Show Notes 01-21-2019

Monday show notes 01-21-18

The Battle of Cowpens

Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director: Witnessing an Abortion Made Me Pro-Life

Video on a Children’s YouTube Channel Encourages Kids to Believe Abortion is Normal and “Part of God’s Plan”


Show Notes 11-12-15

Thursday show 11-12-15

Obama administration: Transgender boys must be allowed to shower with girls at school
When it rains it pours. This morning Howard Portnoy wrote about a landmark referendum vote in Houston to repeal that city’s LGBT-friendly Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, or HERO.
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School to homeschoolers: Sign up or face criminal charges
Read more at number of homeschool parents in Florida have been ordered by a public school district to register their children in classes within three days or face “criminal prosecution” under state law.
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U.S. state draws line in sand against Islamization
A third South Carolina county has barred the door to any Third World refugees being resettled in their community, and at least two others are considering the same move.
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‘Free the Nipple’ is so yesterday; meet campaign advocating female bottomlessness
Back in the day, people who were squeamish about mothers breastfeeding in public were denounced as prudish. When a new generation of women came along and demanded “topless equality”  — the right to walk around bare-breasted in public — the prudish label was dropped in favor of sexist.
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Fema can’t account for up to $456 million in Sandy fuel funds
The Federal Emergency Management Agency can’t adequately account for more than 70 percent of the money spent on fuel for New York in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, a federal audit released on Friday found.
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New Temple Mount restrictions: no feeding babies
Jewish visitors to the Jerusalem’s Temple Mount – the holiest site in Judaism – have long been subject to a list of restrictions demanded by Muslim authorities.
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$134,730 NIH-Funded Study Explores ‘Risk of Obesity in Food-Insecure Children’
The National Institutes of Health awarded $134,730 in taxpayer funding to the University of California San Francisco to understand the “risk of obesity in food-insecure children.
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Show Notes 08-23-2015

Sunday show 08-23-15

Amid Declining Participation, USDA’s School Lunch Program Embraces ‘Cultural Inclusion’
The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 changed the nutrition requirements for school lunches and breakfasts, but the U.S. Agriculture Department says the law also gives schools the flexibility to prepare meals that are “familiar to kids from culturally diverse backgrounds.”
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“The First Amendment prohibits the government, including government public colleges and universities, from infringing on free speech and the free exercise of religion,” says a new letter dispatched to educational the institutions by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., the head of the House Judiciary Committee.
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Popular novelist vs feminists: “There’s no way to make myself not male”
Jonathan Franzen, the popular author of “The Corrections” and other books, has come under fire from feminists. “Purity,” Franzen’s forthcoming novel, features a radical feminist character who forces her husband to sit down when he uses the bathroom to atone for his maleness.
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U.S. Government Made ‘Humanized’ Mice With Tissue from Babies 17- to 22-Weeks Gestational Age
A group of government researchers working for a National Institutes of Health laboratory in Montana made “humanized mice” by implanting the mice with tissues cut from human livers and thymuses taken from babies at 17 to 22 weeks gestational age.
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New York City, the R Rated Version
On a crowded pedestrian plaza in Times Square, half a dozen topless women pose for pictures with passers-by. The only thing concealing their breasts is red, white and blue body paint.
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Britain and France crack down on economic migrants
Britain and France on Thursday announced tougher security tools to guard the Channel Tunnel, a new joint police command to target human traffickers and 10 million euros ($11.2 million) in new British government money to help asylum seekers — and send others back home.
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How splitting a church changed American history
300,000 miles on horseback, from the Atlantic to the Appalachians, from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico, for 45 years, he spread the Gospel. This was Francis Asbury, Methodist circuit riding preacher who was born Aug. 20, 1745.
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Can tech turn moon into world’s biggest billboard?
Japanese sports drink company Pocari Sweat is tapping into the moon’s immense advertising potential with its ambitious plan to land the drink on the moon’s surface.
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Stairway to the stars: Company receives patent for ‘space elevator’
Like something out of “The Jetsons,” Canadian firm Thoth Technology has been granted a U.S. patent for a space elevator. The proposed “freestanding space tower” would reach a little over 12 miles above the Earth, according to an announcement from the company.
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Show Notes 05/-14-2015

