Government to Intensely Track for H1N1 Shot Side Effects

This is tooo much. I just did my Radio Show tonight, “Ask this Nurse”, on BogTalkRadio about this very subject. And I talked about side effects of the Vaccine. Too Cool. So read on “MacBeth”.

From Fox News:

WASHINGTON — More than 3,000 people a day have a heart attack. If you’re one of them the day after your H1N1 flu shot, will you worry the vaccine was to blame and not the more likely culprit, all those burgers and fries?

The government is starting an unprecedented system to track possible side effects as mass flu vaccinations begin next month. The idea is to detect any rare but real problems quickly, and explain the inevitable coincidences that are sure to cause some false alarms.

“Every day, bad things happen to people. When you vaccinate a lot of people in a short period of time, some of those things are going to happen to some people by chance alone,” said Dr. Daniel Salmon, a vaccine safety specialist at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Health authorities hope to vaccinate well over half the population in just a few months against swine flu, which doctors call the 2009 H1N1 strain. That would be a feat. No more than 100 million Americans usually get vaccinated against regular winter flu, and never in such a short period.

How many will race for the vaccine depends partly on confidence in its safety. The last mass inoculations against a different swine flu, in 1976, were marred by reports of a rare paralyzing condition, Guillain-Barre syndrome.

I don’t want this to be a “fear mongering blogger”, but you have got to get the facts. Knowledge is the weapon of choice in this fight, and many other fights we have ahead of us.

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NYT Tries to Deflect Charges of Bias, Announces 'Opinion Media' Editor

Now this is interesting.

From Newsbusters;

The New York Times announced today that it would appoint an editor to monitor ‘opinion media’. In an attempt to respond to criticism that it has been too slow to pick up on stories first reported by conservative blogs and talk show hosts, the Times acknowledged poor coverage, but denied a political agenda.

The self-proclaimed ‘paper of record’ was extremely slow in picking up on two recent stories. The first, the ‘trutherism’ of former White House Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, was initially reported by Pajamas Media, and later by Glenn Beck on his Fox News talk show. The Times did not cover the story until after Jones had resigned.

So, how many conservative blogs are they monitoring as well. Not to mention the Conservative Talk Radio Shows on the internet like; The Uncooperative Radio Show. And now the Old Grey Lady, the bastion of all that is the “Liberal, Commie” media, will be using us as their information source. This is just Fabulous! Keep up the pressure people, it’s working. We will get our country back, even if it takes us one inch at a time.

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Is the American Idol Finale Red State vs. Blue State?

It is true what the Uncooperative Radio show host and my husband has always said; “there is politics in every aspect of our lives.” Now, this is a good example of how everything can be “made” to be political. I’ll let you read and you decide.

From NewsBusters:

The Drudge Report picked up on the New York Daily News pitching tonight’s American Idol finale on Fox as a red state vs. blue state battle between Kris Allen of Arkansas and Adam Lambert of California. (As for just how blue Lambert can go, see the Best Week Ever page connected to VH-1, where Lambert’s entire face is blue, and his antics are “blue” as well.)

Media outlets like Entertainment Weekly have hinted at Lambert’s “flamboyant” appearance — and rooted for him because of it — but will Fox be able to handle Lambert in full shock-jock mode? On a show that’s been seen as family-friendly?

We will find out tonight if blue or red won. We know who won this last election don’t we?
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Couric's Stem Cell Expert: Dr Who Yearned to Shape Obama's Policy

Susan here, and the experts way in. Oh happy, happy, joy,joy!

From MRC:

Four days after Sanjay Gupta, in the wake of Tom Daschle’s withdrawal as HHS Secretary-designate, decided to turn down the Obama administration’s offer to become Surgeon General, CBS went to the CNN medical correspondent for expert analysis on the benefits of Obama’s decision to allow federal funding of research on embryonic stem cells. (Monday afternoon following Obama’s announcement, CNN refrained from putting Gupta on the air. Wolf Blitzer, however, brought him aboard the 6 PM EDT hour of The Situation Room to expound on what Gupta described as the “enthusiasm” and “lot of promise” offered by the administration’s reversal of the Bush policy.)

