FBI Adds Berkeley ‘Animal Rights Extremist’ to ‘Most Wanted’ Terrorist List

Just tying in the nut job food police in the articles below with the nut job animal rights terrorists. heh, heh, heh,. A nut job is a nut job is a well:::::NUT JOB!

From Fox News:

An “animal rights extremist” from Berkeley, Calif., was added to the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list of terror suspects, federal agents said Tuesday.

Daniel Andreas San Diego, a 31-year-old computer specialist, has been on the run since 2003 and is wanted in two bombings that year of corporate offices in California, said Michael J. Heimbach, an assistant director of the FBI’s counterrorism division.

“He is a known animal rights extremist,” Heimbach told reporters Tuesday at a Washington, D.C., news conference.

He added that San Diego set an improvised explosive device in the bombings that caused “extensive property damage and economic hardship.”

“The investigation revealed that metal nails were used in the construction of the device to create a more forceful effect,” Heimbach said.

I guess we should just “blow im up”. he he he……
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Center for Consumer Freedom Roundup

This is some tidbits from the Center for Consumer Freedom. If you click on the links in the article you will read, “the rest of the story”.

Center for Consumer Freedom
Activists to POTUS: We Want a Weekly Anti-Meat Day.

A veritable dream team of food activists pooled their best efforts today in one whopper of a press release. Possibly encouraged by the fact that President Obama caved to activists begging for a White House garden, vegetable enthusiasts are now asking the Commander-in-Chief to endorse national “Meatless Mondays.” But that’s not all. The anti-meat wish list also includes White House-issued recipes and a State Dinner menu overhaul. And to make their case, vegetarian zealots reached deep into their treasure trove of juked stats and bogus claims.

I thought it was up to we the people to decide what and when we want to shove something in our mouths, not the government. They will never stop trying to control us, never. Then there’s this:

BMI Surveillance: The Food Police Will Be Watching You:

Two doctors from the nonprofit Altarum Institute have taken a page from the Department of Homeland Security playbook, and began advocating a “Body Mass Index surveillance system” this week. What kind of surveillance? An electronic registry of children’s personal health information, gathered in order to monitor their weight. Here’s our question: Will the FBI start tapping phone conversations any time the words “cookies” and “ice cream” are spoken?

Let’s hope not. Because although Body Mass Index (BMI) is a popular measurement for weight-conscious consumers, it’s simplistic to the point of being practically useless. BMI is a simple calculation of height and weight used by government bureaucrats to classify people as “normal,” “overweight,” or “obese.” And considering that the measurement is so flawed that it considers Brad Pitt overweight, it’s no surprise that many scientists have suggested abandoning the use of BMI altogether. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention casts doubt on the effectiveness of BMI as a health-promotion tool.

Of course they can’t get away with these “fear tactics” on all us common sense, beer swilling, gun toten, God fearing individuals. But they can play on our children and parents who want to make sure they provide all the good things in life for them. Open your eyes people and see this for what it is; a method of controlling the populace. And least but not last by a long shot, there’s this.

The Wrong Way To Slim Down NYC – Take Four

New York City public health officials are just full of ideas on how to trim down their constituents: taxing soft drinks, yanking the salt out of recipes, and even banning cooking oils. Now a city councilman from Queens has thrown one more anti-fat scheme in the mix. Citing a new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) about an alleged link between obesity and the proximity of restaurants to schools, Eric N. Gioia has proposed – you guessed it – another ban. Should his idea catch on, new restaurants will be prohibited from opening within one-tenth of a mile of Queens schools. But like soda taxes, trans fat bans, and anti-salt crusades, Gioia’s “fast food” prohibition isn’t the answer to slimming down the city’s schoolchildren.

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Obama, Chavez Shake Hands at Summit of the Americas

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day in the neighborhood, a wonderful day in the neighborhood. Would you be my neighbor?

From Fox News:

Photos released by the Venezuelan government show Obama clasping Chavez’s hand and smiling broadly, and Venezuela quoted Chavez as saying, “I’d like to be your friend,” while noting that he shook President Bush’s hand eight years ago with the same hand. Obama reportedly expressed thanks.

A senior White House official said the encounter came before the summit’s opening ceremonies during a meeting with the heads of state. Obama talked to many of the 25 or so leaders who were there at the time. At one point, he walked across the room and introduced himself to Chavez.

If you go to the link and read the rest of the article you’ll see a picture of them shaking hands like “brothers in the hood” How nice.
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Official says China to continue buying US debt and calls for new reserve currency

Susan here: China wants Globalization,hum, one must wonder why. There is a reason it’s called the People’s Bank Of China. China is still a Communist country regardless if they make stuff we buy. It scares the crap out of me that so much of our debt is held by China.

