Rock Hill Student Charged After Bringing Nails to School

From WIS10

May 7, 2005 – An 11-year-old boy was arrested this week for carrying ten nails in his pocket at a Rock Hill middle school and charged with carrying an unlawful weapon.

Dianne McCray, assistant principal at Rawlinson Road Middle School, asked the child Wednesday what was jingling in his pocket and the student gave her the 3.5″ long nails.

A school resource officer arrested him. His father picked him up and he was not taken to the police station.

The father said the nails were left in his pocket after a Boy Scout outing. He says it is ridiculous that his son faces an unlawful weapon charge. He says the boy threatened no one.

More Public School over reaction.

Hat tip to Right Word Blog

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Another School Suspension For The Wrong Reason

Administrators at William Blount High School suspended Bridget O’Neill on April 19, a day after the junior told ABC News affiliate WATE-TV in Knoxville that racial tensions had not gone away at the school. The building was locked down April 6 after a series of incidents, including the discovery of a hit list and racial graffiti on the walls.

She’s hoping, however, that her parents will move her to another school, she said.

O’Neill and her parents said school administrators told them that faculty and staff members had to deal with several concerned parents after her interview aired. They were told the time spent talking with those parents disrupted classes, and that was why the girl was suspended.

I don’t know about this story. Remember this article on students who faked threatening racial letters, one so her parents would send her to another school?

It makes you wonder.

But the schools ridiculous reason for her suspension just goes to show again how out of control the Public School System has become.

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Boy Suspended For Talking To His Mom Serving In Iraq

This one really makes me mad!

Spencer High School in Columbus, Ga. reduced a 10 day suspension after facing stinging public criticism.

The confrontation Wednesday began after Kevin Francois, a 17-year-old junior at Spencer High School, got a call at lunchtime from his mother, Sgt. 1st Class Monique Bates, who left in January for a one-year tour with the 203rd Forward Support Battalion in Iraq.

The 10-day suspension was issued because Kevin Francois was “defiant and disorderly” and was imposed in lieu of an arrest, Spencer High School assistant principal Alfred Parham said.

Mobile phones are allowed on campus but may not be used during school hours. When a teacher told him to hang up, he refused. He said he told the teacher, “This is my mom in Iraq. I’m not about to hang up on my mom.”

In lieu of arrest, are these people out of their minds? They are the ones who created the problem here, not the boy. Let the boy talk to his Mother; who is risking her life in Iraq! I would be “defiant and disorderly” too! This was during a lunch break folks! I wouldn’t care if it was in the middle of my class I would let him speak to his mother serving our country in Iraq! Public schools are just out of control.

On Friday, the school district reduced the suspension to three days, which will allow Francois to return to school Monday.

“We are empathetic to all students whose parents serve in the armed forces … (but) we do have behavior standards which we uphold,” said Superintendent John A. Phillips Jr.

You could have fooled me. I think he needs to look up the definition of “empathetic”.

Student Suspended
Suspension Reduced

Meth Lab 101

I came across this story on the Pundit guy :

A local woman went ‘through the roof’ when a deputy took his anti-drug message to high school.

She says he showed students how to make methamphetamines, and she has the video to prove it.

Grays Harbor County sheriff’s deputy shows class, “And the reaction will start occurring down there and start bubbling up.”

It is part chemistry class and part drug enforcement as a member of the Grays Harbor drug task force talks to Elma High School students about making Methamphetamine.

Deputy shows class: “Then you’ll have a little bit down at the bottom, the white stuff, and that’s your meth.”

Boy I bet their were kids taking good notes in that class! What are these people thinking? To fight drugs we will teach kids how to make drugs! Brilliant!

“I was really upset when my daughter had come home and said ‘mom we learned how to make meth today in school,’ ” said parent Teresa McCutcheon. “My jaw just kind of dropped and I said, ‘what?’ “

I just could not have my child in public school. I would get arrested for sure.

The McCutcheons say it’s one thing to learn about the dangers of meth and how to spot a meth lab. It is another thing to show kids how it’s made.

We showed the same video to Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott. He says it’s the same demonstration the drug task force has been putting on for several years, but they’ll review it.

You do that while I rethink my vote for Sheriff! This is one reason I am all for home schooling. The public school system cannot be trusted with our children and they think we cannot be trusted to raise our children.

David Parker Arrested For Being A Good DAD

From an article in the Boston Herald:

David Parker, 42, confronted officials after his son brought home “Who’s in a Family,” a storybook that includes characters who are gay parents.

Yesterday, Parker refused to leave a meeting after Lexington Superintendent Bill Hurley rejected his demand that he be notified when his son is exposed to any discussion about same-sex households as part of classroom instruction.

“Our parental requests for our own child were flat-out denied,” Parker said in a statement.

Six years old people! The child is Six Year Old! I don’t want my six year old child even thinking about sex, yet alone homosexuality. I don’t want the public school to use my tax dollars to pay for sex education. In High School teaching “health” And the dangers of having sex is “OK”, but there is no reason to be teaching homosexuality at all.

Instead of teachers complaining about the time it takes to teach children how to pass the required tests in no child left behind they could stop wasting time teaching anything but the basics.

Our children need to get a good solid education. Liberal arts is best left to college where it belongs.

The Children belong to their parents, not the state. We raise our children not the government. This is not a communist country.

Wake up people, all parents should be getting arrested at their public schools. When are “we the people” going to take our public schools back?

Number 2 pencil reports that Mr. Parker is now forbidden to step foot on school grounds; I certainly hope he withdraws his child from that school system while this injunction is still in order. I’m also interested in seeing whether the school can back up the claim that teaching kindergarteners about alternative lifestyles is both necessary and not dependent on parental permission (as sexuality/sex education classes would be).

Hat tip to Flynn Files for pointing me to this story.

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One Nation under God “your personal belief system”

From an article in The Washington Times’s:

DENVER — The students in Vincent Pulciani’s seventh-grade class were reciting the Pledge of Allegiance this week when they heard the voice over the intercom say something they’d never heard before, at least not during the Pledge.
Instead of “one nation, under God,” the voice said, “one nation, under your belief system.”

The bewildered students at Everitt Middle School in Wheat Ridge never even got to “indivisible,” according to Vincent’s mother, Christina Pulciani-Johnson.

“He came home and told me about it after school, and he said, ‘I just stood there, Mom. I didn’t even know what to do. We all just stood there and didn’t even finish it,'” Mrs. Pulciani-Johnson said, quoting her son.

Margo Lucero, the eighth-grade guidance counselor at the school, substituted the phrase “under your belief system” as she led the recitation of the Pledge on Wednesday.

Unbelieveable. PC run amok!

Meanwhile, Jefferson County School District spokesman Rick Kaufman was engaged in damage control, describing Miss Lucero’s decision to rewrite the Pledge as “inappropriate” and stressing that she had acted independently, without consulting the district or other school officials.

I am impressed, and surprised, that they came out against the counselor.

Some comments from The Moderate voice.

Billy Jones at View from the Foothills has rewritten the entire pledge to conform to P.C. standards:

I pledge [allegiance] some occasional recognition
to the [Flag] symbols of oppression

of the [United States] diverse indigenous peoples

of [America] the land mass referred to by oppressive European conquistadors as “America”

and to the [Republic] totalitarian theocracy, for which it stands,

[one nation,] a Balkanized patchwork of cultures,

[under God,] under each individuals’ personal belief system

[indivisible,] divided into innumerable unique communities of culture,

[with liberty and justice for all.] where some are more equal than others.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin who adds:

Amen. Or rather: Secular, non-discriminatory interjection of agreement.