George Soros Convicted

Soros has been convicted of insider trading in France. He is appealing the verdict. He was fined just 3 million dollars. This is just what he made from the deal in 1988. So he had those 3 million dollars for 17 years interest free. He received no punitive penalty. France and Soros, I donââât know who I dislike more.

In a related article in Newsmax magazine, is investigating George Soros on violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act. In October Soros undertook a media and speaking tour to swing states during which he called for Kerryâââs election and the defeat of President Bush. His appearances coincided with two page newspaper ads and mass mailings to voters with the same theme. Soros apparently failed to report significant expenditures related to these efforts; as required by law.


Schiavo Debate Scary

I was watching your world with Neil Cavuto Friday, and he had people on representing two sides of the Schiavo case. The one representing those who believe all life is precious scared me. The question was framed that the courts decided it was her wish to not live in her current state. The gentlemen representing the right to life side actually said there are those who believe life is a gift from God; and no one has the right to decide to give up that gift. Well, my life is a gift from God to ME. God also gave me the gift of free will, to do with that gift whatever I wish. If god will not tell me I have to do what he wants, what right do other humans have to tell me what to do with it?

This is exactly what so many people are afraid of happened in this case

Rumsfeld On Venezuela

On Wednesday afternoon, Rumsfeld flew to Manaus, capital of the northwestern Brazilian state of Amazonas, where he visited the headquarters of the Amazon Surveillance System (SIVAM), a network of airborne and ground-based radars and computers that he described as “impressive.”

But the defense secretary also took advantage of the press conference he gave in Brasilia to express his concern over Venezuela’s plans to purchase 100,000 AK-47 automatic rifles from Russia, claiming that he “can’t imagine why Venezuela needs 100,000 AK-47s,” while expressing doubt over whether this would be “good for the hemisphere.”

The government of leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced the purchase of the rifles as part of an overall program for updating the country’s military equipment, which also includes the acquisition of 41 attack and transport helicopters and several dozen MIG fighter planes from Russia as well.

Brazil could also become a supplier of military aircraft for the Venezuelan armed forces. Chávez and Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva have discussed the purchase of two types of Brazilian-made planes: AMX fighter bombers, based on Italian technology, and 24 Super Tucanos for airspace control and ground surveillance.

As such, Rumsfeld’s comments could be interpreted as a warning that the United States would not look kindly on any sales of weapons to Venezuela, although Washington is interested in the “moderating” role Brazil plays through its ties with Chávez and other South American governments viewed as leftist, such as the administrations in Argentina and Uruguay.

U.N. Rape Charges

The Story that appears in the Guardian was a good read. Here are the highlights.

An internal report finds repeated sexual abuse by peacekeepers in several countries and recommends steps for punishment and prevention.

The reputation of United Nations peacekeeping missions suffered a humiliating blow Thursday as an internal report identified repeated patterns of sexual abuse and rape perpetrated by soldiers supposed to be restoring the international rule of law.

Allegations have recently surfaced that troops sent to police Liberia were regularly having sex with girls as young as age 12, sometimes in the mission’s administrative buildings. In the DRC, peacekeepers were said to have offered abandoned orphans small gifts — as little as two eggs from their rations, says the report — for sexual encounters.

Alarm about the involvement of U.N. peacekeepers in sex trafficking first arose during the 1990s when investigators found soldiers were customers in brothels run in Bosnia and Kosovo that relied on women sold into forced prostitution. One recent estimate suggested up to 2,000 women have been coerced into sex slavery in Kosovo.

The study notes, “there regrettably will always be those who violate codes of conduct and dishonor the many who have given their lives in the cause of peace. Sexual exploitation and abuse by military, civilian police and civilian peacekeeping personnel [are] not a new phenomenon.”

It is not a new phenomenon? This is news to me!

Sexual exploitation by peacekeepers may threaten the security of missions, the study suggests, exposing them “to blackmail and violent retaliation.” It also speeds the transmission of HIV/AIDS.

Gee, do you think so?

It goes on to talk about possible solutions; such as recreational facilities. Is that a euphemism for brothel? Because I think sex is their preferred recreation! Increase the amount of females in the missions; is another solution. Some how I donââât see this helping unless they are personal concubines!

For punishment they are usually sent back to their home countries. Where rarely are any of them prosecuted.

Soldiers found guilty should have their pay docked and be made financially accountable, the report says. It adds that there should be “DNA and other tests to establish paternity” and that fathers should be required to provide child support.

Gee is that all you can come up with as a punishment? The U.N. has become an ineffectual disgrace in my opinion.

Tort Reform

Before the passage of state tort reform, liability premiums in Texas were skyrocketing, trauma centers were losing doctors and the number of liability insurers went from 14 to four. Since the reforms of more than a year ago, the number of insurance carriers has risen, hospitals and physician groups are reporting success in attracting physicians, and the state’s largest medical malpractice underwriter has lowered its premiums. It may be a while before the full benefits of tort reform are achieved, because trial attorneys filed hundreds of lawsuits just before the law took effect.

