The Patriot Act

Should we keep the Patriot act? I am uncomfortable, as you know, with giving our government more power; and I am completely against giving them unconstitutional powers.

Keep in mind a number of the provisions in the Patriot Act are written in way that allows them to be used in non-terrorism activities. As a matter of fact, it has only been used to prosecute non-terrorist cases to date. In Fact, some pretty bad people have been caught using the provisions in the Patriot Act. We have no way of knowing, however, if it has been used to prevent terrorist attacks.

There are three or four most complained about problems with the Patriot Act, none of which are subject to the sunset clauses:

People complain about the ââÅself writtenââ? warrants, well that is just spin. They still need a judge to sign the warrant. So there is no problem there.

The sneak and peek, which allows agents to enter a house without the owners knowledge; I personally do not care for this provision. But I am not near as worried about this provision as I am the existence of no knock warrants! They existed prior to the Patriot Act and exist today. Someone kicks in my door and I am going to reach for my gun that resides on my nightstand! This means I end up shooting a police officer and/or being shot myself. They have been known to get the address wrong!

The “thou shall not speak” aspect, which says if you are the subject of a search warrant, you can’t tell anyone about it. You can’t tell news reporters, your spouse, or your lawyer about it. This is a direct violation of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution in my opinion. I donââât quite get the thinking on this one.

Some of these, as well as the provision that makes it a crime to provide material assistance to someone the government calls a terrorist has been shot down as unconstitutional in Federal Court. This was related to an attorney for the accused being charged under this provision. They have not made it to the Supreme Court yet.

These provisions are not subject to the sunset clauses and probably won’t even be debated by the Congress. So we are not even debating the most troubling provisions!

People complain about health records, and library records etcetera. I just donââât see a reason to care. If the government has a reason, to care enough about me, to look at my library and health records, more power too them.

I have yet to hear of one case where the government has abused the powers granted it under the Patriot Act.

Over all I have to support the efforts of the justice system to fight terrorism and give it the tools to do their job. Although some provisions are troubling, it is not the big, bad, terrible, monstrous document the Left would have us believe.

You can read The Patriot Act in its entirety here.

Read highlights of the Patriot Act here.

Inequality For Black Americans

Oh please! If I have to read one more aritcle on how the “African-American” has not reached the level of “white-American” in this country I am going to be sick. Do they ever tell you that millions of “African-Americans”, which are NOT from Africa BTW, who are on WELFARE! This tends to bring their stats down a bit, don’t you think?

I used to be a NYC Paramaedic. I worked in the ghettos of NYC. There are whole generations of people there that have never worked a day in their lives! It is the most depressing place I have ever had the misfortune of being in. I lived on those streets 8-16 hours a day, 5 days a week. That is right, lived on the streets. We parked on a corner. We did not have any nice station to respond from; at least in those days. I was completely immersed in their environment. These people need to be forced to work! Nothing short of having no other choice will make any difference whatsoever.

So stop listening to all these studies. They are nonsence. If they get off their lazy butt and contribute to society they have MORE opportunities then white folk! But no that would make them an “Uncle Tom”. Yeah they called all the Black EMTs and Medics “Uncle Toms” for actually supporting their families. The problem is not “The Man” keeping them down, the Black people and their leaders keep them down.

I don’t judge a man by his skin color; I judge him by his actions.

Illegals Putting Billions into Social Security? Not!

I got this quote from a NY Times Article in which the author obviously doesn’t get it!

“He belongs to a big club. As the debate over Social Security heats up, the estimated seven million or so illegal immigrant workers in the United States are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year.”

I donââât care how much is going into the ââÅgeneral tax fundââ? in the form of Social Security taxes, the drain is always larger; especially for the States. Who educates their children? Who provides health care in the form of medicaid for their children? Who provides for the special text books in Spanish? Who provides for the Spanish speaking teachers for their children? This does not even include the cost of housing the criminal element.

Folks you better wake up to these people feeding a bowl of hoowie about how illegal immigrants are a productive element of society. They are a huge drain on society. They send billions of American Dollars back into the Mexican economy. That is money “leaving” our economy.

“They” say no one will do the job? Well I know of millions of people on welfare doing nothing and getting paid. Make them do the jobs!

“Flesh Eating” Staph Cases On The rise

Dangerous drug-resistant staph infections are showing up at an alarming rate outside hospitals and nursing homes in the United States. New research found that in one part of the country, as many as one in five infections were picked up out in the community.

