Show Notes 05-21-2019

Tuesday show notes 05-21-19

MORE WINNING: GM Announces $700 Million Investment In Ohio, Hiring 450 Workers

China’s Holdings of U.S. Treasury Securities Hit 22-Month Low

Russian bombers fly near Alaska coast, US military says

Chilling World War III ‘wargames’ show US forces crushed by Russia and China

Dobson rips ‘thinly veiled death sentence to 1st Amendment’

Ice-T calls out Amazon after he ‘almost shot’ one of the company’s delivery drivers

Microsoft harnesses AI to make Word politically correct

Shoppers flee bees swarming parked cars as beekeeper saves the day

Show Notes 02-14-2019

Thursday show notes 02-14-19

Black Wall Street: A Legacy of Success

6 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Black Wall Street

Report on Covington High School incident finds no fault with students

Mike Pence claims Iran’s mullahs are plotting a ‘new Holocaust’ that would ‘erase Israel from the map’ as he urges European Union nations to withdraw from Obama-era nuclear deal

Cuomo slams Ocasio-Cortez, others, as Amazon ditches New York


Show Notes 07-28-2017

Friday Show Notes 7-28-17

Community Colleges Call for End to Algebra Requirement, Say it’s a “Civil Rights” Issue
The chancellor of California’s community college system said he wants to abolish the college algebra requirement and called it a “civil rights issue” in a Wednesday interview.
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Prof says criticizing ‘safe space’ culture led to dismissal
A former adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University says he was barred from his classroom and “treated…like a criminal” over a joke about a call center in Pakistan.
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Oklahoma teacher who cartwheeled without underwear given probation
A former substitute teacher in Oklahoma who exposed herself to students when she did a cartwheel while wearing a long skirt but no underwear has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge.
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Why You May Not Have to Finish All Your Antibiotics
If you have ever taken an antibiotic, you likely know the drill: Finish the entire course of treatment, even if you are feeling better, or else you risk a relapse. Worse, by not finishing, you might contribute to the dangerous rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
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Scientists Use CRISPR to Edit Human Embryos
A group of scientists in Oregon has successfully modified the genes of embryos using CRISPR, a cut-and-paste gene-editing tool.
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Dow closes at record high after Fed leaves rates unchanged, Boeing jumps
U.S. stocks closed mostly higher on the back of strong earnings and following the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep interest rates unchanged. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 97.58 points to close at 21,711.01 and hit intraday and closing records. Boeing rose 9.88 percent and contributed the most gains on the 30-stock index.
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Rush to pay off your mortgage? Think Again!
In my last column, we discussed Financial Fallacy No. 1: The safest place to keep your money is in a savings account. This week we are going to look at Financial Fallacy No. 2, which is: Pay off all your debt as soon as you can.
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Amazon already has its eye on the car repair market, and auto shops should be worried
Between Amazon’s blitz into the grocery market and its fashion aspirations, you might have missed the shopping juggernaut’s entry into the auto world.
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Time To Restore Local Control Over Zoning — And End Obama’s HUD Intrusion
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson has announced that his department will be “reinterpreting” an Obama era regulation that had given the federal government control over local zoning decisions.
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Show Notes 06-18-2016

Sunday show 6/18/17

Mexican brewery mocks Trump, depicts president as swastika-wearing mariachi
A Mexico City brewery named Casa Cervecera Cru Cru has debuted a beer that pokes fun at President Trump, depicting him as a sad mariachi musician on its label. The brewery’s caricature of Trump — which is prominently featured on the front of every bottle.
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Amazon granted a patent that prevents in-store shoppers from online price checking
Amazon’s long been a go-to for people to online price compare while shopping at brick-and-mortars. Now, a new patent granted to the company could prevent people from doing just that inside Amazon’s own stores.
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Podcaster comedian Adam Carolla and author-talk host Dennis Prager are tackling the new concept on college campuses of creating “safe spaces,” meaning isolating students from ideas they find repugnant.
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A 15-year-old young man who was born male and has the surging testosterone levels of a man – but still claims to identify as a woman – is crushing his female competitors in high-school track and field.
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UK, France Eye Large Fines for Internet Companies That Do Not Quickly Take Down Radical Content
Giant Internet companies could face large fines if they do not quickly remove online material that promotes terrorism and extremism, under a new joint plan announced by the British and French governments.
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The European Commission has launched a process that could result in huge fines against Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic for refusing to comply with an order to admit foreign “refugees.”
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Judicial Watch Demands FBI Recover Records Allegedly Unlawfully Removed by Comey
In a warning letter sent to Acting FBI Director Andrew G. McCabe on Thursday, June 15, Judicial Watch demanded that the FBI recover memos that former FBI Director James Comey leaked to the media and allegedly unlawfully removed from the Bureau.
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Trump Signs Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeship Opportunities
President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he’s signing an executive order to roll back regulations that prevent certain industries from creating apprenticeship programs.
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Obama’s 11th-Hour Education Regulations Worrying Experts
New education regulations initiated by former President Obama will go into effect this summer. This worries education experts. The regulations will make colleges and universities financially and legally vulnerable — and some colleges could shut down.
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Bill Cosby trial: Mistrial declared after jury deadlocks
The high-profile case accusing Bill Cosby of aggravated indecent assault ended in a mistrial Saturday after a Pennsylvania jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision.
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