Thursday show 05-14-15

Special Guest Alex Newman: co-author of Crimes of the Educators; how Utopians are using government schools to destroy America’s children
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Obama tells Prince William re-writing The Constitution is doable
I’ve never understood the American fascination for British royalty. Whenever any of the royal family visits the US, Americans react like we are still their subjects.
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DHS caught busing in illegal Somalis from Mexican border
The U.S. is bringing in 100,000 Muslims every year through legal channels such as the United Nations refugee program and various visa programs, but new reports indicate a pipeline has been established through the southern border with the help of the federal agency whose job it is to protect the homeland.
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FEC Panelists: ‘Dismantle Economic System’ and ‘Impose Quotas’ to Get More Women in Politics
Complaining about what they agreed was a lack of women’s participation in American politics, panelists on a forum held at the Federal Election Commission headquarters (FEC) in Washington on Tuesday suggested a number of solutions.
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Feds to return $107G they seized from NC business owner, attorneys say
The North Carolina business owner for months has been battling the federal government after IRS agents last fall seized $107,000 from him, under a controversial practice known as civil forfeiture. But his attorneys at the Institute for Justice announced Thursday that the IRS and Department of Justice have moved to dismiss the case and give him back his money.
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Show notes 05-03-2015

Sunday show 05-03-15

Unrest in Baltimore means big business for Taser
Protesters on the street are demanding justice. Police are on TV pleading for peace. Taser is rolling in the dough. The Scottsdale, Ariz., company that makes stun guns and body cameras for law enforcement officers has long been ignored by Wall Street for its still-debated controversial solutions to otherwise potentially deadly clashes between police and civilians.
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“Avengers” does battle with blasphemy
“Marvel’s The Avengers,” the third-highest grossing movie of all time, now has its sequel, the certain megahit movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” And like the previous Marvel comic book movies (notably “Thor”), “Age of Ultron” is not afraid to toy with major worldview and theological themes, but is nonetheless aiming to create a values-affirming, family-friendly (except for the rampant, comic book violence) film.
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US plans to fight terror with green energy projects
The Obama administration’s interest in stabilizing the Horn of Africa region continues to heighten in the wake of Somalia-based jihadist group al-Shabaab’s recent cross-border massacre of Christians at Kenya’s Garissa University College.
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Doctors keep mom’s body functioning so baby could survive
Karla Perez, 22, died two days after the delivery, the Washington Post reported late Friday. Angel weighed just 2 pounds, 12.6 ounces at birth. The last time a brain-dead woman in the U.S. delivered a baby was 1999, the paper said. Baby Angel was delivered earlier this month at Methodist Health System in Omaha.
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Russia conducts nuclear bomber flight near Alaska
Two Russian nuclear-capable bombers intruded into the U.S. air defense zone near Alaska last week in the latest saber rattling by Moscow, defense officials said.
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Feminist Media Hail Satanists for Deeming Abortion a ‘Religious Belief
The pro-abortion media crowd is embracing new ally in their fight: Satanists.  “Mary” from Missouri is hoping to bypass her state’s 72-hour abortion waiting period by citing “sincerely held religious beliefs” – as a Satanist. The Friendly Atheist blog broke the story of how the Satanic Temple plans to aid a woman it calls Mary who believes in its “tenets.”
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Families score win in cable TV battle
Consumers are starting to see progress in their fight to stop paying for cable television channels they don’t want, and a leading advocate of family-friendly programming says the pressure will only grow from here and help drive trashy programming off the air.
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Madicon bans discrimination against Atheists and non-religious
While conservatives in Indiana and Arkansas were explaining last month why their new religious objections laws weren’t invitations to discriminate against gays, the leaders of Wisconsin’s capital city were busy protecting the rights of another group: atheists.
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NC mini-mart owner battles IRS over seizure
The owner of a rural North Carolina convenience store is fighting back after the IRS seized his bank account of more than $107,000 under civil forfeiture laws targeting drug lords and terrorists.
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FEC chair all but giving up hope to rein in money abuses
The chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission says she’s largely given up hope of reining in abuses in raising and spending money in the 2016 presidential campaign and calls the agency she oversees “worse than dysfunctional.”
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Pilot to fly solar plane across Pacific for 5 days, 5 nights
A pilot said Sunday that he is anxious but excited about flying a solar plane solo from China to Hawaii on the longest leg of the first attempt to fly around the world without a drop of fuel.
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Tesla touts new battery technology, wants to change US power usage
On Thursday, Tesla rolled out a suite of batteries in an effort to wean the U.S. – and the world – off fossil fuels. And, of course, convince Americans to buy lots of its batteries.
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US Military’s Self-Steering Bullets Can Hit Moving Targets
In what some might consider a terrifying development, the U.S. military has passed a key milestone in creating self-steering bullets.
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Show Notes 08/10/2014

