Uncooperative Radio 09-12-18 Live!

@10pmET topics:
We will start the show with a liberty quote. Puerto Rico is a hell hole. Did you know about the 9-11 Water Evacuations? We will tell you. Then, the Fuzzy Muzzy report meets what’s up with our schools, they blinded me with science


Update about The Uncooperative Radio Show

I, Susan have been on vacation, visiting my Father in Florida, who I have not seen in 13yrs. It was a wonderful visit and I thank God for the opportunity. The show has been on hold until last week. We changed our schedule from three hour two days a week to two hours five days a week. You can still download all our shows @ uncooperativeradio.com, but we are live on redstatetalkradio.com, Monday to Friday 10pm-12am est. Thank you to all our loyal listeners for your patience while we make the transition. God Bless you all.

Missing in Action

Sorry, but I will not be around as much this week, getting ready for our live debut at red state talk radio m-f starting the 14th, but need to get everything ready for Susan before she comes home Thursday and I have to walk up the section road today to get my pick up

UPDATE – Uncooperative Radio

I am not going to give up on any of my social media sites except twitter and facebook, but the Radio Show is going live on www. redstatetalkradio.com monday thru Friday 10pm-12am. So, you will see less of me on social media; as this is a full time job