Show Notes 03-11-17

Saturday Show 3-11-17

Massive Oil Discovery in Alaska Is Biggest Onshore Find in U.S. in 30 years
Some 1.2 billion barrels of oil have been discovered in Alaska, marking the biggest onshore discovery in the U.S. in three decades. The massive find of conventional oil on state land could bring relief to budget pains in Alaska brought on by slumping production in the state and the crash in oil prices.
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New Trump travel ban can’t be enforced on Syrian family trying to flee to Wisconsin, judge says
A federal judge on Friday blocked President Trump ‘s administration from enforcing his new travel ban against a Syrian family looking to escape their war-torn homeland by fleeing to Wisconsin.
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Book filled with blank pages tops Amazon’s best seller list
A joke book “written” by a conservative author and filled with blank pages in a dig at Democrats is the top selling book on Amazon.
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Scotland Yard and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are investigating more than a hundred bomb threats made to Jewish groups in the United States and Britain since Jan. 7, US and UK law enforcement and Jewish community officials said.
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Maxine Waters Implicates Barack Obama in the Spying Scandal
Maxine Waters just implicated Barack Obama in the spying scandal. Along these lines, what did she mean in 2013 when she said Obama has a secret database with “information about everything on every individual”?
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Look Ma, no hands! No steering wheel needed under new Calif. car rules
Under newly proposed California self-driving car rules, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles will let companies test autonomous vehicles that lack that quintessential car component, the steering wheel.
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Pope open to studying ordination of married men as priests
Pope Francis says the church must study whether it’s possible to ordain married men to minister in remote communities facing priest shortages.
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Iowa Teens Blasted For Wearing ‘Offensive’ Patriotic Attire to Basketball Game
Students at an Iowa high school who dressed up in America-themed red, white and blue clothing at a basketball game are being blasted for their insensitive attire because one of the teams has players from refugee families.
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Mississippi House to colleges: Fly flag or lose tax break
Mississippi universities that refuse to fly the Confederate-themed state flag could lose proposed tax breaks, the latest twist in a long battle over a symbol critics see as racist.
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Anti-Feminist Flier ‘Hate Crime’ Suspect Sought by American University Police
American University police are investigating a “hate crime” on campus and asking for help identifying the suspect who posted anti-feminist fliers around the school Tuesday.
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Union tips off Border Patrol in immigration crackdown
Federal agents are not the only ones trying to remove people from the Buffalo area who have entered the country illegally. If Bill Bing, a carpenters union official, discovers workers at local construction projects suspected of being in the country illegally, the union tips off authorities.
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18,762 Illegal Border Crossings in February, 40% Drop From January’s 31,578
U.S. Customs and Border Protection is hailing “a marked change” in immigration trends – a 40-percent decline in illegal border crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border between January and February; and a 55-percent decline in “inadmissibles,” who present themselves at Southwest ports of entry but are turned away.
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Robots and the Cloud Help Homebound Kids Attend School
Robots are interacting with patients in medical facilities, handling material in warehouses, working in manufacturing, and helping ill children attend school—all with a hand from the Cloud.
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#March4Trump Clashes Was Just More Proof ANTIFA Groups Are Domestic Terrorists
The ANTIFA movements are becoming another target that I feel I need to strike with my writing.  The mainstream media is covering up for these groups that follow a communist ideology.
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Show notes 05-03-2015

Sunday show 05-03-15

Unrest in Baltimore means big business for Taser
Protesters on the street are demanding justice. Police are on TV pleading for peace. Taser is rolling in the dough. The Scottsdale, Ariz., company that makes stun guns and body cameras for law enforcement officers has long been ignored by Wall Street for its still-debated controversial solutions to otherwise potentially deadly clashes between police and civilians.
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“Avengers” does battle with blasphemy
“Marvel’s The Avengers,” the third-highest grossing movie of all time, now has its sequel, the certain megahit movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” And like the previous Marvel comic book movies (notably “Thor”), “Age of Ultron” is not afraid to toy with major worldview and theological themes, but is nonetheless aiming to create a values-affirming, family-friendly (except for the rampant, comic book violence) film.
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US plans to fight terror with green energy projects
The Obama administration’s interest in stabilizing the Horn of Africa region continues to heighten in the wake of Somalia-based jihadist group al-Shabaab’s recent cross-border massacre of Christians at Kenya’s Garissa University College.
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Doctors keep mom’s body functioning so baby could survive
Karla Perez, 22, died two days after the delivery, the Washington Post reported late Friday. Angel weighed just 2 pounds, 12.6 ounces at birth. The last time a brain-dead woman in the U.S. delivered a baby was 1999, the paper said. Baby Angel was delivered earlier this month at Methodist Health System in Omaha.
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Russia conducts nuclear bomber flight near Alaska
Two Russian nuclear-capable bombers intruded into the U.S. air defense zone near Alaska last week in the latest saber rattling by Moscow, defense officials said.
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Feminist Media Hail Satanists for Deeming Abortion a ‘Religious Belief
The pro-abortion media crowd is embracing new ally in their fight: Satanists.  “Mary” from Missouri is hoping to bypass her state’s 72-hour abortion waiting period by citing “sincerely held religious beliefs” – as a Satanist. The Friendly Atheist blog broke the story of how the Satanic Temple plans to aid a woman it calls Mary who believes in its “tenets.”
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Families score win in cable TV battle
Consumers are starting to see progress in their fight to stop paying for cable television channels they don’t want, and a leading advocate of family-friendly programming says the pressure will only grow from here and help drive trashy programming off the air.
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Madicon bans discrimination against Atheists and non-religious
While conservatives in Indiana and Arkansas were explaining last month why their new religious objections laws weren’t invitations to discriminate against gays, the leaders of Wisconsin’s capital city were busy protecting the rights of another group: atheists.
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NC mini-mart owner battles IRS over seizure
The owner of a rural North Carolina convenience store is fighting back after the IRS seized his bank account of more than $107,000 under civil forfeiture laws targeting drug lords and terrorists.
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FEC chair all but giving up hope to rein in money abuses
The chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission says she’s largely given up hope of reining in abuses in raising and spending money in the 2016 presidential campaign and calls the agency she oversees “worse than dysfunctional.”
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Pilot to fly solar plane across Pacific for 5 days, 5 nights
A pilot said Sunday that he is anxious but excited about flying a solar plane solo from China to Hawaii on the longest leg of the first attempt to fly around the world without a drop of fuel.
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Tesla touts new battery technology, wants to change US power usage
On Thursday, Tesla rolled out a suite of batteries in an effort to wean the U.S. – and the world – off fossil fuels. And, of course, convince Americans to buy lots of its batteries.
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US Military’s Self-Steering Bullets Can Hit Moving Targets
In what some might consider a terrifying development, the U.S. military has passed a key milestone in creating self-steering bullets.
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Show Notes 03/02/2014

