Using the POW/MIA Logo For Commercial Gain!

I cannot find the words for this offense. Using the POW/MIA logo for, well look for yourself;
on political dogs.


Parents and Responsibility

From an article on Political Dogs:

We, as parents, can try to teach our children never to lie, steal, and cheat. We can teach them to have respect for others, that it is wrong for forty something men to seduce and sleep with children, to have respect for the seriousness of their positions, etc. etc. Basically it all boils down to a principal of personal responsibility, the parents responsibility. We cannot have much impact on the weather because the equation is just too large and the underlying causes are on too large a scale. We can, however, teach each child personal responsibility lessons. We can do our best to fight the human causes of human misery by teaching responsibility for actions to one or two children at a time. And if we do so, while the weather may not improve, life surely will.

This is surely what is wanting in our childrenâââs life today. Is it enough? Well, it certainly is better then leaving the children to figure it out for themselves.

Letâââs visit Dr Spock, thanks allot! Donââât spank the children, do not be too hard on your children, be their friends. Would you like to be their friends? Surely! It is easier then being their parent; the bad guy. But what children need is parents; not elder friends. Hasnââât everything shown how the theories of the 70s do not work! I think adults have taken the easy road and stepped out on their responsibilities. We love advice that sounds easy and nice, and hate people that tell us to toughen up. What a weak country we have become.

The Filibuster Updated

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 14-4 to advance Utah lawyer Thomas Griffith’s nomination for a seat on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia for approval. It was not immediately known when the Senate will consider the nomination.

Democrats have blocked 10 of Bush’s 52 appeals court nominees through filibuster threats, while allowing Republicans to confirm 34 others. Bush has had 205 district and appellate court judges confirmed while in the White House.

See people think this is reasonable. Democrats, and the left say what is so bad about TEN uses of the filibuster for judicial nominees? Republicans used the filibuster numerous times over the last 50 years!. Sure, but only ONCE for a judicial nominee. See how rarely it is used for this purpose? The democrats have no respect for the use of the filibuster only in very rare cases has been applied to judicial nominees. There are 2 separate filibusters in congresses rules. The Executive, which only applies to Presidential nominees, and the Congressional which applies only to congressional legislation. No one is talking about getting rid of the latter; only the former.

So now they let one through to say see we are reasonable. No your not you have already abused a tool that is supposed to be used rarely and actually require you to get up on the floor of congress and filibuster! It is a verb! This requires action! Enough of this nonsense, minority parties have ways to stop nominees without using the filibuster like it was daily business.

Bush Doesn’t Get The Border Problem

There are new rules to be phased in by January 2008 that will require travelers headed into the United States from Canada, Mexico or Bermuda to show a passport.

Americans can now, generally, re-enter the United States from Canada and often from Mexico, the Caribbean, Bermuda and Panama by showing a driver’s license. Likewise, certain foreigners are not required to present passports to travel to the United States from those countries.

“If people have to have a passport, it’s going to disrupt the honest flow of traffic,” Mr. Bush said.

Doesnââât he get the problem yet? I suppose he would like a EU style approach to North America. Well that is not what the American People want Mr. President. We want safe, secure borders.

You cannot dissolve the border between a third world country and a economic super power. There would be chaos! Everyone from Mexico will want to come here. Well not everyone, but you see the point.

Kerry Reveals The Name Of a CIA Analyst!

Kerry is at it again! John Kerry revealed the name of a CIA analyst while on the Bolton witch hunt.

As revealed in the Washington Post:

“We referred to this other analyst at the CIA, whom I’ll try and call Mr. Smith here,” Bolton said at one point.

In questioning Bolton, Kerry read from a transcript of closed-door interviews that committee staffers conducted with State Department officials before yesterday’s hearing.

“Did Otto Reich share his belief that [the person in question] should be removed from his position? The answer is yes,” Kerry said, characterizing one interview. “Did John Bolton share that view?” Kerry asked. Again, he said the answer was yes.

Add the CIA analystâââs name to [the person in question].

France Poised To Vote No on EU

From The New York Times International:

Paris, April 12 – Historically, the French have liked the idea of a united Europe as long as they could run it.

France, after all, was a founding member of the six-country European Coal and Steel Community, which was the precursor to today’s 25-country union.

But in a brutal shock to the European experiment, 11 opinion polls in France in the last month have indicated that the French are poised to vote no in the national referendum on May 29 on Europe’s first constitution.

It is like I have been saying folks, France sees itself as a world leader to rival the U.S. It believes it deserves to lead the world. Once the French realize they cannot run the EU they are not happy with the concept.

Bush Pressures China On Currency

From ABC News International:

Bush offered a broad, blunt critique of U.S.-Chinese relations when asked about them during an appearance before the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

He said China should be “floating her currency so we can have free and fair trade with China.”
The U.S. trade deficit with China for February was $13.9 billion and the United States and other western nations complain the yuan’s value makes Chinese exports unfairly cheap.

The yuan has been pegged at 8.28 to the dollar since the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s. China has promised to move gradually to a flexible currency, but stressed that conditions such as the need for a healthy financial system and economic stability have to be met before it can do so.

Bush has been pressing Beijing, to little avail, to adopt a more flexible currency to help U.S. manufacturers compete.