Uncooperative Radio 07-12-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We will start the show with Economist quote, Are attacks on our diplomats an act of war? Who owns the weather? What’s up with our schools meets the Loony Tooney global warming report, the Fuzzy Muzzy report, what is the ERA amendment and The Second Amendment Report.


Uncooperative Radio 07-09-18 Live!

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We start the show with a Prayer. Brian will explain the difference between judicial philosophies. Then, its the economy stupid! Followed by, 10 things you should know about the Humane Society, more news against home schooling and Who owns the weather?

Uncooperative Radio 06-08-18 Live!

@10:00pm ET
We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance.
Then, Ups and Downs for the week, regulations suck and we will visit the wonderful world of animals. Followed by its the economy stupid and more Marijuana news.

Uncooperative Radio 06-06-18 RECORDING

Uncooperative Radio 06-06-18 RECORDING is now available for your listening pleasure!
We will start the show with a liberty quote. Brian and I will rant about the TV show: Supernatural. Today is the anniversary of D-Day we will review. Brian will read an overview of Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith. Then, President Trump’s accomplishments, the Illegal Alien Invasion report and this day in history

Uncooperative Radio 06-05-18 Recording

We start the show with a Founding Fathers’ Quote. Then, what is the Supreme Court up to now? They Blinded me with science, the Fuzzy Muzzy Report and Overview of Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
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Uncooperative Radio 05-31-18 Live!

 @ 10:00pm ET

We start the show with an Economist quote. Then, we will continue with President Trumps accomplishments, the food police, the war on Christians and in the wake of the beginning of the Constitutional Convention this week; one has to ask what the hell is going on in Pennsylvania.

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Top 20% of Income Earners Will Pay 87% of Taxes in 2018

From The Political Insider:

2018 will be the first year with the Donald Trump tax cuts in effect.

While initially unpopular, the majority of voters do now support Trump’s tax package. Most had been misinformed by the media that the tax cuts were just tax cuts “for the rich,” and not for ordinary Americans.

In reality, the Trump tax cuts reduced the top income tax rate from 39.6 to 37 percent, and the bottom rate fell from 10 percent to zero. The 15 percent rate dropped to 12 percent, the 25 percent rate to 22, the 28 percent rate to 24 and the 33 percent rate to 32. The tax cut was most beneficial for the lower and middle class, and the standard deduction was doubled.

Taxpayers are seeing the proof in their paychecks.

Additionally, the hundreds of companies announcing $1,000+ bonuses to their employees as a result of tax reform also helped boost the tax cut package’s popularity.

One social experiment showed that liberals even favor the Trump tax plan when it’s presented to them as being attributed to Bernie Sanders.

Just three years ago, the top 20% of income taxpayers paid 84% of all income taxes. For some context, the top 20% earn “only” about 51% of national income in a given year. In other words, they’re paying out of proportion to the percent of total income they earn (which is to be expected with a progressive income tax).

This year, despite media cries that the Trump tax cut is only for the wealthy, they’ll be paying a larger share of the income taxes this year.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

In 2018, top earners will pay a higher share of income taxes.

The individual income tax matters—a lot—because it is the largest single source of U.S. revenue. And its share has risen in recent years. For 2018, it could raise 50% of total federal revenue, according to estimates from Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation, up from about 48% last year.

Surprised? Only the mainstream media should be.