Sgt Patrick Habb of the U.S. Army Reserves Arrested!

This is starting to sound like more of the same in regards to district attorneys and how they decide who to prosecute!

An off duty Sargeant in the reserves is startled by numerous Mexicans coming out of the dark while walking his dog near the border. He draws his pistol, as I would, because he feared he was being attacked. he ascertains they are illegals and makes a citizenâââs arrest. He holds them while calling 911, and waits for border patrol to arrive. He is arrested, and now has to defend himself. Not the illegal immigrants, the honest citizen who decided to execute his right to a citizen arrest.

Do you want to know why no one wants to help while you are getting beaten, raped or robbed? Well here is only one of many examples of Liberal, district attorneys and judges that think this is being a vigilante. A vigilante is judge, jury and executioner. Not an honest citizen that aids law enforcement in enforcing our laws! That is a good citizen people! But they have gotten us to be afraid of helping our fellow man. They say it is not our place; but the place of law enforcement. Well, people if you see me in trouble, HELP ME! If I see you in trouble I will help you. Well I say the heck with the consequences. How can we live with ourselves if we do nothing because we are afraid the law will actually come after us good citizens? I say any law that makes us feel this way is wrong. So I challenge it. I challenge that you the jury will not convict me for helping a fellow citizen. Will you do the same?


The New Pope Chosen!

German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has been named the next pope;according to FNC. He has chosen the name of Pope Benedict XVI, just as Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla chose the name of Pope John Paul II.

Open Letter to Republican Senators On The “Nuclear Option”

This is an open letter to all Republican Senators.

I am asking you to consider that we the people voted Republicans into office to affect a change. The reason we the people gave you control of the Executive and Legislative branches of the Government, was because we were tired of the Democrat party’s obstructionist behavior and lack of a plan for the country’s future.

So what have you accomplished? Nothing of substance has been passed in Congress to date and you are allowing the minority party to pick who will be placed on the bench. Advise and consent does not mean they get to decide who gets nominated; it means they get to vote on it.

If the Democrat party had used the filibuster on one nominee, the Constitutional rule change would never have been considered. But to use it on ten judicial nominees is abuse. Considering the American Bar Association rates them highly they have no excuse for their behavior. I say if they continue to use the filibuster you have no choice but to use the Constitutional rule change option.

We the people, who elected Republicans, want strict constructionist Judges appointed to the bench. We are tired of Judges legislating from the bench. We are tired of judges that think the U.S. constitution is a living breathing document to be interpreted to suit their political agenda. When a judge puts on his robe he must put his personal political beliefs aside and make rulings based on the rule of law. It has to be based on what the original intent of the law makers; not what he or she wishes it to mean. This includes what the Founding Father’s state the Articles of the U.S. Constitution mean.

I implore you to use, and vote for, the Constitutional rule change option if the Democrats insist on continuing to use the filibuster to block votes on the Presidents judicial nominees. You know, as well as I, that it will only remove the filibuster option for Presidential nominations; the legislative filibuster will remain intact. So be brave, get the job done, and then explain it to the American people.

If you don’t start getting things done, after the people have given you control of Congress and the Presidency, the people will get fed up with the Republican party and take the power away from you. We the people are watching.

The following Republican Senator is against the Rule change:

Sen. John McCain, (R – AZ), Web Form

The Following Republican Senators are undecided:

Sen. Lamar Alexander, (R – TN), Web Form
Sen. Lincoln Chafee, (R – RI), Web Form
Sen. Susan Collins, (R – ME), Web Form
Sen. Chuck Hagel, (R – NE), Web Form
Sen. Olympia Snowe, (R – ME), Email
Sen. John Sununu, (R – NH), Web Form
Sen. John Warner, (R – VA), Web Form

The following Republican Senators are believed to be for the rule change:

Sen. Wayne Allard, (R – CO), Web Form
Sen. George Allen, (R – VA), Web Form
Sen. Robert Bennett, (R – UT), Web Form
Sen. Christopher Bond, (R – MO), Web Form
Sen. Sam Brownback, (R – KS), Web Form
Sen. Jim Bunning, (R – KY), Web Form
Sen. Conrad Burns, (R – MT), Web Form
Sen. Richard Burr, (R – NC),Web Form
Sen. Saxby Chambliss, (R – GA), Web Form
Sen. Tom Coburn, (R – OK)
Sen. Thad Cochran, (R – MS), Web Form
Sen. Norm Coleman, (R – MN), Web Form
Sen. John Cornyn, (R – TX), Web Form
Sen. Larry Craig, (R – ID), Web Form
Sen. Michael Crapo, (R – ID), Web Form
Sen. Jim DeMint, (R – SC), Web Form
Sen. Mike DeWine, (R – OH), Web Form
Sen. Elizabeth Dole, (R – NC), Web Form
Sen. Pete Domenici, (R – NM), Web Form
Sen. John Ensign, (R – NV), Web Form
Sen. Michael Enzi, (R – WY), Web Form
Sen. Bill Frist, (R – TN), Web Form
Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R – SC), Web Form
Sen. Chuck Grassley, (R – IA), Web Form
Sen. Judd Gregg, (R – NH), Email
Sen. Orrin Hatch, (R – UT), Web Form
Sen. Kay Hutchison, (R – TX), Web Form
Sen. James Inhofe, (R – OK), Web Form
Sen. Johnny Isakson, (R – GA), Web Form
Sen. Jon Kyl, (R – AZ), Web Form
Sen. Trent Lott, (R – MS), Email
Sen. Richard Lugar, (R – IN), Email
Sen. Mel Martinez, (R – FL), Web Form
Sen. Mitch McConnell, (R – KY), Web Form
Sen. Lisa Murkowski, (R – AK), Web Form
Sen. Pat Roberts, (R – KS), Web Form
Sen. Rick Santorum, (R – PA), Web Form
Sen. Jeff Sessions, (R – AL), Web Form
Sen. Richard Shelby, (R – AL), Email
Sen. Gordon Smith, (R – OR), Web Form
Sen. Arlen Specter, (R – PA), Web Form
Sen. Ted Stevens, (R – AK), Web Form
Sen. James Talent, (R – MO), Web Form
Sen. Craig Thomas, (R – WY), Web Form
Sen. John Thune, (R – SD), Web Form
Sen. David Vitter, (R – LA), Web Form
Sen. George Voinovich, (R – OH), Web Form

