Update: The Uncooperative Radio Show

We have had a horrible winter with at least eight feet of snow and temperatures below zero for two months. All of our out-buildings have collapsed and our snowmobile is stuck on our section road, so our radio show has been spotty because we have had to deal with all this weather related drama. Thank you for patience and continuing to listen to our show.

Update: 03-04-19

Well my neighbor is going to bring Susan from top of the hill home, because even though he broke trail for me, it was about 3 feet of unpacked snow and it did not pack enough for my snowmobile. I got stuck 3 times in 1.2 miles I finally had to walk home and abandon my equipment.

So, no show tonight, as Ii am hurting bad and Susan is not here. I would not count on a show tomorrow, but we may be able to do a show tomorrow night, so keep your eyes peeled! We apologize for all the inconvenience, we are doing the best we can under the circumstances

Update: 03-02-19

I have been too busy dealing with the snow and Susan is stuck in town and I am stuck on the mountain and I am still not completely healed. I tried to do as many shows as I could last week and 2 was all I could do, both voice wise and time wise. Susan is coming up Monday God willing,  but I do not know what time so we will probably not be doing a show on Monday; but keep your eyes peeled you never know.

Update: The Uncooperative Radio Show

Brian is still not fully recovered from his surgery. He is having some weird complications. Depending on how he feels will dictate if we do a show or not. Hopefully next week will be a better week for him and the show. Thank you for your patience and God Bless.

Update The Uncooperative Radio Show


Brian has not been able to speak correctly since his Thyroid Biopsy, so I will be hosting the show the rest of the week. We did not do the show last week on Monday and Tuesday because we were still in town. Brian contacted his physician about his condition and are waiting for a response. Hopefully we will get back on track next week. Thank you for listening to the show and your patience. God Bless.