Liberal University Professors Endanger The future

Taken from an article on on the campus.

Within the American university is an imperceptible shift of allegiance from age-old principles to a new banner of peremptory axioms and half-considered adages. The twentieth-century witnessed this tacit transformation of the university from a place of learning to the bastion of failing propositions, as cries for progress permeated the unshaped minds of the rising generation, drowning out centuries of tradition. This new wave of educators and its protages are committed more than the previous to rejecting all standards of the good, the beautiful, and the true, replacing them with transitory social, cultural and political paradigms. Each successive generation is characterized by its will to reject the one preceding it, rendering many American minds devoid of tradition and of a belief in any standard of truth. A nation without these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of man and citizens is a country slowly decaying into a spiritual stupor.

Aristotle once wrote, “Man by nature desires to know.” And, in the words of the Claremont Institute’s Chris Flannery, what man by nature ultimately most needs to know is the final end, or highest good, or that for the sake of which all things exist. Thus, education or what it ought to be is simply the process by which individuals discover their chief and highest end in life the purpose for which they exist. America’s traditional form of learning the liberal arts seeks to answer those fundamental questions at the heart of the human experience.

Once upon a time in early America, educators in the long line of the liberal arts tradition understood this point. Mission statements of nearly every college pay tribute to America’s Greco-Roman heritage and Judeo-Christian tradition, for their founders recognized our past as something enduring and inherently valuable. It was not until the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-centuries that a rejection of America’s heritage in the university slowly marred and forever changed the spiritual legacy of learning.

Feel free to read the whole article. It is surely beautiful prose. But it goes to a point I have made in the past, while discussing writing, beautiful writing that does not make a clear point, misses the point.

The point, I believe he was trying to make, is that our Universities have lost their direction in teaching the lessons of the past. The teaching of guiding the student on a journey of inner discovery. To teach ethics and morality. The new Liberal progressive professors teach an ideology with a weak foundation that endangers the future of our Country. Knowledge without the guidance on how to apply it is incredibly dangerous. The new generations are being taught that everything is ok, and there is no good and evil, no black and white, everything is shades of grey. This, my friends, is a dangerous place to live. The lessons of the past are pushed aside for the Liberal, progressive concepts being taught today. There seems to be no respect for anything of the past. The professors seem to behave, like the whole of what came before was ignorant and useless. Anything related to Judeo-Christian morality is to be shunned.

Well I say, a society without a moral compass, and without a good foundation in the lessons of the past, is sure to crumble.


Liberals Moving To Canada!

I came across this on The Reality about left wing liberals migrating to Canada; and I just couldn’t say it better myself!

how they are defining ââËright,âââ but the article did give a hint. These hopefully-soon-to-be Canadians claimed that America was ââÅabandoning the principles of tolerance, compassion and peaceful idealism they felt once defined the nation.ââ? Translated that means the government isnââât redistributing American citizenâââs wealth ââËfairly,âââ they fear socialist ideals arenââât moving forward fast enough (Iâââm sure they would say, ââÅJust look at Canada,ââ? as an ideal social system), and the 1960âââs drug induced ââËpeaceful idealismâââ they once felt has faded into harsh reality since their drugs have worn off.

The article went on to talk about the large increase in inquiries by Americans on the process to immigrate to Canada. Apparently, for once, those who are ââËthreateningâââ to walk out on the U.S. are actually starting to do so. The only thing I can say to this is: Good! On the way out, donââât let the door knob hit ya where the good Lord split ya!In reality, 2003 statistics say all of 6,000 Americans received permanent resident status in Canada. If this triples, in accordance with the inquiries Canada has gotten from Americans, thatâââs only 18,000 immigrants a year from America. Whatâââs 18,000 liberal immigrants moving from America to Canada called? A good start.

The article went on to talk about all the disaffected voters who arenââât making the move to Canada. Well we canââât have that! These are liberals after all. They want everyone to be happy little socialists, and the best way to make these American socialists happy is to turn them into Canadian socialists. These Yankee liberals and left-coasters want compassion? Hereâââs compassion: letâââs encourage these folks to move to Canada so they can ââËfeelâââ better about themselves.

The latest Attack On Tom Delay

The Post article said a nonprofit group that paid for a DeLay trip to Moscow in 1997 had received funding from business interests lobbying in support of the Russian government. The Times article said Mr. DeLay’s wife and daughter had been paid $500,000 since 2001 by the congressman’s political action and campaign committees.

Yet another frivolous charge against Tom Delay. George Soros and his cronies are out for Delay’s head; plain and simple. Paying family members to work on your campaign is nothing new folks. It sounds so bad doesn’t it? But it is nothing corrupt or under handed. His wife and daughter worked? for their money. Frankly James Carville, better known to me as the screaming left, wouldn’t work on a campaign for $500,000.00; so I guess Delay is saving money using his family.

This is all designed to weaken Tom Delay’s power folks; nothing more.

