Uncooperative Radio 11-05-18 Live!

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We start the show with a Prayer. Then, it really is President Trumps economy, The Illegal Alien Invasion report, the Supreme Court meets regulations suck and
medical madness.


Uncooperative Radio 10-17-18 Live!

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We will start the show with an economist quote. We continue to tout President Trumps accomplishments the Second Amendment report, Medical Madness and the News behind the News, if we get to it.

Uncooperative Radio 10-09-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with a Founding Fathers’ quote. Then, more Venezuelan, Marijuana news and President Trumps accomplishments. Followed by, what’s up with our school’s and Our Military heroes

Show Notes 10-04-2018

Thursday show notes 10-04-18

President Trump Donates Salary to Support Small Businesses
President Donald Trump donated part of his 2018 salary to the Small Business Administration (SBA), according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
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Young Whistleblower Who Exposed Planned Parenthood’s Baby Body Part Harvesting Dead at 27
A young woman who helped lift the curtain on Planned Parenthood’s baby body part harvesting and profiteering has died. Holly O’Donnell spoke with the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) after she learned what her former employer, StemExpress, was up to.
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Complaint from Atheist Group Leads to Prayer Ban at School Graduations and Events
The Freedom from Religion Foundation posted a letter it received from a Massachusetts school district promising that they will not allow any more public prayers at graduations and other public events.
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North Carolina mom praises Olive Garden waitress for act of kindness: ‘I seriously admire you’
As the mother of an 18-month-old daughter, Courtney Pedigo rarely gets a moment of calm, especially during meal time. But that changed this week, at least for one evening — thanks to a kind act by an Olive Garden waitress named Nianni Rudder.
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Planned Parenthood Contributed $126,886 to Democrats on Judiciary Committee; $0 to Republicans
Planned Parenthood’s political action committees, employees and family members of employees have contributed $126,886 to Democrats currently sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and $0 to Republican senators on the committee, according to data from The Center for Responsive Politics, which includes campaign contributions from 1990 through 2018.
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GOP-doxxing suspect arrested; worked or interned for Feinstein, Jackson Lee, other Dems
A Democratic congressional intern was arrested Wednesday and accused of posting the personal information of at least one Republican senator during last week’s hearing about sexual assault claims against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, authorities said.
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EXPOSED: Kavanaugh Second Accuser Is A Left-Wing Activist Who Campaigned Against The Word ‘Sissy’
Brett Kavanaugh’s second accuser Deborah “Debbie” Ramirez is a left-wing activist who spoke at a PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) event and agitated against use of the word “Sissy” on T-shirts handed out at an annual Colorado 10k run.
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Uncooperative Radio 10-04-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. More of President Trumps’ accomplishments, The Ups and Downs for the week, what is Planned Parent hood up to now and its the economy stupid. If we get to it!

Uncooperative Radio 09-26-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We will start the show with a liberty quote. We will tell you about more of President Trumps’ accomplishments, the Fuzzy Muzzy report, the Dumb Ass segment and The Illegal Alien Invasion report, if we get to it