Show Notes 05-20-2019

Monday show notes 05-20-19

Extracts from the Journals of John Paul Jones Campaigns Part Four

Justices Decline to Review Case Involving Strip Search of 4-Year-Old at School


Student’s controversial yearbook quote on Jesus Christ prompts questions about quotes moving forward

Guardian to staff: Use ‘climate crisis’ in stories

Octopuses May Go Blind As Climate Change Sucks Oxygen Out of the Ocean

Show Notes 12-04-2018

Tuesday show notes 12-04-18

World Bank ups funds to tackle ‘existential threat’ of climate change

Charged with war crimes and stuck in the brig, a Navy SEAL vows to fight on

Uncooperative Radio 11-01-18 Live!

Live at 10:00pm ET topics:
We start the show with The Pledge of Allegiance. Hollyweird is at it yet again we will tell you how. Then, the Ups and Downs for the week, The Looney Tooney Global Warming Report and more Venezuela news, if we get to it.

Uncooperative Radio 10-31-18 Live!

Live at 10:00pm ET topics:
We will start the show with an economist quote. what’s up with our schools, our Military Heroes, the Looney Tooney Global Report and more Venezuela news if we get to it.

Uncooperative Radio 07-12-18 Live!

@ 10:00pm ET topics:
We will start the show with Economist quote, Are attacks on our diplomats an act of war? Who owns the weather? What’s up with our schools meets the Loony Tooney global warming report, the Fuzzy Muzzy report, what is the ERA amendment and The Second Amendment Report.