Show Notes 02-18-2019

Monday show notes 02-18-18

State fines couple $4.1 million for gate on own property

12 sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun-control law

Why CO2 does not spell end of the world

Lakes of Melted Snow Are Literally Bending Antarctica’s Ice Shelves in Half

Show notes 07-16-2018

Monday show notes 07-16-18

Homeschoolers advised to ignnore state requirements!
The Home School Legal Defense Association is the premiere advocate for homeschoolers worldwide, lobbying for their rights and representing them in court in the United States and globally.
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Glock makes military-grade pistol available to civilians
Initially designed to provide the Army with the very best personal protection sidearm in the world, now civilians can get access to the G19X pistol with Glock’s very latest advances for maximum personal protection.
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How a buyback got played with a homemade shotgun
Now, often a buyback program gets a lot of non-functional guns that aren’t worth what’s being paid. They also get a few quality guns that someone doesn’t want anymore.
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NY Times sees ‘Far Right’ voters in ‘crazy’ Georgia, but avoids Far-Left labels for Dems
The labeling bias came straight from the very top of the New York Times lead National section story Monday. Richard Fausset reported under the condescending headlines, “A Race Pivots on Guns, Saws and Trucks – In Georgia’s heated G.O.P. runoff, two candidates for governor court voters on the far right.”
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Show Notes 03-10-2016

Thursday Show 03-10-16

House Natural Resources Chairman: EPA’s Removal of Gold Mine Plug Was ‘Done On Purpose’
The chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources stated that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) removal of a natural plug sealing the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado last August was “done on purpose,” challenging Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to retract her previous testimony that the resulting blowout was “an accident.”
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An 81-year-old Colorado rancher who waged war on mosquitoes after his wife nearly died from West Nile virus has launched a last-minute fight against going to jail this week for spraying pesticides that wafted over his neighbors’ organic farm.
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DOJ explores action against climate change deniers
Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Wednesday that she has explored ways to “take action” on turning climate-change denial into a federal crime.
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BREAKING: NOAA Releases New Data, 50 Years of Lies Just Got OBLITERATED
Liberals and global warming theorists would love to have all of us believing the earth is warming at a rapid rate and we are the cause of it. They want to blame our “carbon footprints” for the melting of the polar caps and have tried relentlessly for decades to push this agenda as a reason to ration energy production and consumption and generally control every act of our lives.
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Benghazi victim’s mom: Hillary needs to tell me the truth!
During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Intelligence Report with Trish Regan, Patricia Smith, the mother of one of the Benghazi victims, responded to Hillary Clinton’s comments during the latest Democratic debate.
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Gun industry wants looser rules on silencers
The U.S. gun industry is trying to shake off the Hollywood hitman image of the gun silencer and rebrand it as a hearing-protection device in a campaign to roll back regulations that date to the 1930s.
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This is what saved Philadelphia from Indian attacks
Admiral Sir William Penn of Britain fought the Dutch navy in the First Anglo-Dutch War, 1652-54. He captured Jamaica from the Spanish in 1655. He helped restore Charles II to the British throne.
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Show Notes 12-17-15

Thursday show 12-17-15

HEY GUN GRABBERS: Here Are 8 Times ARMED Civilians Stopped Mass Murderers
Islam declared war on unarmed civilians. It is the Muslim way, after all. What should we do? Despite their heartfelt desire, Police and Sheriff’s Deputies cannot be everywhere to protect us.
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Who’s Profiting From $1.2 Trillion of Federal Student Loans?
Jody Sofia borrowed $92,500 to get a degree from Florida Coastal School of Law. Now she’s in default, her outstanding balance having ballooned to almost $144,000, and she spends her days fielding calls from government-contracted debt collectors.
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Merriam-Webster Declares ‘Ism’ as Word of the Year for 2015
Merriam-Webster has picked a small but powerful suffix as word of the year: ism. But not just any ism. The top isms to earn high traffic spikes and big bumps in lookups on the dictionary company’s website in 2015 over the year where socialism, fascism, racism, feminism, communism, capitalism and terrorism.
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Twenty years after composer Johann Sebastian Bach died, Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, and baptized on Dec. 17, 1770.
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Show Notes 03-19-2015

Thursday show 03-19-15

Iron Man star Downey presents  boy with bionic arm
Just like Tony “Iron Man” Stark, Robert Downey Jr. is a part-time superhero — at least in the eyes of one seven-year-old boy. In a video posted online Thursday, the actor, dressed as Stark, who becomes Iron Man in the movies, presents a working bionic prosthesis to seven-year-old Alex, who was born with a partially developed right arm.
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Cough Medicine Ingredient May Aid Diabetes Fight
An ingredient in many over-the-counter cough suppressants seems to improve the release of insulin in humans, a discovery that may lead to new treatments for Type 2 diabetes.
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Major solar storm hits Earth
A severe solar storm smacked Earth with a surprisingly big geomagnetic jolt Tuesday, potentially affecting power grids and GPS tracking while pushing the colorful northern lights farther south, federal forecasters said.
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Powdered Alcohol Is Now Legal — But Is It Safe?
A powdered form of alcohol called Palcohol is now approved for sale in the United States, but how safe is this product? Some health experts say they are concerned that powered alcohol could be abused by minors, or could be more easily more easily hidden and consumed in places where people are not allowed to have alcohol. But others argue that there is no reason the drug would be more hazardous than liquid alcohol.
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House Republicans propose capping FCC universal service fund
House Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) released draft legislation Tuesday that would cap the Federal Communications Commission’s Universal Service Fund (USF) at $9 billion per year, decreasing it by more than 25 percent from its current level of $12.1 billion.
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Lawsuit accuses Feds of closing forest
In a dispute over access to publicly owned property that could ripple across dozens of states, a lawsuit has been filed in California challenging a federal bureaucracy move essentially to shut down a national forest and lock the door.
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New Jersey man seeks pardon after legally owned gun makes him convicted felon
When Steffon Josey-Davis was pulled over by police along a New Jersey road two years ago, the young security guard never imagined his legally owned gun would be confiscated — and the incident would make him a convicted felon.
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NJ prosecutor drops gun charge against retired teach over centuries old gun
A New Jersey prosecutor Wednesday dropped the felony gun charge against a retired schoolteacher who was arrested last year when authorities discovered an unloaded, 300-year-old flintlock pistol wrapped in his car’s glove compartment.
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