India And China Announce A New Strategic Partnership

I found this gem on Truth Out.

New Delhi – India and China announced a new “strategic partnership” Monday, pledging to resolve long-standing border disputes and boost trade and economic cooperation between two rising powers that together account for more than a third of the world’s population.

The prospect of a more cooperative relationship has significant global implications, given the vast economic potential of India and China and their voracious appetites for energy and other natural resources.

“India and China can together reshape the world order,” Singh said at a ceremony welcoming Wen to India’s presidential palace.

On a practical level, the two governments agreed to a framework for addressing long-standing differences over their 2,175-mile border, promising to resolve the dispute through “peaceful and friendly consultations.” They also signed agreements on trade, economic cooperation, technology sharing, civil aviation and other matters.

As a goodwill gesture, China formally abandoned its claim to the tiny Himalayan province of Sikkim, presenting Indian officials with a map showing the area as part of India. Chinese officials also delighted their hosts by pledging explicitly, and for the first time, to support India’s bid for a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, Indian and Chinese officials said.

Between manufacturing and computer hardware in China, services and software in India, this could be a very big deal. Not to mention China’s obvious interest in becoming a major world player politicaly, its huge trade deficit with the U.S., and China purposely under valuing their currency. I think things are going to get interesting in the arena of world affairs. Remember the Ancient Chinese curse; may your life be interesting.

Javier Solana And The EU

A commenter recently pointed me to a blog that has quit allot of information on Javier Solana. Unfortunetely she has no permalinks so you will have to scroll down.

Who is this man and why has MSM in America not reported on him?

As of 2004, there is increased reliance on Javier Solana by the EU and the WEU. On June 29,, 2004 Javier Solana was selected by the Council of the European Union to be its first Foreign Minister under the new EU Constitution. Until formal ratification of the constitution occurs (planned for 2006), Solana is de facto exercising the defined powers of that future office as well as being responsible for the approximately upwards of 26 billion EURO budget (formerly reserved for the Commissioner of External Affairs). Solana no longer travels with the EU Rotating Presidency and the Commissioner of External Affairs as the reigning EU “troika” — since the vote of the Council of Ministers, Solana now speaks and travels as the sole voice rather than one of three voices.

This man is extremely powerful. In fact he has too much power for one man, in my opinion. The EU is the beginning of a one world ideal. The EU was basically constructed to try and balance the power of the U.S. The EU will control approximately 25% of the worlds GNP. Javier Solana is basicly running the EU and the power that it weilds. He is a known Marxist, and a player in the Tri-lateral commision.

On July 20th 2004, Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declined to meet with Solana, saying that because of an EU vote against Israel at the UN Israel would not work with the EU, notwithstanding it’s prominence on the Quartet for Peace in the Middle East. Solana stunned the world, Israel included, by replying that like it or not, both he and the EU were there to stay on the Israeli-Palestinian decision making processes.

Is anyone else concerned about this attitude? I encourage you all to read the 2 articles on the above blog.

How Iraqis Feel, by an Iraqi

This is posted in its entirety from Free Iraqi Blog

Monday, April 11, 2005
I wrote this piece on the 2nd anniversary the toppling of Saddam two days ago but I didn’t have the time to post it. It was not meant to be a poem, as I can’t write even poetry in Arabic. But it didn’t seem to me it can be posted like a regular article. So I’ll just put it this way and hope you’ll like it and that it’ll give you an idea of how some Iraqis look at the 9th of April, as although there are some personal stuff that can be found in my piece but most of my thoughts and feelings are similar to what I find in the hearts and minds of many fellow Iraqis.

Two years now and “they” still wonder
And “they” still ask Was it worth it?
Was it right?
Two years and it seems to me Like it was yesterday
Two years and “they” keep trying
To silence the voice inside us
Yet it only grows louder

I was once free When I was a kid
But when I grew up
I couldn’t be the man I am
I couldn’t be the kid I was
And I couldn’t flee

Two years since I finally became
The man in me, and the kid in me.
And “they” want to take this away?
“They” would have to kill them both first
The man and the kid
And turn the clock back around
And still “they” can’t change me back

Two years since I stopped weeping
Inside of me, day and night
Two years since the widow
Found her husband’s body
In a feast of death for the human death lord.
Two years since the orphan
knew Where his father lied
And now they finally have peace
And they have a future
No matter how painful it is to go on
And their dreams still go on

Two years since I started dreaming
Dreams that have a chance
And are becoming true
Two years since I regained my heart
And then I found her…
And she found me…
And the world looked beautiful!
And “they” think they can separate us?!
Think again, or keep wishing.

