Show Notes11-08-2018

Thursday show notes 11-08-18

A NASA Spacecraft Just Broke the Record for Closest Approach to Sun

How Do Astronauts Vote From Space?

When her parents asked her to go to church, this SC woman called 911, cops say

Prayers during graduation land Mich. colleges in hot water

Kim Davis, clerk who refused to sign marriage licenses for gay couples, loses to Democrat

‘Time to Get Tough’: Farage Blasts Khan as London Scrambles Extra Police After Fifth Person Slain in Days

Show Notes 03-02-2018

Friday  Show Notes 03-02-18

Illegal immigrants have no automatic right to freedom, Supreme Court rules
Immigrants being held for deportation don’t have an automatic right under the law to post bond and be set free, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a decision that could give the Trump administration more freedom to pursue stiff detention policies for illegal immigrants who show up at the border claiming asylum.
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280,000 Americans endorse anti-terror benefit of Muslim ban
A friend-of-the-court brief by the American Center for Law and Justice was filed in the case against the president’s executive order halting arrivals from Chad, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, North Korea, Venezuela and Yemen.
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Supreme’s looking at mandatory union dues, again!
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments over whether labor unions can force non-members to pay dues when they hold public sector jobs, and the upcoming verdict may have a major impact on organized labor going forward.
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The Persian Empire of the 4th century BCE extended over 127 lands, and all the Jews were its subjects. When King Ahasuerus had his wife, Queen Vashti, executed for failing to follow his orders, he arranged a beauty pageant to find a new queen.
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Sessions silent no longer in face of Trump’s wrath
Like so many political rivals he dispatched during a scorched-earth campaign for the White House, President Trump publicly shamed his attorney general as weak or beleaguered.
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Amid firestorm, Mike Huckabee resigns from CMA Foundation board
Less than one day after his appointment was announced, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has resigned from the CMA Foundation board of directors, following criticism from multiple members of the country music industry.
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Show Notes 11-26-2016

Saturday Show 11-26-16

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies at age 90
Longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the bearded, cigar-smoking Communist revolutionary who infuriated the United States, inspired both loyalty and loathing from his countrymen and maintained an iron grip on Cuban politics for almost 50 years, died Friday at the age of 90.
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Activist: Dakota Access Pipeline Caused By ‘White Supremacy’ – Would Be Like ‘Building A Pipeline Under Arlington Cemetery’
A director at a liberal think tank in Washington, D.C. said on Tuesday that white privilege and white supremacy led to the Energy Transfer oil pipeline project that includes land in North Dakota, and compared it to building a pipeline under Arlington Cemetery and across the Potomac River.
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Israeli Bill to Hush Mosque Call to Prayer Stokes Controversy Among Muslims–Others Too
Proposed legislation in Israel’s parliament to prohibit the use of loudspeakers to transmit the five-times daily Muslim call to prayer is causing dismay among adherents of more than one religious group.
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Wisconsin Recount Filed 2016: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
A recount of the 2016 presidential election results in battleground Wisconsin will start next week, adding new drama to an already contentious election filled with surprise twists.
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Richard Cloward
Cloward was born in Rochester, New York, the son of Esther Marie (Fleming), an artist and women’s rights activist, and Donald Cloward, a radical Baptist minister. Cloward served as an Ensign in the United States Navy from 1944 to 1946.
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Frances Piven
Piven was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, of Russian Jewish immigrant parents, Rachel (née Paperny) and Albert Fox, a storekeeper. Piven immigrated to the United States when she was one and was naturalized as a United States Citizen in 1953. She was raised in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.
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Cloward and Piven Strategy
First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven (both longtime members of the Democratic Socialists of America, where Piven today is an honorary chair), the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.
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Mexican cement maker ready to help Trump build border wall
A Mexican cement maker is ready to lend its services to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to build the wall he wants to erect on the southern border of the United States to curb immigration.
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Trump fears prompt SF immigration attorneys to stop filing DACA work permits
Immigration attorneys in the San Francisco Bay Area are attempting to prevent the private information of young, undocumented people from falling into the hands of the federal government in anticipation of the Donald Trump administration.
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Police: Undocumented Immigrant Sexually Assaults 12-Year-Old Girl He Met At Church Over A Dozen Times
The Bensalem Township Police Department said in a statement that 33-year-old Jorge Luis Ramirez, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, sexually assaulted the girl over a dozen times.
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DoD Releases Plan to Allow Personnel to Carry Firearms on Base
The Pentagon recently released detailed guidance that allows U.S. military personnel to carry privately owned, concealed firearms on base, a move that the Army’s service chief argued against publicly.
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World War I Commemoration will Take Fresh Look at Gen. Pershing
It was not the war that ended all wars, a fact that resonates in today’s long struggle to defeat terrorism. World War I, which the United States entered in 1917 and helped win a year later, is easily passed over in the nation’s annals of conflict.
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Show Notes 07-08-2016