CBS anchor Katie Couric fretted Obama’s decision didn’t do enough. Referring to a law which “prohibits the creation of embryos simply for the purpose of using their stem cells,” Couric worried: “If the ban against using tax dollars for this is not lifted, will it hinder progress?” Gupta assured her there are “plenty of embryos” available. Next, Couric cited how “the only FDA-approved clinical trial for using stem cells involved spinal cord injuries” and wondered: “What other conditions or diseases show the most potential to respond to this kind of therapy?”

Katie is my hero…..NOT! Is there anyone who President Obama has tried to appoint that has 1)paid their taxes, 2)has not had a problem with his agenda or 3)said “yes” then had a tour of their new government departments, got the “this is how it’s going to be run” speech and went aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Screaming into the night. Yea, let’s have a CNN medical correspondent run our country’s health. All you people that voted for President Obama, I want to thank you for giving me something and many things to blog about, rail against and continue our radio show. You have two years to fix this.
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U.S. Fails to Withstand Mock Cyberattack

We abuse and use the Internet all the time, but this story, important to us all was not pushed by the “lame stream media” hence I am. I may not have enough time to blog all the “day”, but I will try to keep you’ll informed when I can, between the blog and my radio show. So read on “Macbeth”.

From Fox News:

We’re not ready.

That’s the disheartening conclusion reached by the organizers of a mock cyberattack on the United States, reports Reuters.

Details were sketchy, but participants told the news agency that the exercise exposed serious security gaps in leadership, preparedness and communications.

“We’re way behind where we need to be now,” said Rep. James Langevin, D-R.I. “This is equivalent in my mind to before September 11 … we were awakened to the threat on the morning after September 11.”

The two-day “cyberwar” simulation involved 230 government agencies, private companies and other groups.

It ran through what would happen if overseas hackers launched massive attacks during a national crisis — as happened in Estonia last year during a wave of ethnic violence, and again in Georgia during the brief Russian invasion this August.

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Evel Knievel Days come once again

Brian and I have made Butte Montana our adopted city. And what a city it is. Unknown to us we have adopted the very city, where Evel Knievel, one of our childhood heroes and an American Icon was born and raised. As a kid, not a child (for those safety naziees out there) I was one of the obstacles that my male playmates would jump over. Oh, and by the way; we never got hurt. My husband, also tried many a stunt to emulate Evel.

Evel Knievel’s hometown of Butte, MT plays host to the worlds greatest celebration for the Worlds Greatest Daredevil in the finest fashion.

Started in 2002, the three-day event draws thousands of visitors from all over the world to the Mining City during the last weekend in July each year.

from wkipedia

Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel was born in Butte, Montana, in 1938, the first of two children born to Robert E. and Ann Kehoe Knievel. His surname is of German origin; his great-great-grandparents on his father’s side emigrated to the United States from Germany after a famine struck in 1782. Robert and Ann divorced in 1940, after the birth of their second child, Nic. Both parents decided to leave Butte. Evel was raised by paternal grandparents, Ignatius and Emma Knievel. At the age of eight, Robert Knievel attended a Joie Chitwood Auto Daredevil Show, which he gave credit to for his later career choice, to become a motorcycle daredevil. Almost every jump he did was on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel (pronounced /ˈiːvəl kɨˈniːvəl/[1]) (October 17, 1938 – November 30, 2007) was an American motorcycle daredevil, an entertainer famous in the United States and elsewhere between the late 1960s and early 1980s. Knievel’s nationally televised motorcycle jumps, including his 1974 attempt to jump Snake River Canyon at Twin Falls, Idaho, represent four of the twenty most-watched ABC’s Wide World of Sports events to date. His achievements and failures, including his record 433 broken bones, earned him several entries in the Guinness Book of World Records.[2]

His son Robbie Knievel is also an accomplished motorcycle daredevil.

What can I say, for better or worse, the man was and is a true American Icon. He was arrogant, he defied the odds and he paid for his mistakes with his body. All of the new “so- called” extreme sports are a direct product of this man’s lust for adventure and quest for pushing the edge. I had a chance to be his Home Health Nurse last yr and my agency had to turn him down because of his, yes you got it, extreme demands. Arrogant and demanding to the end. I don’t know if he is with God, but God did not let him die those many times when he should have.