Show Notes 12-12-2018

Wednesday show notes 12-12-18

The Definition of Economic Progress



Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Return to Venezuela

William Shatner battles with fans over defense of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside

Elizabeth Warren’s Batty Plan to Nationalize . . . Everything

This is too good! Finally someone showing the true colors of demoncrats(socialist party)

From The National Review:

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has one-upped socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: She proposes to nationalize every major business in the United States of America. If successful, it would constitute the largest seizure of private property in human history.

Warren’s proposal is dishonestly called the “Accountable Capitalism Act.” Accountable to whom? you might ask. That’s a reasonable question. The answer is — as it always is — accountable to politicians, who desire to put the assets and productivity of private businesses under political discipline for their own selfish ends. It is remarkable that people who are most keenly attuned to the self-interest of CEOs and shareholders and the ways in which that self-interest influences their decisions apparently believe that members of the House, senators, presidents, regulators, Cabinet secretaries, and agency chiefs somehow are liberated from self-interest when they take office through some kind of miracle of transcendence.

Under Senator Warren’s proposal, no business with more than $1 billion in revenue would be permitted to legally operate without permission from the federal government. The federal government would then dictate to these businesses the composition of their boards, the details of internal corporate governance, compensation practices, personnel policies, and much more. Naturally, their political activities would be restricted, too. Senator Warren’s proposal entails the wholesale expropriation of private enterprise in the United States, and nothing less. It is unconstitutional, unethical, immoral, irresponsible, and — not to put too fine a point on it — utterly bonkers.

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Show Notes 08-02-2018

Thursday show notes 08-02-18

Dinesh D’Souza’s New Film Makes Incendiary Claims About Democrats’ History
Death of a Nation’ premieres in Los Angeles on Tuesday where several prominent conservatives in Hollywood and in politics are expected to walk the red carpet.
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Vietnam vet killed by police after fighting off naked intruder who attacked his grandson
Army veteran who served in the Vietnam War was fatally shot by police in his home after he shot and killed a naked intruder who was attacking his grandson.
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On the 30th anniversary of the commencement of his national radio program, Rush Limbaugh took a high-priority call Wednesday that caught the veteran broadcaster off guard.
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Paul Kengor: ‘A Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism and Socialism’
Communism wanted to disrupt the social order, particularly when it comes to property, which is the opposite of the goal of conservatism, author and professor Paul Kengor said Wednesday at the Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, D.C.
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More than 450 people in Florida ordered to give up guns under new law, report says
Hundreds of gun owners in Florida have been ordered to give up their guns under a new law that took effect after the deadly Parkland shooting in February, according to a report published Monday.
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Sen. Schumer on 3D Guns: Trump Administration ‘Enslaved by the NRA’
Commenting on President Donald Trump’s remarks about the private sector publishing the blueprints for printing 3D guns, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said the administration is “enslaved” by the National Rifle Association (NRA), and when the NRA “says jump, they say, how high?
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Show Notes 11-05-15

Thursday show 11-05-15

Eight ways America will die in a single night
The next war could easily be over before it starts. Short of a military coup and an instantaneous revamping of our military strategy, there is nothing that the United States can do, short of a prolonged civilian led conflict, led by armed veterans, to stave off invasion and occupation.
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Socialists gather in New York to plot political overhaul
The Workers World Party is taking to New York City for a two-day conference to show how to spread socialism around the nation and world, and to explain why the time is ripe for such expansion.
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Navy down to five aircraft carriers at sea none in the Mideast
Longer deployments and the high pace of operations have taken their toll on the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet, reducing the number currently at sea to five and leaving the Mideast without a carrier on station for the first time since 2007, Navy officials said Tuesday.
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Top 10 celebrity veterans
These ten celebrities are famous, they’ve gone on to great things, and they all have one thing in common: they served in the U.S. military. Some of them made use of military education benefits to further their careers.
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Sunday Show 11/23/2014

