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We start the show with a Prayer. Antifa is a terrorist group. Brian will explain Cryptocurrencies, what’s up with our schools and take this the food police.

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Psalm of Comfort
As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God.


Republican Representative Thaddeus McCotter resigns from Congress
U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan resigned from Congress on Friday, capping a bizarre political downfall that started after the Republican’s campaign failed to submit enough valid petition signatures to get him on the ballot for re-election.

Feds: Airlines must let passengers fly with pigs for emotional support
Pot-bellied pigs must be granted passage on airplanes if they are used for “emotional support” by their owners, states the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) draft manual on equity for the disabled in air travel.

Ernest Borgnine dies at 95
Oscar-winner Ernest Borgnine has died, his longtime spokesman Harry Flynn confirmed on Sunday. Borgnine was 95. Born Ermes Effron Borgnino in 1917 in Hamden, Connecticut, Borgnine began acting in the Navy during World War II. Sunday.
http://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2012/07/08/ernest-borgnine-dies-at-95.html Supreme

Court strikes down stolen valor law
That’s a nutshell synopsis of a decision the Supreme Court is expected to hand down this week—arguably, one of the year’s most important cases that few people have ever heard of.

Supreme Court Opinions
KENNEDY, J., announced the judgment of the Court and delivered an opinion, in which ROBERTS, C. J., and GINSBURG and SOTOMAYOR, JJ., joined. BREYER, J., filed an opinion concurring in the judgment, in which KAGAN, J., joined. ALITO, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which SCALIA and THOMAS, JJ., joined.

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We start with a prayer God Is Our Hope

Largest donor of Obama’s super PAC calls Mormonism a cult

Maher has given the president’s super PAC a cool one million dollars. “The biggest individual donor revealed Friday was hedge fund billionaire James H. Simons, who cut a $1 million check to Majority PAC at the end of last month,” Politico reported.

Gun sales skyrocket during recession
The economic impact of the firearms industry is up 66 percent since the beginning of the Great Recession, providing an unexpected shot in the arm for the economy, according to a new study.

Nugent says he’s insulted by concert cancellation
Ted Nugent said he was insulted by the cancellation of his planned concert at an Army post over his comments about President Barack Obama.

Foster kids connected

De’Jerica Michaels became pregnant at age 15, but friction at home became so tense that she left. She wound up in foster care, placed with a Noblesville family.

Candidate Kens attitude to Jews may be key in battle to run London

Is London about to elect a mayor who has been accused of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism? Until last week, former mayor Ken Livingstone was trailing the incumbent Boris Johnson in opinion polls by as much as six points. But now, only days before the election on Thursday, May 3, the two are neck-and-neck, separated by just two percentage points, according to pollster YouGov.

Self-defense: What are you prepared to do? Part Two

Part of being prepared in your self-defense is thinking about your daily routine and what you can do to be ready to defend yourself. What’s more, it’s also useful to think about how you’d respond given a variety of events.

The Midnight Ride Of …Sybil Ludington
Wait a minute. Isn’t Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous poem titled, “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”? Don’t the rousing stanzas recite the story of Paul’s daring nighttime gallop through the Massachusetts countryside to warn Minutemen about a British invasion?

Antibullying speaker curses and mocks Christian teens
As many as 100 high school students walked out of a national journalism conference after an anti-bullying speaker began cursing, attacked the Bible and reportedly called those who refused to listen to his rant “pansy assed.”

Obama advocates student-loan plan offering class in Disney’s women and girls

President Obama this week advocated his plans for federally subsidized student loans and his desire to keep college costs down at the University of Colorado, a school whose Women and Gender Studies program includes a course on “Disney’s Women and Girls,” and where the full cost for an on-campus in-state student this year was $26,877.