North Carolina Students Granted Right to Attorney at Campus Courts

I had no idea there were such things as college courts. Do you?

From The Freebeacon:

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed a law granting college students the right to an attorney in campus courts, Friday, that had previously been denied to students facing disciplinary charges.

It took me seven years to get my Bachelors in Nursing in 1994 because I had to work and put myself through school. I attended a Community college as well as the State University of New York and there were no frigging college courts. What the hell is going on with our kids, folks. Its about time we stop this stupid notion that every child in the United States MUST go to college. Colleges are cesspools nowadays. Well maybe not Hillsdale College. But they don’t get government money. I wonder if they have a college court? 

“Students across America are regularly tried in campus courts for serious offenses like theft, harassment, and even rape,” he said. “Being labeled a felon and kicked out by your college carries serious, life-altering consequences.”

“Because the stakes are so high, students should have the benefit of an attorney to ensure the hearing is conducted fairly and by the rules,” Shibley said.