Concerned Veterans for America

Hi! I’m Marinelle with Concerned Veterans for America. Congress is considering a massive federal bailout for reckless states to cover up their poor law making. U.S. debt is our greatest long-term national security threat. State bailouts only make matters worse. Click here to take the pledge to oppose them.

Update: The Uncooperative Radio Show

Our dear and loyal listeners. We must take a break from doing our show for at least a month because Brian was diagnosed last year with a goiter on his Thyroid. He had many tests at that time and a biopsy to check for cancer which thankfully he did not have. He did have nodules on both sides of his Thyroid however and they removed five of them that were located on the right side of his neck.

Since then he has had nothing but problems with pain, swallowing problems, neck swelling, as well as his Thyroid becoming enlarged. His voice is harsh at times, he has some problems speaking and must clear his throat frequently. He is a Veteran and was recently admitted to the new Community Care program, hence how we found out about the condition as well as more medical problems.

We are currently waiting for the VA to approve a consult with an Endocrinologist, for treatment which is very frustrating. Even though he does have a private sector Nurse Practitioner, approval for treatment still has to come from the VA. We will keep you updated as we go through this process. Thank you for your support and God Bless.


Show Notes 06-30-2019

Sunday show notes 06-30-19

Chick-fil-A is now the 3rd-largest restaurant chain in America, and McDonald’s and Starbucks should be terrified

Jon Voight responds to Alyssa Milano attack: ‘Ignorance doesn’t scare me’

Bank Of America Will No Longer Do Business With Companies That Run Private Prisons, Detention Centers

NFL quarterback gets baptized in Jordan River during ‘life-changing’ first trip to Israel

French nudists and burkini bathers in heatwave pool standoff

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘No peace as long as Israel exists’

Supreme Court agrees to take up Trump’s bid to end DACA

Supremes warned: Abortion rulings ‘out of control’

Mexico’s other border is rattled by armed crackdown along river

Anger and confusion after Trump orders — then delays — immigration crackdown

Denver is capturing geese from city parks to be killed and given to hungry families

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