Show Notes 06-30-2019

Sunday show notes 06-30-19

Chick-fil-A is now the 3rd-largest restaurant chain in America, and McDonald’s and Starbucks should be terrified

Jon Voight responds to Alyssa Milano attack: ‘Ignorance doesn’t scare me’

Bank Of America Will No Longer Do Business With Companies That Run Private Prisons, Detention Centers

NFL quarterback gets baptized in Jordan River during ‘life-changing’ first trip to Israel

French nudists and burkini bathers in heatwave pool standoff

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘No peace as long as Israel exists’

Supreme Court agrees to take up Trump’s bid to end DACA

Supremes warned: Abortion rulings ‘out of control’

Mexico’s other border is rattled by armed crackdown along river

Anger and confusion after Trump orders — then delays — immigration crackdown

Denver is capturing geese from city parks to be killed and given to hungry families

Uncooperative Radio 05-01-19 Live!

Live! at 9:00pm ET topics:
The Pledge, A Frederic Bastiat quote, more abortion news, Jeffersonian or Hamiltonian, the war on Christianity and The Illegal Alien Invasion report meets Medical Madness if we get to it.

Show Notes 02-06-2019

Wednesday show notes 02-06-19

Mark Hamill of ‘Star Wars’ to do ‘abortion’ with ‘Jedi wand’?

Vermont ‘right to abortion’ bill goes even further than New York’s: ‘Fetus shall not have independent rights’

Police in riot gear line up at border to greet migrant caravan as US vows: ‘We stand ready’

Pentagon moving 250 active-duty troops to Eagle Pass, Texas, because of migrant caravan

Show Notes 01-15-2019

Tuesday show notes 01-15-19

That’ll show him. Mom arrested after allegedly driving drunk to teach son a lesson

Stormy Daniels sues Ohio cops, claims she was arrested to protect Trump

Pilot spotted trying to climb into the cockpit through a WINDOW after ‘forgetting his keys’

MAGA list: 205 ‘historic results’ help Trump make case for 2020 re-election

5 ‘America First’ Legal Immigration Promises Trump Must Keep This Year

Show Notes 12-05-2018

Wednesday show notes 12-05-18

Putin: Movie Depicting US Military Rescuing Russian President ‘Sounds Like a Bad Film’

Controversial tree display: 2 Mpls. officers ‘relieved of duty’

Britain’s The Guardian: Melania Trump’s 2019 Christmas May Employ ‘Voodoo/Human Sacrifice Theme’

Blue Christmas as red and green get banned

The children, the caravan and the contagions

Trump’s $5B Border Wall Request Equals 0.11% of Federal Spending

Israel Prepares to Destroy Hezbollah Tunnels Inside Lebanon

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