Uncooperative Radio 01-28-19 Live!

Live! at 9:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with a Prayer. Followed by The Internet Wars continue, and regulations suck. We will tell you what your government is spending your money on, Our Military Heroes, medical madness, if we get to it.

Show Notes 01-23-2019

Wednesday show notes 01-23-19

Trump: ‘A Just Government Abides by the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God’

Church attacks Trump: ‘White supremacy is the real crisis’

Porn star-turned-pastor says she wants ‘everyone to experience the love of God’

Former Christian Rockstar Warns Today’s Generation Not to Be Deceived by ‘Popularity Gospel’

State sued for suspending 2nd Amendment for foster parents

Private Security Stops Mass Shooting At Alabama Night Club

Twitter allows ‘verified’ calls for violence on pro-Trump teens

Uncooperative Radio 01-24-19 Live!

Live! at 9:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. The Internet wars continue, continued. Then, the Ups and Downs for the week, more Venezuela news and the Illegal Alien Invasion report, if we get to it

Uncooperative Radio 01-23-19 Live!

Live! at 9:00pm ET topics:
We will start the show with an economist quote. Then, the War on Christianity, the Second Amendment report, the Internet wars continue and more Venezuela news, if we get to it.

Uncooperative Radio 12-18-18 Live!

Live! at 9:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with a Founding Fathers’ quote. Then, the Internet wars continue, our Military heroes, The Illegal Alien Invasion report and the Dumb Ass Segment