Sunday Show 8/10/14

New Jersey church orders bats in their attic to leave
The bats in the attic of a historic church in New Jersey are being evicted. The creatures have made Tranquility United Methodist Church in Green Township their bat cave for years. But church officials have wanted to do something about them since replacing a porous slate roof damaged by Tropical Storm Irene and Hurricane Sandy, the Newark Star-Ledger reported Sunday.
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HS bibble banner lawsuit heads to Texas Supreme Court
A group of high school cheerleaders from southeast Texas asked the state Supreme Court on Wednesday to rule on whether banners emblazoned with Bible verses that they display at football games is protected free speech. 
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California school district shelves sex education text that prompted parents outrage
A Northern California school district is shelving a controversial sex education textbook with racy references to masturbation, sex toys and bondage.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tops box office
Studio estimates say “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” sliced off $65 million at the weekend box office. The Paramount comic-book adaptation featuring Megan Fox alongside computer-generated renditions of the pizza-eating, sewer-dwelling superheroes lunged into first place in its debut weekend.
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Nixon resigns Presidency
On August 9th 1974, President Richard M. Nixon resigned in the wake of the Watergate burglary scandal. He was the first president in American history to resign.
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Ford is inaugurated
On this day in 1974, one day after the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon, Gerald R. Ford is sworn in as president, making him the first man to assume the presidency upon his predecessor’s resignation.
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Major player in Obama eligibility booted from office
In an election-year stunner, Gov. Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii was ousted from office Saturday by state Sen. David Ige, who crushed the incumbent in the Democratic primary, despite a last-minute push for Abercrombie by President Barack Obama. Although he has been outspent by about 10 to 1, Ige defeated Abercrombie by a margin of 67 to 32 percent.
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Feminists declare war on transgenders
Women are not the same as men. That’s obvious to most. But a stunning conveyor of that message is radical feminists, who according to the New Yorker, are objecting to claims to womanhood made by men, otherwise known as transgenders.
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Former postmaster blasts USPS stamp choices
A former postmaster general and prominent stamp collector is accusing the U.S. Postal Service of “prostituting” its stamp program, sacrificing cultural icons for pop culture in a wrongheaded search for “illusory profits.”
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Smartphone App to help you avoid dangerous areas is obviously racist or something
What if you were moving to – or visiting – a city where you didn’t know your way around? And what if you were worried about wandering into a high crime area, but didn’t know the layout of the city?
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11 year old Cancer survivor invents chemo backpack for pediatric patients
An 11-year-old cancer survivor has used her own experience to invent a device that she hopes will make chemo treatments a little easier for other kids battling the disease, reported.
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Great Gift for Grandma? Retirees Love Tablets
Figures just out from communications regulator Ofcom suggest that tablets are becoming increasingly popular among the over-55s. It seems 28% of this group own one and for many, it has become a go-to main device.
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Astronauts cannot sleep properly in space
A new study by Harvard Medical School has found many astronauts suffer serious levels of sleep deprivation that could be putting their lives in danger. Scientists studied the sleep patterns of 64 astronauts on 80 space shuttle missions and 21 International Space Station (ISS) crew members before, during and after spaceflight.
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Obama takes women’s issues from campaign trail to international stage

I am so sick and tired of this President and his commie administration touting “women’s issues”, that includes Mama Michelle Obama, (and that is not a term of endearment I give to her, folks). We are not footballs to be thrown around from political player to political player or piles of play-doh to be molded to fit anyone’s agenda at any given moment!!

From Fox News:

President Obama brought women’s issues – a major topic in the 2012 presidential campaign — into world politics Saturday, when he said world leaders at the G-8 summit assembled to discuss Afghanistan, the European debt crisis and other international issues, but also talked about “female empowerment.”

“We had a brief discussion around the issue of women’s empowerment, where we agreed that both, when it comes to economic development and when it comes to peace and security issues, empowering women to have a seat at the table and get more engaged and more involved in these processes can be extraordinarily fruitful,” Obama said at the Camp David presidential retreat, located about 90 minutes from the White House, in western Maryland.

I could talk to three different women and get ten different answers on what our “issues” are. So how in the hell do these people know what our issue’s are? And on top of that, these people are mostly MEN!!! Look I blame us “we the women” for this problem. We have let ourselves be used for centuries. It’s time to tell the world we are not victims, we are not idiots and no one can tell us what issues we care about. If I want to work, I will find a way to work. If I want to stay home and raise my family, I will find a way to do so. If I want to sell my body or start a business, I will make it happen. I can’t stand the feminist movement, we did not need it then and we don’t need it now. And we certainly do not need these pin head politicians telling us anything. They work for us, we need to be telling them what to do!!!!