Sunday Show 11/23/14
Vet Launches Made-in-America E-Commerce Store
After leaving the military and joining the corporate world, Dan McCready said he felt like he was lacking a sense of purpose. The U.S. Marine Corps veteran had graduated from Harvard Business School and was working in consulting at McKinsey, traveling for about 80 hours a week.
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Graham critical of new GOP House report on Benghazi, calls findings ‘garbage’
South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday criticized a recently released House Republican report that concludes no intelligence lapses in connection with the fatal Benghazi attacks, saying congressional investigators did a “lousy job.”
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Germ zapping robot could fight Ebola and other deadly viruses
Standing a little more than 5 feet tall, the robot nicknamed “Saul” uses pulses of high-intensity, high-energy ultraviolet rays to split open bacterial cell walls and kill dangerous pathogens, said Geri Genant, a health care services implementation manager with Xenex, the company that developed the robot.
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Lawmaker calls out witness anti-Christian remarks about fundamentalist Christians
At a House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Military Personnel on Wednesday, Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) confronted one witness with derogatory remarks he made about Christians, which the lawmaker said exemplifies the threat to religious liberty in the U.S. Armed Forces.
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Cardinal’s demotion helps Pope Francis quell ‘conservative backlash’ — for now
Pope Francis is drawing rock star raves for softening the Vatican’s image on such issues as homosexuality, capitalism and divorce, but his celebrated tolerance doesn’t seem to extend to dissenters within the church, whose conservative revolt came to a halt when the pontiff exiled their de facto leader to obscurity.
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Crisis in Mexico protesters storm National palace after massacre of 43 students
Protesters in Mexico City stormed Mexico’s National Palace Saturday night and set fire to the Palace’s ancient wooden doors before being repelled back by police, in protests over the deaths of 43 students by drug gang-affiliated police.
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Swat team tasters and pepper sprays Homeschoolers
A Missouri homeschooling family is suing a sheriff and another officer who forcibly entered their home without a warrant, Tasered the father, pepper-sprayed the mother and put their children in the custody of social service workers.
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Iran replicates US Drone
An Iranian replica of a US spy drone, seized by Iran in 2011, is inferior to the US version, which was initially captured by Iran, according to the Pentagon. Iran released a video of their similar design earlier this week.
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Arms Trade Treaty takes effect December 24th
Gun Control: To some, concern over a U.N. Arms Trade Treaty set to take effect Dec. 24 is much ado about nothing. But a president unconstrained by Congress or the Constitution may try to impose severe limits on gun rights. All treaties must be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate, and that’s not about to happen in the case of the unratified Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), particularly after the 2014 election that gave the GOP Senate control.
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Ohio school district mulls over giving teachers access to guns
The Dayton Daily News reported Sunday that the Riverside Local School board in central Ohio’s Logan County has held recent discussions on placing guns in schools and plans to revisit the issue Dec. 16. Superintendent Scott Mann said the goal is to protect children from potential threats involving weapons.
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Conservatives celebrate the 50th anniversary of Barry Goldwater’s Presidential campaign
Conservatives and family members of former presidential candidate Barry Goldwater celebrated and reflected on Goldwater’s impact on politics and conservatism over the past 50 years at an anniversary dinner to honor his memory, held at the Liaison Capitol Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 18.
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Show Notes 09/21/2014

Sunday Show 9/21/14
Upton Sinclair
Upton Sinclair was born in Baltimore, Maryland. His family came from a ruined Southern aristocracy family. His father, Upton Beall Sinclair, was a liquor salesman and an alcoholic – he drank himself to death. Priscilla Harden, Sinclair’s mother, came from a relatively wealthy family – one of her sisters was married to a millionaire. She hated alcohol and did not even drink coffee or tea.
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New Executive Order — Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Section 1. Policy. The discovery of antibiotics in the early 20th century fundamentally transformed human and veterinary medicine. Antibiotics save millions of lives each year in the United States and around the world.
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Christian Artist, Lecrae, Tops Charts at #1
Lecrae, a self-proclaimed Christian, is a leading voice amongst Christian artists in today’s popular culture, and according to his bio, he has “released six bestselling albums and two mixtapes, won a Grammy award in the process and landed a global distribution deal with Red Distribution/Sony Music for the record label he co-owns, Reach Records.”
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Federal Judge Envisions ‘Rape License’ for ‘Right to Rape’
Judge Richard Posner advocated issuance of a “license to rape” in a 2011 book he wrote. Posner contradicts the presupposition that it’s always wrong for a man to rape a woman. This idea, according to Posner in his 2011 book “Economic Analysis of the Law” (8th edition), is evidently an equally archaic tradition that, like the institution of natural marriage, needs a significant overhaul. 
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Oklahoma Judge dismisses Ten Commandments lawsuit
The privately funded Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma Capitol does not violate the state constitution and can stay there, an Oklahoma County judge said Friday in a ruling that attorneys who filed the lawsuit vowed to appeal to the state Supreme Court.
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HHS Spending Millions to Stockpile Ventilators in Case of ‘Public Health Emergency’
The Department of Health and Human Services announced Wednesday it is spending almost $14 million over three years to develop “low-cost, user-friendly ventilators” that can be stockpiled in case of a “pandemic or other public health emergency.”
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Anti-Religion Group & Satanic Temple to Distribute Materials in Public Schools
Despite their continued verbal commitment to keeping religious materials out of public schools, both the Satanic Temple and The Freedom From Religion Foundation have publicly announced plans to disseminate printed information among public school students in Orange County, Florida.
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Windham School Board rejects, then accepts Constitution booklets
The School Board first rejected a gift of copies of the U.S. Constitution, then reversed course hours later. Former Windham resident John Grieco offered the school district 2,800 copies of the Constitution Tuesday night, in advance of Constitution Day Wednesday. Last year, the School Board accepted 2,841 booklets from Grieco, whose granddaughter attends Windham High School.
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High school cheerleaders defy prayer ban at football games
For many on the Oneida High School cheerleading squad, faith has always gone hand and hand with Friday night football. “We need prayer for so many reasons especially in our community now and the troubles we face every day,” said junior Kayla King.
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Federal Immigration and Nationality Act
“Any person who . . . encourages or induces an alien to . . . reside . . . knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such . . . residence is . . . in violation of law, shall be punished as provided . . . for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs . . . fined under title 18 . . . imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”

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