Uncooperative Radio 01-14-19 Live!

Live! at 9:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with a Prayer. Then, the government shutdown is a good thing, we will tell you how, China is not our friend, President Donald Trumps accomplishments, where are we on the War on Terror and the Dumb Ass segment

Uncooperative Radio 07-02-18 Live!

@10pm ET:
We start the show with a Prayer. Antifa is a terrorist group. Brian will explain Cryptocurrencies, what’s up with our schools and take this the food police.

Uncooperative Radio 06-29-18 Live!

@10pm ET:
We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. Then, Ups and Downs for the week, the Second Amendment report and we will never forget Benghazi, our Military heroes and this day in history.

The Geller Report 05-03-18

Night of Blood: Muslim migrants go on murderous stabbing spree in Milan, Italy

“There are more and more serious problems with the crimes of migrants, and public security is catastrophic,” said Paolo Grimoldi, a local politician in MIlan.



Facebook Enlists Eric Holder’s Law Firm to ‘Advise’ on Anti-Conservative Bias

We need anti-trust legislation and we need it now. It’s war. People do not understand what is at stake and what they have lost. Social media is the public square and our First Amendment rights should be first and foremost. Either we go quietly into the cold, dark night or we go to war.


UK: Muslim shopkeeper jailed over ISIS terror posts

Another one of the millions of “misunderstanders” of Islam ….. but remember, it’s the “islamophobes” who are the problem. Respect his piety, heathen


FDR wanted Jews ‘spread thin’ and kept out of U.S., documents reveal

Sadly, FDR is the great white father to a large majority of Jews even though he did nothing while their Jewish brothers and sisters burned.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau DECLARATION of jihad against the Jews: Palestinian Day on the Hill, “EYES ON JERUSALEM”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to advance his career in the cause of jihad and Islam.


TEXAS: Muslim student arrested for plotting Islamic State mass shooting at mall

Texas Muslim student is arrested for planning an Islamic State mass shooting at a shopping mall. Expect no national marches or protests against Islamic terror and jihad. On the contrary, this averted mass shooting massacre will be blamed on islamophobia.