Until recently, these hard-to-treat cases were seen only in hospitals and other health-care settings where they can spread to patients with open wounds or tubes and cause serious complications. Now doctors are seeing resistant strains among inmates, children and athletes.
Overall, they found 17 percent of drug-resistant staph infections were caught in the community and did not have any apparent links to health-care settings.

“Close to one-fifth of what used to be a hospital-specific problem is now a community problem. And that’s a large number,” said the CDC’s Dr. Scott K. Fridkin. “We didn’t think it would be anywhere near that high when we started the study.”

Read the whole story here.

Chopper Crashes killing 16

Wednesday, April 06, 2005 from the Associate press:

KABUL, Afghanistan âââ A U.S. military helicopter returning from a mission smashed into the southern Afghan desert Wednesday, killing at least 16 people in the deadliest military crash since the fall of the Taliban in late 2001. An Afghan official said most of the dead appeared to be Americans.

The CH-47 Chinook was returning to the U.S. base at Bagram from a mission in the militant-plagued south when it went down near Ghazni city, 80 miles southwest of the capital, Kabul

Moore said the transport helicopter was returning from a “routine mission” when controllers lost radio contact. A second Chinook made it safely back to the sprawling base north of Kabul.

“Indications are it was bad weather and that there were no survivors,” said a U.S. spokeswoman, Lt. Cindy Moore. An Afghan official said there were no signs the craft was shot down.

Iraqis Elect Kurdish President

Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Associated Press


After two months of wrangling, Iraq’s new government began to take shape Wednesday with the election of Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani as the country’s new president, and the promise to name another longtime foe of Saddam Hussein to the prime minister’s post all in a historic parliamentary session watched by the jailed former Iraqi dictator.

Talabani was elected to the largely ceremonial job of president, with Shiite Adel Abdul-Mahdi and interim President Ghazi al-Yawer, a Sunni Arab, as vice presidents, bringing Iraq a step closer to Iraq’s first democratically elected government in 50 years.

The so-called presidential council, made up of the president and his two deputies, will be sworn in Thursday. The three are then expected to immediately name the prime minister, likely Shiite leader Ibrahim al-Jaafari. That clears the way for a Cabinet to be chosen, and allows lawmakers to start drafting a permanent constitution, due Aug. 15.

Key issues, like whether to incorporate the oil rich city of Kirkuk into the autonomous Kurdish region, the role of Islam and who gets the Defense Ministry post, remain.

Qassim Dawoud, Iraq’s Minister of State for national security explained, that interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi had already instructed the ministers to stop any long-term projects until the new government was completely formed and sworn in.

“Today Jalal Talabani made it to the seat of power, while Saddam Hussein is sitting in jail,” said Mohammed Saleh, a 42-year-old Kurd in Kirkuk. “Who would have thought!”

When the results were announced, legislators swarmed around Talabani, hugging and kissing him. Members gave him a standing ovation and tears welled up in the eyes of some Kurdish lawmakers and Talabani’s relatives attending the session.

Talabani’s election and the expected vote for al-Jaafari further consolidated the power shift in an Iraq, where both the Shiites and the Kurds were oppressed under Saddam.

Talabani promised to represent all Iraqis as president and reached out to the country’s different ethnic and religious groups as well to Iraq’s Arab and Islamic neighbors. Al-Hassani, a Sunni Arab, declared: “This is the new Iraq.”

Kurds make up about 20 percent of the nation’s 26 million people, and won 75 of the 275 seats in parliament.

No Good News goes un punished.

But prominent Sunni Arab groups âââ whose members are believed to make up the backbone of the insurgency âââ distanced themselves from the new government.

“We are not related to any process in this matter of choosing candidates,” Association of Muslim Scholars spokesman Muthana Harith al-Dhari told Al-Jazeera television.

Positive Fatwas Issued

Taken from Iraq The Model Blog.

In a very significant development in Iraq, the Sunni and She’at clerics have simultaneously issued fatwas that call Iraqis to support the Iraqi security forces and encouraged people to sign up and join these forces.

The significance of the She’att part here comes from the fact that this is the 1st time that She’at clergy instructs people to cooperate with the security forces as this cooperation was forbidden for decades.

The question that led to the She’at fatwa was put like this:

Should Iraqis under the current circumstances -which have revealed the damaging role of the remnants of the past regime and the criminals that come from outside in destabilizing the country and hindering the progress- should they actively participate in identifying and confronting those bad elements?

Yes, they should.

Here’s the main part of the fatwa:

For the sake of saving and protecting our fellow citizens’ lives, property and honor, we hereby allow the young Iraqis to join the Iraqi police and army as these two institutions are the protector of this country and they are in the country’s service and not private militias with private agendas.