From Lily White Liberal To Gun Toten Momma

By Susan Frances Bonner RN BSN, author of Opening A Registered Nurses Eyes; A life Altering Journey Across North America

Guns kill, guns are evil, and no law abiding self-respecting woman needs to own one. Words I had heard over and over again. Words I believed and lived by. Growing up in a small neighborhood on Long Island, NY; “gun” was a curse word
reserved for the media and criminals. If your father and uncles didn’t hunt, you were likely never to see a real one except on TV. Life in the “burbs” never prepared me for rural life in North Florida or the fact that practically everyone living there carried a gun.

Moving to the country meant cleaner air, a simpler life, less noise. But it also meant you were pretty much on your own. Something I quickly realized living on our 5.5 acres outside Tallahassee, Florida surrounded by woods and swamps. Our nearest neighbor lived pretty far away and then there was the animal factor. Not the neighbor’s cute furry cat and sweet waging tailed dog. There were wild pigs that dug up your lawn looking for grubs, seven different kinds of venomous snakes, bobcats, black bear and of course; alligators.

Our property bordered the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and I was told early on to expect some visitors of the less cuddly type to our rural abode. And although this concerned me, I didn’t run out and buy every weapon known to man and arm myself Rambo style. My husband however; a well traveled army guy and no stranger to guns, thought it was time to expose me to the Second Amendment. Knowing my gentile sensibilities and liberal upbringing, he bought one gun at a time.

The first was a shotgun; I could handle this. Well I’d seen old movies before and most old homesteads had at least a shotgun, yes I could handle this. He took me out to the back forty and gave me a lesson in gun safety and shooting. I was appalled by the power, force and yes; the loud sound it produced. But if a wild boar was chasing me out of my garden and a black bear was blocking my way to the house; a shotgun was what I wanted. So, I carried it slung over my shoulder, kept it by the bed or in the kitchen next to me when my husband went to town.

Slowly my husband acquired more firearms, mostly rifles, until one day he introduced me to the infamous handgun, the weapon of choice for every murderer, rapist and burglar. Again he gave me the safety course and shooting lesson. This weapon was a little more intimidating. This one I did not carry. But I found out that the gun did not go off by itself. Someone had to pull the trigger because guns don’t kill anybody sitting on a desk. That lesson was ingrained in me when one day while my husband was out in the garden. I picked up the handgun off of the living room table in an attempt to get more familiar with it and then dropped it on the floor, purely by accident. I was so terrified it would blow up I ran into our bedroom screaming! But nothing happened; it just lied there on the floor silent and not moving.

The final induction into “gunhood” came one day when while putting a roof on our wood shed, my husband heard ATV’s coming down an old road in the woods that ran through our property. Hearing voices I went to investigate and saw my husband standing between two young men on said ATV’s. The young men were arguing with him and posturing. Now my husband is burly and is six foot four and was holding a hammer in his hands, but I guess they were counting on strength in numbers.

No one noticed I was there so I ran to the house and instead of dialing 911, I grabbed the handgun. Pulse pounding in my ears I said a silent prayer that I wouldn’t have to use it and ran outside. Slowly I rounded the bend in the driveway and holding the gun out at my side asked sweetly, “Honey, is everything alright?” Everyone was startled. The young men noticed the gun in my hand and immediately and hastily apologized for trespassing. Then they turned their ATV’s around and left. My husband smiled with pride.
From that day forward a gun became a tool for me; to be used like a hammer or chain saw. Used only when needed. Used cautiously. And used with respect. I remember that day and think about the brave pioneer women who came to colonize this great country and who had to protect their homesteads, family and livestock against “all” with their meager guns. I think about them and thank the Founding Fathers that we still have the right to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with a firearm.

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US torture report “full of crap” says ex-VP Cheney
Former US Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday blasted the Senate report detailing torture of “war on terror” detainees, calling it “terrible” and “full of crap.
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Mohammed ordered us to be kind even killing
Al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based affiliate, which on Saturday shot dead an American journalist and a South African teacher to prevent their rescue by U.S. Special Forces, wants the world to know that it opposes beheadings and other forms of brutality practiced by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL).
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Security at US consulate in Benghazi in disarray prior to 2012 attacks
The guard force at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was in such disarray prior to the 2012 terrorist attack that the security status there was described as an “emergency” just three hours before the assault that left four Americans dead, according to State Department emails.
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In a first, more Americans support gun rights than gun control poll finds
By a margin of 52 percent to 46 percent, Americans say protecting the rights of gun owners is more important than gun control, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center released Wednesday. It is the first time Pew found more support for gun ownership than gun control in more than two decades of surveys on the issue.
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Detriot to emerge from historic bankruptcy Wednesday
Detroit’s historic Chapter 9 bankruptcy ended Wednesday, marking an end to Kevyn Orr’s tenure as emergency manager as the city enters a “new chapter,” as Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) put it.
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Police demonstrations inspire new protest songs
Stop. Hey, what’s that sound? Protest songs are taking their place alongside chants of “I can’t breathe” and “Hands up, don’t shoot” as demonstrators raise their voices to condemn the deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police.
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Two men use girl as human shield until father guns them down
A St. Louis couple is likely thankful to have guns in their home after they were forced to use them to defend their daughter against two men Monday night. The men, one of whom had an extensive rap sheet, confronted the couples’ 17-year-old daughter after she stepped outside of the house to go to her car, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Rutland clerk pulls gun on robber
Don Pitaniello said Monday he’s been suspended from his job as a clerk at a North Main Street convenience store after drawing a gun on a knife-wielding robber Sunday night.Pitaniello, 58, of Rutland, said he was preparing to close up Mac’s Convenience Store at 145 North Main St. before 9:30 p.m. when a man wearing a hoodie and a bandana over his face entered the store and threatened him with a roughly 5-inch blade.