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Sunday Show 3/2/14
Iditarod sled dog race kicks off this weekend
The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race across Alaska kicks off this weekend as usual, after warm winter weather nearly prompted officials to move the start hundreds of miles north to Fairbanks for the first time in a decade.
Archbishop’s million-dollar retreat angers New Jersey faithful
Angry parishioners in New Jersey are withholding donations following reports that Newark Archbishop John Myers is building a pricey addition to his lavish retirement home.
Al Sharpton: 14 million wasted on phony IRS scandal
MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” host Rev. Al Sharpton on Thursday complained that the government wasted $14 million investigating what he called the “phony” IRS scandal, adding that despite over a dozen congressional hearings and hundreds of employees responding to the probe, the investigation “turned up nothing.”

The US Supreme Court shoots down States rights for gun rights
Contending it is “fruitless” to expect that the federal government would rein in its own “lust” for tyranny, the instigator of a years-long conflict with Washington over the Interstate Commerce Clause says the battle is over.
Idaho house panel backs bill allowing guns on campus
A bill to allow students, staff and visitors to carry guns on Idaho’s college campuses passed out of a legislative committee Friday afternoon, despite objections from students, multiple police chiefs and leaders of all eight of the state’s public colleges.
Does staring at screens ruin your eyes?
We’ve all grown up thinking that sitting too close to the television is damaging to our eyes … but that might not be the case.


Uncooperative Radio Show Notes: Sunday 11/11/12
Veterans Day
Veterans Day is an official United States holiday honoring armed service veterans. It is a federal holiday that is observed on November 11th.

Elderly Veterans create jobs in North Carolina one t-shirt at a time
A group of veterans in North Carolina who refuse to “take up space until they die” are proving once again they’re part of the Greatest Generation by saving local jobs one T-shirt at a time.

CEO of Papa John’s says employees hours will likely be cut due to Obamacare
The CEO of popular pizza chain Papa John’s says his employees may face reduced hours and he expects his business costs to rise because President Obama’s re-election most likely insures the president’s health care reform law will be implemented in full.

Israeli Energy Cos Announce New Gas Discovery
A group of Israeli energy companies said Sunday that geological testing has revealed a large reserve of natural gas in another prospective offshore field.

CAIR Poll: More Than 85% of American Muslims Picked Obama
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released the results of an informal exit poll on Friday that shows more than 85 percent of American Muslim voters picked President Barack Obama in Tuesday’s election.
Massive voter fraud and I am angry
Barack Obama netted FEWER Democrat votes in 2012 than were cast in 2008 by 3% points.
Mitt Romney earned MORE Republican votes in 2012 than were cast in 2008 by 3% points.

Horses tied to Mexican drug cartel auctioned in US
More than 300 horses that the U.S. government says were purchased as part of a Mexican drug cartel’s money-laundering operation were put up for auction last Thursday in Oklahoma City.

Graham-Schumer offer immigration plans as reform becomes hot post race issue
A top Democratic and a Republican lawmaker on Sunday each presented a similar plan for comprehensive immigration reform that would offer a path to citizenship for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States — but not until the country secures its borders.

Alaska ice tested as possible new energy source
A half mile below the ground at Prudhoe Bay, above the vast oil field that helped trigger construction of the trans-Alaska pipeline, a drill rig has tapped what might one day be the next big energy source.
Reid Links Storms Affecting U.S. With Climate Change 
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said climate change is “an extremely important issue,” and linked it with recent storms such as Hurricane Sandy, which hit the East Coast early last week, causing billions of dollars in damage and more than 100 deaths.