Thursday Show 7-8-16

Voices naturalized and energized to vote
I had heard Madeleine Albright call it the best day of her life once in a podcast. As I got up at 6:15 on the morning of my own naturalization last week for a ceremony that kicked off at a mystifyingly early 7:30, I wanted see whether what lay ahead would live up to the hype.
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UN Military vehicles on Virginia interstate
The sight of trucks bearing the United Nations logo being carted on Virginia’s highways has set some Internet bloggers asking why – but as one interested reader posted in the comment section of a story about the curious observance: These trucks are made in America and need to be transported for shipment to U.S. seaports.
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U.S. Ran $29,016,900,000 Merchandise Trade Deficit With China in May
The United States ran a $29,016,900,000 merchandise trade deficit with China in May, according to the data released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. That was by far the largest bilateral merchandise trade deficit the U.S. ran with any country during the month.
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Medicare trust fund running out of money fast
Medicare’s main trust fund will run dry by 2028, two years earlier than previous estimates, according to a review released Wednesday by the Obama administration.
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Criminal charges eyed in trade of baby body parts
A special congressional panel has referred the University of New Mexico and an abortion business nearby for criminal investigation and possible charges following a review triggered by last year’s release of undercover videos investigating Planned Parenthood’s baby body-parts trade.
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Sarah Penskey was in her garage unpacking boxes on a sunny morning in late June when she was approached by several bearded Somali men in their early to mid-20s.
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Show Notes 03-20-2016

Sunday Show 03-20-16

Palm Sunday
The celebration of Palm Sunday originated in the Jerusalem Church, around the late fourth century. The early Palm Sunday ceremony consisted of prayers, hymns, and sermons recited by the clergy while the people walked to various holy sites throughout the city.
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Pope in Palm Sunday homily decries indifference to refugees
Pope Francis in his Palm Sunday homily decried what he called indifference to the refugees flooding into Europe, making a comparison to authorities who washed their hands of Jesus’ fate ahead of his crucifixion.
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Bill would take Alabama out of marriage license business
The Alabama Senate on Tuesday voted to do away with state-issued marriage licenses after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that effectively legalized same-sex marriage.
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Manager and job applicant foil thief at fast food restaurant.
A job interview was in progress when a thief grabbed cash from the till at a fast food restaurant. The manager conducting the interview then blocked the door, and the applicant grabbed the thief’s arms.
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“Passion” will tell Jesus’s story live
Fox scored a creative hit with its buoyant, well-produced “Grease: Live” in late January. Now the network is trying another twist on the live musical with a modern retelling of the Easter story in “The Passion,” broadcast live from New Orleans, 8-10 p.m. Sunday.
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Troops at Ft. Gordon Subjected to Unauthorized Lecture on ‘White Privilege’
Troops stationed at Ford Gordon, Georgia were subjected to an unauthorized lecture on “white privilege” during an Equal Opportunity briefing last year, according to a PowerPoint presentation the Army released last month to Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
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Family buys Purple Heart at Goodwill for $4.99 searches for its real owner
A husband and wife in Arizona spotted a deal when they uncovered a Purple Heart with a $4.99 price tag at a Goodwill store, but they said they had a duty to find the real hero who received the medal, local media reported Wednesday.
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Futuristic Military railgun bullets could travel at mach 6
 New “bullets” for military railguns, which could strike enemy targets traveling at a whopping six times the speed of sound, are being tested.
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Students told: ‘If you’re Christian, confess to be atheist’
A University of North Carolina professor encourages students to make false “confessions” to parents of a religious or sexual nature as part of his Spanish class.
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NASA agrees to stop censoring Jesus fro employee email’s about “Praise and Worship Club”
In June 2015, attorneys at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, told Christian employees they could no longer mention the name “Jesus” in e-newsletter announcements for their Praise and Worship Club because they believed it violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution.
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Archbishop: “It’s not racist to oppose refugees
Britain’s Archbishop of Canterbury said it is “outrageous” to describe people who are worried about the impact of mass migration as racist. There is “genuine fear” of the impact on housing, jobs and the national health system, Archbishop Austin Welby told Parliament’s The House magazine.
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Show notes 01-31-16