U.S. Opens Challenge to Chinese Textiles

From a story in the Washington Post:

The Bush administration took a giant step yesterday toward imposing new caps on imports of Chinese clothing, responding to complaints that China’s export juggernaut is starting to dominate the worldwide apparel market since the system governing the global industry was changed on Jan. 1.

A U.S. interagency panel said it will initiate proceedings to determine whether new limits should be slapped on imports from China of underwear, cotton trousers, and cotton knit shirts and blouses. In a statement, Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez said the administration is committed “to providing assistance to our domestic textile and apparel industry consistent with our international rights and obligations.”

At year-end 2004, a three-decade-old system of quotas on international textile and apparel shipments expired, arousing widespread predictions that China’s enormously efficient and low-cost clothing makers would devastate rival producers once limits were eliminated on individual countries’ shipments.

Under the terms of its entry into the World Trade Organization, Beijing agreed to allow the United States and other nations to impose “safeguard” caps on imports of Chinese textiles and apparel in the event that such imports rose so quickly as to “disrupt” those markets. The safeguards can limit the annual growth in Chinese imports to as little as 7.5 percent, and they can be used until 2008

The U.S. textile industry filed petitions last year seeking safeguards in a number of clothing categories, but those petitions have been tied up in court because they were based only on the potential menace that Chinese imports posed rather than clear evidence of an import surge. In yesterday’s move, the administration “self-initiated” the safeguard process, citing preliminary data released last week that showed very sharp increases in many categories of Chinese imported clothing during the first quarter of 2005. Imports of Chinese-made cotton trousers, for example, soared about 1,500 percent, and imports of cotton knit tops rose 1,250 percent.

Yesterday’s action does not guarantee that new limits will be imposed; it triggers a 30-day period during which interested parties may submit comments, followed by another 60-day period, which can be extended, for the government to determine whether safeguards are warranted. Under the process, however, the government essentially acts as both prosecutor and judge, and textile industry officials said the only real question is how fast the administration will make its decision.

Berger Admits To Stuffing Classified Documents Into His Clothing

Berger has admitted that he stuffed top-secret documents into his pockets, shirt and pants, and why he sliced some up with scissors, destroyed them and then lied about it. Until he gives a credible explanation for this behavior, we are all entitled to make the logical inference — that he was hiding something to protect himself and his old bosses.

This is kind of a no brainer folks! No one would stuff classified documents into their clothing unless they knew they were doing something wrong! If a store security guard caught someone with merchandise stuffed in their clothing they would be prosecuted for shoplifting. No one would be trying to come up with logical reasons for the individual. But I have been watching people on the news almost break their backs trying to make a silks purse out of a sowâââs ear! This is just yet another Clinton crony taking the fall for the Clintons. How they instill such loyalty or fear I do not know. Maybe they are the head of the Arkansas Mafia! It is just unbelievable.

Kennedy’s Attacks On the Judiciary

The Landmark Legal Foundation yesterday demanded that Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, stop what it called “his personal assault on the federal judiciary, especially the United States Supreme Court.”

Landmark President Mark R. Levin said, “I am deeply concerned that Kennedy and some of his colleagues have helped created a dangerous environment of disrespect and hostility for the federal judiciary. Starting with the vicious attack on Judge Robert Bork’s character in 1987, and continuing with several of President Bush’s nominees, Kennedy, working with People For the American Way and other groups, has sought to tear down the reputations of justices, judges and judicial nominees with whom he disagrees.”

Mr. Levin, author of the bestseller on the Supreme Court “Men in Black,” sent a letter to Mr. Kennedy yesterday with examples of what he called irresponsible and reckless rhetoric used to attack the courts and judicial nominees.

Mr. Levin added, “Accusing judges or judicial nominees of supporting back-alley abortions, being an embarrassment, subverting the popular vote, and being Frankenstein is hit and run rhetoric of the worst kind. Kennedy has done enormous and unjustifiable damage to the public’s perception of the judiciary’s role. I ask that he cease his irresponsible behavior.”

The Uncooperative Blogger adds, someone has finally noticed that “Ed” Kennedy is over the top? During the confirmation hearings for A.G. Ashcroft, he nearly had a stroke when John Ashcroft quoted the Framers of the U.S. Constitution on the Second Amendment! The man lives in his own mind. He has no real sense of reality or normalcy.

Clintonista Admits Democrats Hope For Failure

In comments largely overlooked by the mainstream press, former Clinton National Security Council member Nancy Soderberg discussed the recent outbreak of democracy in the Middle East with “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart.

ââÅAs a Democrat, you don’t want anything nice to happen to the Republicans, and you don’t want them to have progress,” Soderberg observed, before quickly adding, “But as an American, you hope good things would happen.”

However, Soderberg quickly undermined her own caveat, noting, “It’s scary for Democrats, I have to say.”

After noting that the U.S.’s remarkable foreign policy success followed the toppling of one of the three members of the axis of evil, Soderberg suggested again that the more success America has in defeating global terrorism, the worse it is for her party.

“Well, there’s still Iran and North Korea, don’t forget. There’s still hope for the rest of us. … There’s always hope that this might not workââ?.