The Uncooperative Radio Show! Podcast March 09, 2007

Libby lost and so is our justice system, the truth about Burglar, no Berger and Sunni’s find oil

The Uncooperative Radio show host is afraid to go to court listen to find out why. Bush fires federal attorneys, we say yeh, the Dems say ney. And did you know the Sunni’s found oil. Bet you didn’t, tune in to find out where and when.


The Uncooperative Radio Show! March 09, 10 and 11, 2007

We have decided to move our Wednesday Show To Fridays 8pm Eastern.


We are just rocking over on Talkshoe Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8pm to 10pm Eastern Time.

You never know what I am going to be talking about, so you will just have to tune in, or wait for the podcast. The podcasts automatically appear in the left sidebar, I hope you enjoy that feature.

They are also paying us based on the amount of listeners, interactive listeners and downloads from their site. So if you have the time or inclination, listen from my talkshoe page, from the left sidebar or download the podcast from the shows homepage.

Friday, Saturday and Sundays!
8pm Eastern
7pm Central
6pm Mountain
5pm Pacific

Anyone can listen, but to call you must have an account. If you download the software you can also interact with the show and others logged in, with live chat

This is also The Weekend Open Trackback Party!

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