Show Notes 01-31-16

Oregon standoff: Last of the occupiers ‘hoping for a miracle’
Six miles beyond an FBI roadblock, the four remaining holdouts at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge huddled around a small fire Saturday and waited for divine intervention.
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The 10 most brilliant days in the world’s history
After winning the Battle of Trenton, Christmas night, George Washington’s small 1,200 man force confronted General Cornwallis’ 4,500 man British army. The night before the battle, Washington left his campfires burning and marched his army in absolute silence around the back of the British camp at Princeton, New Jersey. Guns were wrapped in heavy cloth to stifle any noise.
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Obama to make first visit of his presidency to US Mosque
President Obama will make the first visit during his presidency to a U.S. mosque, the White House announced Saturday, part of the administration’s push to promote religious tolerance at a time when rhetoric linking Islam with terrorism is growing.
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Plan to infuse small towns with Muslim migrants meets resistance
Rural folks in Montana are pushing back against plans by urban elites to plant hundreds of Muslims from the Third World into Helena and Missoula. They plan a protest rally at 10 a.m. Monday in front of the county courthouse in Missoula.
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Satanists to do invocation at Phoenix City Council meeting
Members of a satanic group will give the opening prayer at an upcoming Phoenix City Council meeting. Some council members have objected, but city attorney Brad Holm says the government cannot exclude a religion from praying under such circumstances.
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Hillary project on track to take her out
The Hillary Clinton Investigative Justice Project has reached its first threshold, having raised sufficient funds to continue its investigative series into the presidential candidate for illegal activities and to prepare a series of hard-hitting reports for WND that will lead to criminal charges being filed against her at the state level, if the Justice Department fails to indict her.
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DOD Will Allow Troops On Duty to Breastfeed
As part of his commitment to build the military “force of the future,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Thursday announced a series of “family-friendly” initiatives to attract and retain “the best America has to offer.” “We are not Google. We are not Walmart. We’re war fighters. But that doesn’t mean we should not be challenging ourselves just like the private sector,” Carter told reporters at the Pentagon.
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China strongly condemns US sending warship near island
China strongly condemned the United States after a US Navy warship deliberately sailed near one of the Beijing-controlled islands in the hotly contested South China Sea to exercise freedom of navigation and challenge China’s vast sea claims.
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Show Notes 07-26-15

Sunday show 07-26-15
GOP Senators lead push to allow States to impose Internet sales tax
Republicans in the Senate are leading efforts to pass legislation that would allow the states to impose a sales tax on online transactions. Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) has proposed the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA), which would allow states to “collect and remit sales and use taxes with respect to remote sales.”
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Seattle Mayor endorses plan to develop Sharia compliant mortgages
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has endorsed a recommendation by his affordable housing committee to develop Sharia-compliant mortgages as a way to help Muslims buy homes.
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Conservatives speak out against Federal mandatory minimum sentencing
Conservatives gathered on Capitol Hill on Thursday to lay claim to the issue of reforming the United States criminal system, including ending the minimum mandatory sentencing laws that were passed by the Democrat majority in Congress three decades ago.
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Conservative groups offer alternative to new wave of political correctness on campuses
A new wave of progressivism and political correctness in U.S. schools — highlighted by “trigger warnings” and “safe zones” — has conservative groups fighting back on campuses across the country, saying “students need to get both sides of the story.”

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Stephen Hawking: Intelligent Aliens Could Destroy Humanity, But Let’s Search Anyway
This week, famed physicist Stephen Hawking helped launch a major new effort to search for signs of intelligent alien life in the cosmos, even though he thinks it’s likely that such creatures would try to destroy humanity.

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Guidelines for LGBT Refugee Resettlement Include ‘LGBT-Affirming Places of Worship’

The Obama administration has introduced homosexual rights policies across federal agencies, including at the Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement website, which links to a guide that rates placement providers and communities on LGBT-friendly services, including having “culturally competent mental health providers” and “LGBT-affirming places of worship.”
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Satanic Temple sees Arkansas as possible monument location
An Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling that will rid the Capitol grounds of a religious monument has simultaneously scuttled the plans of a group advocating for a Satanic statue there, and they now hope to enshrine the deity outside the Arkansas Statehouse.
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USA contraception ruling

The state of Washington can require a pharmacy to deliver medicine even if the pharmacy’s owner has a religious objection, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday, the latest in a series of judgments on whether religious believers can opt out of providing services.
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