“They” say we are being slaughtered
“They” say we are being abused
Am I blind or are “they” the ones who are sightless?!
As why can’t I see what “they” see?
And the best “they” can offer of their view is Maybe I’m a CIA?
Or maybe the other “they”, that of their accusations is paying me?
But who is their accused and rumored “they”?
Oh, the accusers have so many names for this other “they”.
Sometimes they’re the CIA
Sometimes they’re the NSA
Sometimes they’re Bush and the gang
I say, yes they exist and they “pay” me, and I’m seduced.

I see with my own eyes this other “they”
And I call them simply, Americans.
What are they paying me?
Oh, you couldn’t afford that!
Saddam couldn’t afford it.
Sadr cannot afford it.
“They” think any of these can?
Could their “they” even try!?

Two years and some are still
Trapped in the past
And some cannot withstand the moment
And want to arrive without struggle to a better future
While others just enjoy what is already better now
And work to meet the future, bettered with them.
Two years and they ask Should I be grateful?
Am I?

Do I even need to answer that!?
YES, and to the last breath!

Blogging In Iraq!

The increasing number of blogs emerging from Iraq is allowing us to get a better view at what’s happening in different cities, small towns and even villages. Everyday there are more people starting new blogs either in Arabic or in English.

More people here are learning more about the simplicity of blogs, their capabilities and potentials in connecting people and overriding the barriers of distance.

I have always liked the horizontal conversation that blogs allow; no filters or chief editors omitting whole chunks from your article and you don’t have to please anyone with your writing. It’s simply a person to person conversation as you all know.

This is Al-Dhafir for example, writing his diaries and talks about his daily tours in the markets of his town and following the progress of rebuilding the local school with a lot of excitement.
While this one is providing his readers with access to places that are hard to reach for most reporters.

And this is the electricity department in Najaf which decided to start an Arabic blog to introduce the citizens of Najaf to the department’s activities and the hardships it encounters while attempting to restore full power supply for the city.
While this blog is telling us about the Assyrian population celebrating the New Year.

Here we find the sons of Kirkuk talking about the city of brotherhood and expressing their wishes in seeing the day when the Iraqi citizenship beats ethnicity or sectarian differences and this is the Cultural Parliament through a sarcastic series titled “the visions of hijiya Nova Namos” suggesting cures for the social diseases Iraq is suffering from, they believe that we’re still carrying a heavy heritage from the dark age of the Ba’ath.

All those have links. But I felt like you should go to his blog. There is so much more on the blog worth reading. Iraq The Model

A Day In Iraq

On Sunday, we went to school to find out that a car bomb has exploded nearby.. The windows were not broken but some parts of the car were found in the school-yard! When we came back, a tent has been set up in the street, the kind in which people make funerals in (In Iraq, sometimes people make the funeral in a big tent to contain all the visitors). One of our far neighbors has been killed by robbers.. He’s in his 30s, and was the friend of my closer neighbors..

The principle of our school, along with the school’s consoler started asking my friend questions, they are interviewing her as the student who has the best grades, they asked her questions and wrote the answers they wanted, not the ones she was telling them! We laughed long about that..

It is nice just to read from an real person in Iraq. Please read the whole post.

Tail Of A Small Town In Iraq

I recommend reading the whole story on A Glimpse Of Iraq.

During those days of chaos and lawlessness that followed the US invasion of Iraq, the locals of a small town I am familiar with successfully managed to assemble a town council.

That council was constructed in the most unseemly, undemocratic and chaotic manner of Iraqis, but almost everybody was represented and everybody was content with it. The whole process took only three days.

For more than a year, that council kept the town running: security, services, etc. They even managed to retain a small police force that restricted itself to Law & Order.

During October of last year, some “resistance” people from another town raided the local police station, threatened the small police force and took their cars away. The next day, the local “resistance” people chased the raiders and found them. They threatened them not to come near their town again, took the cars back and re-instituted the police force!

The Interim government heard of these bizarre happenings and replaced all the personnel of the local police force. Within a week, one morning, around 10, the new police were attacked by some group using rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns. The police were cornered into the “attic” of their building. The attackers then suddenly left.

On the same day, in the early afternoon, the US army showed up in force accompanied by an Iraqi National Guard unit. The town was put under siege. According to reports from locals, the US boys were better behaved than the ING. Those shot at houses, at shops and at anyone they saw, almost at random. All night long, they toured the streets shouting obscenities like “Come out you scumâ⦠You —–“â⦠One particular ING major was said to be more viciously insulting.

I love following the ups and downs of what is happeneing in Iraq. Iraq is struggling with the ultimate battle; democracy.