerhouse

Harvard student told to move out over legal guns