Jobs on the Rise!

Well if you listen to all the doom and gloomers over the last few years you are just waiting for the economy, spured on by The Presidents tax cuts, to tank. Here is an article showing the continuing rise in the job market.

A brightening labor market could make this the time to look for a new job

I love good news.

Social Security

I cannot understand how anyone cannot see the coming problem/crisis, whatever you wish to call it, for SSI. I am in my 40s and don’t plan to see a cent of SSI. The only way to keep it the way it is right now is to greatly raise taxes in the future. Let us raise the age of retirement again! yea! Let me see, start working at 16 years of age, and get to finaly retire at age 70! Wow! great idea! 54 years of busting my back for what? A small hand out from the government.

So here comes someone who says hey, we will lower your SSI tax and let you use, what we let you keep, of your own money to put in certain safe investment accounts. What me? Put my money in my own private account? To be used for my retirement? Bad idea. We can’t have me actually decide when I will retire and on how much money. No way! You just take more of my money and make sure, I can barely survive retiring at age 70. I like this idea much better.

People that live paycheck to paycheck cannot find any extra money to place in an IRA account for their retirement. This would give them their own money to put in an IRA account, or other safe funds for their retirement. I wish my wife and I had all the money that went into SSI and would have put it in an account for retirement. We could then retire comfortably.

I just do not understand what people are thinking.

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