Show Notes 03-12-2019

Tuesday show notes 03-12-19

U.S. Closes Jerusalem Consulate, Causing Concern Among Palestinians and Their Advocates

Warning issued over radicalized Muslim prison chaplains

Wanted: More pastures for West’s overpopulated wild horses

Mayor de Blasio: NYC will have ‘Meatless Mondays’ in all public schools



Show Notes 06-05-2018

Tuesday Show 06-05-18

Justice Thomas: America Now in Conflict Between Religious Liberty and Court’s Decree on Gay Marriage
In his dissenting opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, Justice Clarence Thomas predicted that the court’s declaration that same-sex marriage is a right would ultimately lead to conflict between that purported right and religious liberty.
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A Major Physics Experiment Just Detected a Particle That Shouldn’t Exist
Scientists have produced the firmest evidence yet of so-called sterile neutrinos, mysterious particles that pass through matter without interacting with it at all.
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Meet ‘Norman,’ a terrifying, psychopathic AI
Talk about a pessimistic worldview. ‘Norman,’ a new algorithm created by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, sees the negative—to the extreme—as compared to “normal” algorithms generated by artificial intelligence.
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Haley: US Will Veto ‘Morally Bankrupt’ UN Resolution That Slams Israel, Fails to Name Hamas
Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley said Thursday the United States will veto an Arab-sponsored Security Council resolution seeking “an international protection mechanism” for Palestinian civilians, pointing out that it fails to mention by name the Hamas terrorist group at the center of current tensions in Gaza.
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MUSLIM Democrat Candidate For Governor Tells Michigan’s Most Conservative GOP Gubernatorial Candidate: “You May Not Hate Muslims…But Muslims Hate You!”
Michigan’s most conservative candidate for governor, Patrick Colbeck has found himself in the middle a high-profile battle against the intolerant Democrat Party and their allies in the media, who are attempting to destroy his gubernatorial campaign, for having the audacity to reveal his Democrat opponent’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
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