Uncooperative Radio 08-16-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. Then, The Internet wars continue, more Venezuela news and they blinded me with science.


Uncooperative Radio 08-08-18 Live!

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We will start the show with a liberty quote. Then, the Internet wars continue, regulations suck meets Planned Parenthood, the News behind the News, medical madness and China is not our friend.

Uncooperative Radio 08-07-18 Live!

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We will start the show with Economist quote. The News Behind the News, The Fuzzy Muzzy report, and the Internet wars continue

Uncooperative Radio 07-05-18 Live!

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We will start the show with Economist quote. Brian will read and opine on an essay about freedom. Then, The Political Smack Down, more Las Vegas shooting news and the Internet Wars continue.

Show Notes 01-26-2018

Friday Show Notes 01-26-18

Make the internet American again? Trump pick opened the door
President Donald Trump’s pick for a top Commerce Department post privately assured Republican senators that he would look at reversing the Obama administration’s decision to give up U.S. oversight of the internet, according to documents newly obtained by POLITICO.
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Cancer could soon be spotted by technology ‘several months’ before it occurs
Cancer could soon be spotted by technology ‘several months’ before it occurs. The chief executive of Nokia said he believes technology can spot cancer “several months” before it occurs.
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In a scientific first, cloned monkeys are born. Will they accelerate biomedical research?
There have been mice and cows and pigs and camels, bunnies and bantengs and ferrets and dogs, but ever since Dolly the sheep became the first cloned mammal in 1996, the list has had a conspicuous hole: primates. Now that hole has been filled.
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Feds quietly relocating illegals across U.S. on commercial flights
Several escorts dressed in civilian clothing are quietly putting illegal immigrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border on taxpayer-funded flights and secretly taking them to unsuspecting communities across the U.S., according to a government-watchdog agency.
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Sanctuaries: 675 Jurisdictions Wouldn’t Turn Over Criminal Aliens to ICE
Law enforcement agencies in approximately 675 jurisdictions around the United States declined to comply with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement “detainer” requests and hand over to ICE removable aliens whom those jurisdictions had arrested for violating local laws, according to the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security.
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Opening India’ market to US goods
In public announcements, India touts a largely hands-off approach to regulation as it relates to trade policy. But in reality, India pursues protectionist policies that often deny American producers reasonable access to its market with its “Make in India” initiative, which was launched in 2015.
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FedEx Delivers 3.2B of Good News to Employees, Fueled By Trump Tax Package
Federal Express (FedEx) announced Friday that employees will receive $3.2 billion of benefits, thanks to President Donald Trump delivering on his promise to lower taxes.
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Show Notes 06-18-2016

Sunday show 6/18/17

Mexican brewery mocks Trump, depicts president as swastika-wearing mariachi
A Mexico City brewery named Casa Cervecera Cru Cru has debuted a beer that pokes fun at President Trump, depicting him as a sad mariachi musician on its label. The brewery’s caricature of Trump — which is prominently featured on the front of every bottle.
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Amazon granted a patent that prevents in-store shoppers from online price checking
Amazon’s long been a go-to for people to online price compare while shopping at brick-and-mortars. Now, a new patent granted to the company could prevent people from doing just that inside Amazon’s own stores.
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Podcaster comedian Adam Carolla and author-talk host Dennis Prager are tackling the new concept on college campuses of creating “safe spaces,” meaning isolating students from ideas they find repugnant.
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A 15-year-old young man who was born male and has the surging testosterone levels of a man – but still claims to identify as a woman – is crushing his female competitors in high-school track and field.
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UK, France Eye Large Fines for Internet Companies That Do Not Quickly Take Down Radical Content
Giant Internet companies could face large fines if they do not quickly remove online material that promotes terrorism and extremism, under a new joint plan announced by the British and French governments.
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The European Commission has launched a process that could result in huge fines against Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic for refusing to comply with an order to admit foreign “refugees.”
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Judicial Watch Demands FBI Recover Records Allegedly Unlawfully Removed by Comey
In a warning letter sent to Acting FBI Director Andrew G. McCabe on Thursday, June 15, Judicial Watch demanded that the FBI recover memos that former FBI Director James Comey leaked to the media and allegedly unlawfully removed from the Bureau.
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Trump Signs Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeship Opportunities
President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he’s signing an executive order to roll back regulations that prevent certain industries from creating apprenticeship programs.
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Obama’s 11th-Hour Education Regulations Worrying Experts
New education regulations initiated by former President Obama will go into effect this summer. This worries education experts. The regulations will make colleges and universities financially and legally vulnerable — and some colleges could shut down.
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Bill Cosby trial: Mistrial declared after jury deadlocks
The high-profile case accusing Bill Cosby of aggravated indecent assault ended in a mistrial Saturday after a Pennsylvania jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision.
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Show Notes 01-27-2017

Friday Show 1-27-17
The man who went from prison to founding a state
Early in his career, Eugene of Savoy, under the command of Polish King Jan Sobieski, helped defeat 200,000 Muslim Turks on Sept. 11, 1683, thus saving the city of Vienna, Austria.
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Media Matters Says It Is Secretly Working with Facebook to Fight ‘Fake News’
Left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America has been quietly working with social media giant Facebook to combat what the group describes as “propaganda” and “fake news,” internal documents reveal.
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Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic CEO Retires, Says Killing Babies “is Just No Fun Anymore”
After 15 years of running one of the Planned Parenthood abortion businesses’ top affiliates, the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky is retiring. Betty Cockrum recently said that running the abortion business is just no fun anymore.
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Nigeria: Babies used in suicide bombings, officials warn
Female suicide bombers in Nigeria are now carrying babies to avoid detection in their attacks, authorities warn. An attack in the town of Madagali on 13 January saw two women detonate their devices, killing themselves, two babies, and four others.
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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has temporarily suspended
refugee interviews overseas, according to a new report. The DHS’s decision to suspend staff trips to conduct the interviews effectively pauses future refugee admissions amid speculation that President Trump may drastically change U.S. refugee policy, Reuters said Thursday.
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US halts refugee resettlement interviews: report
President Donald Trump has a plan for controlling the number of Syrian refugees flooding into Europe. “I’ll absolutely do safe zones in Syria,” Trump told ABC’s David Muir Wednesday.
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