Show Notes 06-30-2019

Sunday show notes 06-30-19

Chick-fil-A is now the 3rd-largest restaurant chain in America, and McDonald’s and Starbucks should be terrified

Jon Voight responds to Alyssa Milano attack: ‘Ignorance doesn’t scare me’

Bank Of America Will No Longer Do Business With Companies That Run Private Prisons, Detention Centers

NFL quarterback gets baptized in Jordan River during ‘life-changing’ first trip to Israel

French nudists and burkini bathers in heatwave pool standoff

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘No peace as long as Israel exists’

Supreme Court agrees to take up Trump’s bid to end DACA

Supremes warned: Abortion rulings ‘out of control’

Mexico’s other border is rattled by armed crackdown along river

Anger and confusion after Trump orders — then delays — immigration crackdown

Denver is capturing geese from city parks to be killed and given to hungry families

Uncooperative Radio 05-01-19 Live!

Live! at 9:00pm ET topics:
The Pledge, A Frederic Bastiat quote, more abortion news, Jeffersonian or Hamiltonian, the war on Christianity and The Illegal Alien Invasion report meets Medical Madness if we get to it.

Show Notes 02-06-2019

Wednesday show notes 02-06-19

Mark Hamill of ‘Star Wars’ to do ‘abortion’ with ‘Jedi wand’?

Vermont ‘right to abortion’ bill goes even further than New York’s: ‘Fetus shall not have independent rights’

Police in riot gear line up at border to greet migrant caravan as US vows: ‘We stand ready’

Pentagon moving 250 active-duty troops to Eagle Pass, Texas, because of migrant caravan

Show Notes 01-15-2019

Tuesday show notes 01-15-19

That’ll show him. Mom arrested after allegedly driving drunk to teach son a lesson

Stormy Daniels sues Ohio cops, claims she was arrested to protect Trump

Pilot spotted trying to climb into the cockpit through a WINDOW after ‘forgetting his keys’

MAGA list: 205 ‘historic results’ help Trump make case for 2020 re-election

5 ‘America First’ Legal Immigration Promises Trump Must Keep This Year

Show Notes 12-05-2018

Wednesday show notes 12-05-18

Putin: Movie Depicting US Military Rescuing Russian President ‘Sounds Like a Bad Film’

Controversial tree display: 2 Mpls. officers ‘relieved of duty’

Britain’s The Guardian: Melania Trump’s 2019 Christmas May Employ ‘Voodoo/Human Sacrifice Theme’

Blue Christmas as red and green get banned

The children, the caravan and the contagions

Trump’s $5B Border Wall Request Equals 0.11% of Federal Spending

Israel Prepares to Destroy Hezbollah Tunnels Inside Lebanon

Show Notes 11-20-2018

Tuesday show notes 11-20-18

Judge blocks Trump asylum changes: Caravan can demand protections even after illegal entry

‘Tijuana First!’ — Mexicans Protest ‘Illegal Invasion’ of Migrant Caravan

Throw out your romaine lettuce: CDC issues recall, warns about E-coli outbreak

Show Notes 11-05-2018

Monday show notes 11-05-18

Manufacturing Jobs Up 32,000 in October, 434,000 Under Trump

156,562,000: Record Employment for 12th Time Under Trump

Hispanic Unemployment Rate Dips to Record Low in October

Confronting the Urgent Crisis at Our Border


Powerful new opioid 500 times stronger than morphine approved in U.S. in spite of outcry