To find your U.S. Senator click here and choose your state from the drop down menu.

Letter To the Editor From A Marine In Iraq

From an article in the an Ohio college publication; posted in its entirety:

by Letter to the Editor

It’s a shame that I’m here in Iraq with the Marines right now and not back at Ohio University completing my senior year and joining in blissful ignorance with the enlightened, war-seasoned protesters who participated in the recent “die-in” at College Gate. It would appear that all the action is back home, but why don’t we make sure? That’s right, this is an open invitation for you to cut your hair, take a shower, get in shape and come on over! If Michael Moore can shave and lose enough weight to fit into a pair of camouflage utilities, then he can come too!

Make sure you all say your goodbyes to your loved ones though, because you won’t be seeing them for at least the next nine months. You need to get here quick because I don’t want you to miss a thing. You missed last month’s discovery of a basement full of suicide vests from the former regime (I’m sure Saddam’s henchmen just wore them because they were trendy though). You weren’t here for the opening of a brand new school we built either. You might also notice women exercising their new freedom of walking to the market unaccompanied by their husbands.

There is a man here, we just call him al-Zarqawi, but we think he’d be delighted to sit down and give you some advice on how you can further disrespect the victims of Sept. 11 and the 1,600 of America’s bravest who have laid down their lives for a safer world. Of course he’ll still call you “infidel” but since you already agree that there is no real evil in the world, I see no reason for you to be afraid. Besides, didn’t you say that radical Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance?

I’m warning you though -it’s not going to be all fun and games over here. You might have bad dreams for the next several nights after you zip up the body bag over a friend’s disfigured face. I know you think that nothing, even a world free of terror for one’s children, is worth dying for, but bear with me here. We’re going to live in conditions you’ve never dreamt about. You should get here soon though, because the temperatures are going to be over 130 degrees very soon and we will be carrying full combat loads (we’re still going to work though). When it’s all over, I promise you can go back to your coffee houses and preach about social justice and peace while you continue to live outside of reality.

If you decide to decline my offer, then at least you should sleep well tonight knowing that men wearing black facemasks and carrying AK-47s yelling “Allahu Akbar” over here are proud of you and are forever indebted to you for advancing their cause of terror. While you ponder this, I’ll get back to the real “die-in” over here. I don’t mind.

-Marc Fencil, a senior majoring in political science, criminology and Spanish, is currently serving in Iraq. Send him an e-mail at

Major hat tip to A Word From The right.

Terri Schiavo Reduced To A Political Pawn

Didn’t I tell you they were commiting political suicide?

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Friday that his party would wield the Terri Schiavo case against Republicans in the 2006 and 2008 elections, but for now needed to stay focused battling President Bush on Social Security.
“We’re going to use Terri Schiavo later on,” Dean said…

“This is going to be an issue in 2006, and it’s going to be an issue in 2008,” Dean told about 200 people at a gay rights group’s breakfast in West Hollywood, “because we’re going to have an ad with a picture of Tom DeLay saying, ‘Do you want this guy to decide whether you die or not? Or is that going to be up to your loved ones?’ ”

Just enough said, now we watch it play out.

How horrible is it that both sides are going to use this women as a political pawn; when all is said and done.

Parents and Responsibility

From an article on Political Dogs:

We, as parents, can try to teach our children never to lie, steal, and cheat. We can teach them to have respect for others, that it is wrong for forty something men to seduce and sleep with children, to have respect for the seriousness of their positions, etc. etc. Basically it all boils down to a principal of personal responsibility, the parents responsibility. We cannot have much impact on the weather because the equation is just too large and the underlying causes are on too large a scale. We can, however, teach each child personal responsibility lessons. We can do our best to fight the human causes of human misery by teaching responsibility for actions to one or two children at a time. And if we do so, while the weather may not improve, life surely will.

This is surely what is wanting in our childrenâââs life today. Is it enough? Well, it certainly is better then leaving the children to figure it out for themselves.

Letâââs visit Dr Spock, thanks allot! Donââât spank the children, do not be too hard on your children, be their friends. Would you like to be their friends? Surely! It is easier then being their parent; the bad guy. But what children need is parents; not elder friends. Hasnââât everything shown how the theories of the 70s do not work! I think adults have taken the easy road and stepped out on their responsibilities. We love advice that sounds easy and nice, and hate people that tell us to toughen up. What a weak country we have become.