But in addition to minimizing the effect of high premiums, the Texas study left out some key factors, such as the tremendous cost of “defensive” medicine, in which doctors order extra tests and procedures not to help patients but to protect themselves from potential lawsuits. The federal government reported in 2002 that these costs ranged from $60 billion to $108 billion a year. Reducing these costs would lower the cost of health insurance for patients and allow millions more Americans to obtain health insurance.

This is why we need nationwide tort reform.

A Man Without a Party

In a column printed in The New York Daily News Richard Cohen opines:

When the instant pollsters reported on their instant polls, it turned out that by lopsided majorities the public was appalled at what Congress had done. By a margin of 63% to 28%, an ABC News poll said Americans supported the removal of Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube. An even larger majority – 70% – opposed Congress getting into the act. And for some reason, 67% of those polled said Congress was more interested in scoring political points than in Schiavo’s fate. As they say in the red states, amen to that.

It was a Republican – Christopher Shays of Connecticut – who got it right. “This Republican Party of Lincoln has become a party of theocracy,” he said. Bingo! It is DeLay and the Christian right which set the agenda for the Republican Party and, therefore, for Congress. It is DeLay, whose religious zealotry prompted him to leap all sorts of constitutional barriers and go court-shopping, and who, have no doubt about it, would reshape this country in his religious image.

He also slammed the Democrats for not touching this one. Yes the Democrats saw this one as a loose, loose scenario. They didnââât have the guts to take a position either way. I think they were smart. I think they were hoping this would bring down the Republican Party and crush the Conservative movement. I can see the smirk on Killaryâââs face as she sits back and watches this unfold. The Democrat party cannot beat the Republicans on issues, so they let them hang themselves.

Were the Democrats right? I think they were right. As I said, in a previous article, I think they are committing political suicide! I know have to fear the next set of elections. Look at those poll numbers! I agree with those polls! Not all Conservatives are Evangelical Christians! I am not as a matter of fact. I agree with those polls! I believe in Government staying out of my affairs. I believe in the separation of powers! I believe in States Rights! I believe in small Government! I understand their moral position, but that does not give them the right to overstep their authority. That is no different then activist judges who believe in the ââÅLiving Documentââ? view of the U.S. Constitution. What party can I vote for now?

I was once, when young, an individual that routinely voted Democrat. Then the party moved further and further left, and left me behind. The Republican Party also moved left at this time; becoming slightly right of center. So I jumped ships! Now the Republicans have run to the fanatical evangelical right! I am left behind again. I am a man without a national party. I can vote for democrats who will raise my taxes, take away my guns, lock me out of public lands, and turn this country into a socialist nightmare, or I can vote for Republicanâââs who will abuse the power of the government to invade my privacy and try to control my life. This was like getting kicked in the gut. It took the wind out of me. I feel like there is no hope left for this country or me. This has really affected me emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Judges And The Filibuster

What is all this talk about the Republican’s using the nuclear option? The democrats are using the nuclear option right now! It is not like they used the filibuster on ONE judge. They have used it over and over again. This is crazy! We cannot let the minority party choose the judicial appointees! Yes, that is what they are doing; choosing the judges. If the judge is not liberal then they will filibuster! To break a filibuster requires a vote of 60 senators. Barbara Boxer, who spoke out against the filibuster when she was in the majority, says since it is a life time appointment it should require a “super majority” to appoint. She says she now realizes she was wrong when she was against the filibuster while in the majority. Well isn’t that a convenient stance to take. May I point out that the republican’s, while in the minority, RARELY used the filibuster; and not on judicial appointees.

There is nothing about those judges that disqualifies them to sit on the bench. What are the Dems worried about? Having a “conservative Judge” sit on the bench the federal courts? They want “liberal” judges. Personally I don’t care about their political points of view either way. Either should you. What I care about, is that a Judge does not become a legislating Judge. Judges should NOT legislate from the bench. Period. That is our elected officials job. I have noticed however that “Liberal” Judges tend to legislate from the bench. Twist the law to match their social agenda. Now this is dangerous to all our freedoms.

The definition of conservative Judge is a Judge who believes in interpreting the law as it was intended. A true Constitutional constructionist.

A liberal judge should be defined as a judge who interprets the law the way they wish it was intended. The Constitution is a living document that must be interpreted within the context of today’s society.

Well liberals I have new for you, the Constitution is a LEGAL document. Legal documents do not change over time. If they did we would have chaos!

So let us get off of this nonsense about asking if they are a Christian, or if they believe in abortion, because their personal beliefs “should not” matter. If you ask a judge if the second amendment is an individuals right to bear arms; expect a competent judge to say yes. Don’t get all upset with him for quoting our founding fathers. The meaning of every part of the Bill Of Rights has been written about by the founding fathers. You know the ones with their signature on the document.

As for the filibuster? What filibuster?. You actually have to stand up there and physically filibuster. We cannot let the minority change the rules on how many votes it takes to get a judge’s appointment “consented.” There are way too many empty Federal judge seats out there. I say bring on the nuclear option! The people put the Republican Party in charge because they are sick of the democrats. We need to fill the empty seats on the bench; plain and simple. I say get it done!