Cruz: Can’t Defeat ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ If You Won’t Utter Those Words
“You cannot win a battle against radical Islamic terrorism if you’re unwilling to utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism,'” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Tuesday. Coincidentally, on the same day Cruz made that comment, Secretary of State John Kerry said that “extreme poverty” breeds terrorism.

Obama scheme derailed capture of Benghazi killer
It became increasingly clear the decision to capture al-Libi all but thwarted an ongoing operation in which covert U.S. operatives were at the same time tracking Khattallah’s every move. The operatives were on standby, ready to seize Khattalah, waiting for orders to carry out the arrest operation.

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Commissioners declare Carroll County a Second Amendment sanctuary
The Board of Carroll County Commissioners voted unanimously earlier this week to pass a resolution stating that Carroll County is a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County”. The resolution is in response to the Maryland State Firearms Act of 2013 passed by legislators in Annapolis earlier this year.
French gay marriage opponents stage big Paris march
Several hundred thousand opponents of same-sex marriage marched in central Paris on Sunday against a reform the unpopular French government passed last month at the price of deepening political polarization.
Parents bent out of shape over classroom yoga
Parents who are upset over the introduction of yoga lessons – funded by a private foundation that promotes yoga – into their children’s school curriculum have filed a lawsuit to bring them to a halt.
Britain to target radical Muslim preachers after soldier’s killing
The British government, facing criticism over the killing of a soldier by suspected Islamists in a London street, is to set up a new group to combat radical Muslim preachers and others whose words could encourage violence.
Study backs farmers in pollution fight with EPA
West Virginia poultry farmer Lois Alt didn’t chicken out when the Environmental Protection Agency threatened her with fines of $40,000 per day, and even though the federal regulators eventually backed off, she’s taking them on in a legal case that could benefit thousands of small farmers.
Bob Hope
Bob Hope, born Leslie Townes Hope (May 29, 1903 – July 27, 2003). Hope was born in Eltham, London, UK, the fifth of seven sons.
While aboard the RMS Queen Mary when World War II began in September 1939, Hope volunteered to perform a special show for the passengers, during which he sang “Thanks for the Memory” with rewritten lyrics. 

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Battle of Athens, Tennessee
On August 1-2, 1946, some Americans, brutalized by their county government, used armed force as a last resort to overturn it. These Americans wanted honest open elections.
V-E Day
On this day in 1945, both Great Britain and the United States celebrate Victory in Europe Day. Cities in both nations, as well as formerly occupied cities in Western Europe, put out flags and banners, rejoicing in the defeat of the Nazi war machine.
Educational Freedom
Most of us went to school when we were younger, and we cannot imagine otherwise. However, it may be worth contemplating radical alternatives to the notion of school. The conflict between schooling and libertarian principles appears to me to have widened in the age of the Internet.

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List of 23 gun violence reduction executive actions
The Office of the Press Secretary sent out the following list of all 23 executive actions.

France continues Mali airstrikes; residents frantic
Algeria launched an operation to free foreign hostages at a gas plant after it tried but failed to forge a resolution with Islamist captors, the government said Thursday.
Pannetta defends Obamas gun control package
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta fired off a strong defense of gun control legislation Thursday, in front of a decidedly skeptical audience.

Cutter: Obama will activate campaing apparatus to take down the NRA
STEPHANIE CUTTER: President Obama provides the leadership here, and he said the American people have to speak up and make their voices heard in this debate.

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Cramer: On the right side of the bullet
Every so often, a local news story about a victim of crime goes national. Most recently, it was Sarah McKinley, 18, home alone with her 3 month old son, a few days after Sarah’s husband had died of lung cancer. Two men apparently looking to steal pain medicine prescribed for the husband broke in.
A suburban gun maker is overwhelmed with orders for guns
The phones rang and rang in the front office of the Northwest suburban gunmaker last week. Customers were calling to place orders — and they weren’t happy when they were told of two-month backlogs.
Flashback: ‘Most Dishonest Journalist Of Our Age’ Piers Morgan Fired For ‘Malicious’ Hoax Of Fake Iraqi Prisoner Abuse That Caused ‘So Much Damage’, Recruited Al Qaeda
Excerpted from a BBC article of May 14, 2004: Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked after the newspaper conceded photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake.
ObamaCare Amendment forbids gun ammo registration
Good news — it has become known that hidden deep within the massive 2800-page bill called Obamacare there is a Senate Amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

Tell those sick employees to stay home
Dr. Vicki Bralow tells her employees to stay home, guilt-free. That is, if they’re sick. And this year, the odds are they’ll be taking her up on the offer.

DNA pioneer James Watson takes aim at ‘cancer establishments’
A day after an exhaustive national report on cancer found the United States is making only slow progress against the disease, one of the country’s most iconic – and iconoclastic – scientists weighed in on “the war against cancer.” And he does not like what he sees.