I am sick and tired of these elected Cockroaches whining about the President and what he is doing. Impeach him already and stop bitching! I do not care if the Senate does nothing! Let the people know what this man is doing to our country. Lay out all the Unconstitutional actions he has taken. Not because it won’t work but because it is the Rule Of Law and the right thing to do.

A press release from Bob Goodlatte:  

“President Obama has once again abused his authority and unilaterally refused to enforce our current immigration laws by directing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to stop removing broad categories of unlawful immigrants.  The primary reason why our immigration system is broken today is because our immigration laws have largely been ignored by past and present administrations.  It’s imperative that we prevent this from happening again by taking away the enforcement ‘on/off’ switch from the President.  That’s why the House Judiciary Committee approved the SAFE Act, which prevents the Executive Branch from unilaterally turning off immigration enforcement by granting states and local governments the authority to enforce federal immigration laws. 

So what is the SAFE Act? I know that this article is from a quasi lefty group, but it will give you an overview and a link to the entire bill. Which is Unconstitutional and not needed. Just let the States handle this issue as they see fit!

From Immigration Policy Center:

On June 6, 2013, the House Judiciary Committee considered H.R. 2278, the “Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act,” commonly known as the SAFE Act. This wide-ranging immigration enforcement bill would make unlawful presence in the United States a criminal act punishable with jail time, greatly expand detention of immigrants, authorize states and local governments to create their own immigration enforcement laws, and impose harsher penalties and restrictions for immigration violations, among other enforcement-related provisions.