Update about The Uncooperative Radio Show

I, Susan have been on vacation, visiting my Father in Florida, who I have not seen in 13yrs. It was a wonderful visit and I thank God for the opportunity. The show has been on hold until last week. We changed our schedule from three hour two days a week to two hours five days a week. You can still download all our shows @ uncooperativeradio.com, but we are live on redstatetalkradio.com, Monday to Friday 10pm-12am est. Thank you to all our loyal listeners for your patience while we make the transition. God Bless you all.

Missing in Action

Sorry, but I will not be around as much this week, getting ready for our live debut at red state talk radio m-f starting the 14th, but need to get everything ready for Susan before she comes home Thursday and I have to walk up the section road today to get my pick up