Minutemen Project To Expand

The Minutemen Project may expand!

Minuteman organizer Chris Simcox said the project “ignited a national wave of support” with its goal of securing the border against illegal immigrants, smugglers and potential terrorists. He said an expansion would take at least four months.

Minuteman spokesmen said their patrols have resulted in 268 arrests of illegal immigrants since April 4.

The Border Patrol has acknowledged receiving 317 calls from Naco and Douglas, resulting in 846 arrests, but the agency will not say whether any of those calls came from project volunteers. Border agents have caught 2,373 people in the Naco area this month.

They have already succeeded in bringing attention to the border problem. The Minutemen have shown that a bigger presence on the border can make a difference. So maybe the National Guard is a viable answer to the problem of illegal immigration.

Eric Rudolph Tells Us Why

In an article on FNC Eric Rudolph enlightens us on his motives.

“Because I believe that abortion is murder, I also believe that force is justified … in an attempt to stop it,” he wrote, “whether these agents of the government are armed or otherwise they are legitimate targets in the war to end this holocaust.”

There you have it our own fundamentalist, terrorist. Luckily our country does not turn out too many of these nuts. To say it is justified to kill Americans because he believes abortion is murder, is insanity.

I am sorry I am not in favor of abortions. Times have changed, and for the most part, there is no longer a need for abortions; but this is just wrong.

Letâââs hope we can all learn from this story and never let our religious or political beliefs get out of hand. If you ever think about bombing something, for any reason, please seek professional help.

What about the story of the life of a suspect that was ruined over suspition in this case?

We Support The “Nuclear Option”

This is an open letter to Republican Senators that are not supporting the constitutional rule change to stop judicial filibusters. The idea was started by the Three Bad Fingers blog and hopefully will catch on.

Sen. John McCain, (R – AZ), Web Form who is against the rule change.

Fence Sitting Senators:
Sen. Lamar Alexander, (R – TN), Web Form
Sen. Lincoln Chafee, (R – RI), Web Form
Sen. Susan Collins, (R – ME), Web Form
Sen. Chuck Hagel, (R – NE), Web Form
Sen. Olympia Snowe, (R – ME), Email
Sen. John Sununu, (R – NH), Web Form
Sen. John Warner, (R – VA), Web Form

Please email them with your comments, I have.

Some people do not know that there are two types of filibuster, the Executive, and the Congressional. The previous is used just for the executive branch nominees, the latter for legislation. Repealing the executive filibuster will have no affect on filibustering legislation.

The executive filibuster on judicial nominees has been used once in 50 years, till the recent abuse by the democrats. The democrats have now used it TEN times, that is abusive. They have used it on perfectly qualified A rated judges. We cannot allow the minority party to run Congress.

I am asking the Senators to come out in support of the Constitutional rule change to stop judicial filibusters. “We the people” put you in office to get things done. We want strict constructionist judges appointed to the bench. We are sick of judges legislating from the bench. Let’s start getting things done, the people are watching.

More On The Oil For Food Scandal

From an article by Reuters:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – South Korean Tongsun Park and a Texas oil businessman have been charged in two separate federal cases involving bribes and kickbacks in the scandal-plagued U.N. oil-for-food program, federal authorities said on Thursday.

Park, who was at the center of the Koreagate influence-peddling scandal in Washington in the 1970s, was charged by the U.S. attorney in New York with being an unregistered agent for Iraq.

The criminal complaint said he received at least $2 million from Iraq for lobbying U.N. officials to set up the oil-for-food program, with an understanding that some of the money would be used to “take care” of a U.N. official.

Authorities would not identify the official or say whether he still worked at the United Nations. Park is thought to be in South Korea.

In a second case, Texan David Chalmers and his two oil companies, Bayoil Inc. and Bayoil Supply and Trading Co., were indicted by a federal grand jury in Manhattan in a scheme to pay millions of dollars in secret kickbacks to the government of Iraq in connection with the oil-for-food program.

The indictment against Chalmers also charges that two other people, Ludmil Dionissiev, a Bulgarian citizen living in Houston, and John Irving, a British citizen, were involved in the kickback scheme.

John Klochan, the FBI’s acting assistant director in New York, said the defendants in both cases did not merely participate in an illegal scheme but “helped further it.”

He said they “played a major role in creating or fine-tuning the oil-for-food program as a cash cow masquerading as a humanitarian venture.”

The $67 billion, oil-for-food program allowed the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein to sell oil to finance purchases of civilian goods for its people living under U.N. sanctions.

The program began in December 1996 and ended after the U.S.-led invasion in 2003. Iraq has released documents showing bribes, kickbacks and oil smuggling.

The conduct of the Bayoil defendants was unconscionable,” Klochan said. “Motivated by greed, they flouted the law, made a mockery of the stated aims of the oil-for-food program and willingly conspired with a foreign government with whom our country was on the brink of war.”

Park faces a possible 5-year prison term and $250,000 fine if caught and convicted.

Hat tip to the moderate voice

Another story in the New York Times

Mysterious Man On Capital Steps

Ok Letâââs talk about the Man that held the country hostage with bated breath as we watched him stand on the capital steps with 2 pieces of roll away luggage.

I cannot find a thing about it on the news feeds about this story; except a vague article in Taipei Times from the AP. The article does not clear up who he is, what he wanted, where he is from, how he got so close to the building with large suit cases, or when he will be tried. Hmm, who, what, when, where, and how.

It does state there was nothing dangerous about the suit cases.

I guess he is being held incommunicado.

Brazil Costing The U.S. 900 Million!

From an article in Brazzil Magazine:

DPR has issued a letter to Ways and Means Chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA 22nd), urging the Committee to also confront Brazil on its record which, according to the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), cost American businesses an estimated US$ 900 million in losses in 2003 alone.

On April 4th of this year, USTR gave Brazil six months to reverse its intellectual property abuses or lose its favored trade status with the United States. In spite of this warning from the USTR, just days ago, Brazil’s government formally announced that it would seize the patents of several major U.S. drug companies.

China and Brazil have become increasingly close allies when it comes to intellectual property abuses.

Nuclear Iran.

From an article in China Daily, and backed up by ABC News:

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon contended Iran was years away from possessing a nuclear weapon, but only months short of overcoming “technical problems” in building one. “Once they will solve it, that will be the point of no returnââ?.

I am not comfortable with a nuclear Iran; anybody else?