From The AP:

China will continue buying U.S. government debt while paying close attention to possible fluctuations in the value of those assets, a vice governor of Beijing’s central bank said Monday.

Investing in U.S. Treasury bills is “an important component part of China’s foreign currency reserve investments,” People’s Bank of China Vice Governor Hu Xiaolian said at a news conference on Monday.

“So as an important component we are naturally relatively concerned with the safety and profitability of U.S. government bonds,” Hu said — a statement apparently aimed at concerns that rising debt to fund Washington’s stimulus package could spur inflation and weaken the dollar.

China is Washington’s biggest foreign creditor, holding an estimated $1 trillion in U.S. government debt. A weaker dollar would erode the value of those assets.

Hu’s comments follow remarks earlier this month from Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao that he was “a little bit worried” about China’s holdings of U.S. government debt. Wen called on the U.S. to honor its commitments, remain credit-worthy, and ensure the safety of Chinese assets.

So they want more of our debt, which is going to increase with the implementation of the “stimulus bill”, but they are worried about their assets. No government does anything out “of the goodness of their heart”. So keeping that concept in mind. China today, releases this:

From Financial Times.com:

China’s central bank on Monday proposed replacing the US dollar as the international reserve currency with a new global system controlled by the International Monetary Fund.

In an essay posted on the People’s Bank of China’s website, Zhou Xiaochuan, the central bank’s governor, said the goal would be to create a reserve currency “that is disconnected from individual nations and is able to remain stable in the long run, thus removing the inherent deficiencies caused by using credit-based national

Cute Huh, hold on to your hats ya’ll this is going to be a bumpy ride.
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George Stephanopoulos: ABC’s In-House Spin Doctor

From Media Research Center:

George Stephanopoulos became a political celebrity for his high profile slot as a spin doctor in Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, a role glamorized in the documentary The War Room. After the election, Stephanopoulos served four years as a top presidential aide, championing his own liberal views on issues such as affirmative action and the Supreme Court.

Leaving the White House at the end of 1996, Stephanopoulos joined ABC News as not just a liberal political analyst, but as someone who would soon begin to report the news as a supposedly unbiased reporter. According to the December 12, 1996 New York Times:

Mr. Stephanopoulos will contribute to various programs, but at the outset he will appear most often as a political analyst on This Week, the Sunday morning news program with Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson as co-hosts. Eventually Mr. Stephanopoulos is expected to do some reporting as a correspondent, the network said.

Susan here again. We need to know where all these people come from. Full disclosure. Something the left wing psyco commies scream for and never deliver themselves. This is very important folks, because how can you make an informed decision about who you will listen to, who you can believe is telling the truth or who you vote for if you don’t have all the facts. Yea, I can hear those who will make excuses for everyone that “people can change”. But if you don’t know where they started from; how do can you know if they “changed”. These are shakey times, and we need to be Uncooperative Readers,Uncooperative Listeners,Uncooperative Watchers, and Uncooperative Citizen’s of this great United States of America. Oh, and have a Tea Party. 🙂

Gates: Military can help Mexico in drug war

Susan here again. After you read this, ask yourself; Where’s The Fence???

From the Washington Times:

The U.S. military is in a better position to provide Mexico’s military with training, resources and intelligence as its southern neighbor battles deadly drug cartels, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said.

More than a thousand people have been killed in Mexico in drug-related violence this year. In 2008 the toll doubled from the previous year to 6,290. Both the United States and Canada have warned that murders related to drug activity in certain parts of Mexico, particularly along the border with the United States, raised the level of risk in visiting the country.

“I think we are beginning to be in a position to help the Mexicans more than we have in the past. Some of the old biases against cooperation with our — between our militaries and so on, I think, are being set aside,” Mr. Gates said in an interview aired Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

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Chaos erupts in crowd at NYC ‘Top Model’ auditions

Ok, this is just insanity, this is just the measure of our country’s morality or lack there of:

From USA Today:

Three people were arrested and six others hurt Saturday after bedlam broke out while they waited to audition for “America’s Next Top Model,” police said.

Police didn’t know what prompted the chaos involving hundreds of people outside the Park Central New York hotel in Manhattan. The panic left the street outside the hotel littered with shoes and clothing, according to news reports.

“It was pretty scary,” Jessica Paravati told WNYW-TV. She said she was caught up in a stampede after waiting on line overnight, hoping for a shot at stardom on the reality show.

Two women and a man were arrested on disorderly conduct charges, police said. Authorities also shut down the audition, saying it wasn’t properly organized.

Four injured people declined treatment, while two others were taken to a hospital, the fire department said. Their conditions weren’t immediately available.

Our society has become so superficial it hurts my heart. 😦
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