British People Just Don’t Care About Iraq

As stated on The Democrays Guy:

You won’t see this poll on most lefty blogs. When asked what issues were most important to them, British voters responded as follows:

41% – Health Care
40% – Immigration & Asylum
36% – Crime
27% – Tax
. . . various other things . . .
9% – Iraq

YouGov (an internet polling firm) ran the poll for Sky News (a Murdoch outfit), so there is plenty to be suspicious about….but even so, it appears this election will NOT be about Iraq.

Yeah BIG surprise; europe is self centered.


21 Year Old College Student Crushes Microsoft!

Oh, what a find from the A Word from the Right Blog:

David Zamos, a biochemistry major at the University of Akron purchased Windows XP and Office XP Pro at the student discount. Realizing he’d have to reformat his hard drive to install them, thus losing years of school work and research, he tried to return them. The school said Microsoft wouldn’t let him return them. He contacted Microsoft, who said the same thing. Out of luck and $60, he sold them on eBay. That’s when the fun started.

Microsoft sued him for damages, including “irreparable injury to its business reputation and goodwill”. Zamos counter-sued. Microsoft bullied, Zamos fought back. Zamos turned the corner, forcing the huge corporation’s lawyers to defend their business practices. They couldn’t, and were forced to settle. In the end, a 21-year-old college kid beat Microsoft’s billion dollar empire !

American Blogger Banned In Canada!

I found this one on Red State:

Americans often mistake Canadians as being kindred spirits. The fact of the matter is that while Western Canada has close similarities to the rugged individualism of the American West, Canada, as a whole, is a smarmy country filled with spineless liberals who allow a corrupt government to clamp down on freedom.

And thus begins the humorous tale of Captain Ed. Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters, dared to publish details about some testimony that was damaging to the government and was part of a “publication ban.” Captain Ed has good sources and did what anyone in the American media would do — he published the details of the testimony based on his sourced reported.

Captain Ed’s site got mentioned by Canadian media and now, the Gomery Commission is threatening legal action against any Canadian blogger who links to Captain’s Quarters and any member of the media who mentions Captain’s Quarters.

Well I think we can all agree that this is why we blog!

The Koran Code

I ran into this one on the Marini Pundit:

I found it amusing.

Meanwhile, a Koranic scholar has determined the US is doomed.

Explaining his theory about the approaching extinction of the US, the scholar went on to analyze many numbers and letters mentioned in the Koran. He said a careful reading and analysis of words appearing in the Opening and Yusuf suras show that the US will exist for only 231 years.

How did he reach that number? Silwadi said that by combing a number of suras hinting at US sins he reached the numbers 1776 (the year the US achieved independence) and 231. He added the two numbers and the result was 2007, the year when the US is expected to disappear.

In his lengthy study, which is being circulated in many Muslim countries, Silwadi noted that the US has often been compared to a tree that grows very quickly and bears fruit, but has no roots.

In an attempt to find a reference to this metaphor in the Quran, Silwadi said he counted 1776 verses from the beginning of the Koran until he reached verse 26 of the Ibrahim Sura, which states: And the parable of an evil word is as an evil tree pulled up from the earth’s surface; it has no stability.”

But wait, isn’t it only the year 1425 in the Islamic calendar? That means the US has 582 years left. As the author of the article said:

Silwadi, who is from the village of Silwad near Ramallah the home of Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is not a world-renowned scholar.

Ya Think? LOL!

Congress Expected To Consider CAFTA_DR

CAFTA-DR is a proposed agreement between the United States and the five countries of Central America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua) and the Dominican Republic. The agreement promotes free trade and expands regional opportunities for workers, manufacturers, consumers, farmers and services providers in the participating countries.

Congress is expected to begin consideration of CAFTA-DR this month.

Is it just me or does this agreement appear to be detrimental to our own interests? How can we compete with cheap labor from Central America? I guess we are going to have to make sure everyone has enough skills and education to move into the tech field, because manufacturing is not the future of America.

The Morning After Pill Or Confirmation

April 6 (Bloomberg) — Democratic Senators Patty Murray and Hillary Clinton said they would block confirmation of Lester Crawford as Food and Drug Administration chief because of delays in approving over-the-counter sales of Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s Plan B contraceptive.

“I just got an explanation that was very unsatisfactory to me,” Murray told a group of reporters in her Washington office. “The FDA should make decisions based on science. The credibility of the agency is at stake if that doesn’t occur.”

Ok folks, no matter what side of the Abortion issue you are on, I think we can agree that taking a pill after having sex is better then going out and getting an abortion. Letâââs all try and be rational.

U.S. Cuts U.N. Funding

WASHINGTON, April 6 (Xinhuanet) — The US Senate voted Wednesday to reduce Washington’s share of the costs of UN peacekeeping operations from 27.1 percent to 25 percent.

The Senate agreed to a Republican-backed measure to reduce the cap on the US share of UN peacekeeping costs, and by a vote of 40-57, rejected a Democratic amendment to maintain the current contribution for at least another two years.

“The negotiations at the UN regarding UN reform and the lowering of UN peacekeeping dues is underway. Let us ensure that our next ambassador to the United Nations has an opportunity to go to New York and work on this issue,” said Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

Yeah, Yeah, Democrats whined.

The United States is expected to contribute about 1 billion dollars on peacekeeping operations this year, and the administration is seeking about the same amount for next year. The House has not taken up its version of the bill.

Maybe This is going to be a trend.