Employers Encourage Illegals

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This story from the Washington Times clearly illustrates the need to punish employers who hire illegal aliens:

SASABE, Mexico — A growing number of U.S. employers in need of cheap labor are turning to illegal workers to recruit friends and relatives back home, and to smugglers to find job seekers.

"It continues to become clear who controls immigration: It's not governments, but rather the market," said Jorge Santibanez, director of the Tijuana think tank Colegio de la Frontera Norte.

When Pedro Lopez Vazquez crossed illegally into the United States last week, he already had a job.

His future employer even paid $1,000 for a smuggler to help Mr. Vazquez make his way from the central Mexican city of Puebla to Aspen, Colo.

"We're going to Colorado to work in carpentry because we have a friend who was going to give us a job," Mr. Vazquez said.

Mr. Vazquez, 41, was interviewed along the Arizona border after being deported twice by the U.S. Border Patrol. He said he would keep trying until he got to Aspen.

Read the rest of the article and you will see that Vazquez's case is far from being unusual.

Let's face it. If illegal aliens had no jobs to come to, they would stay put. Why would they take the risk of sneaking over if they were unsure of being able to find work?

I'm all for capitalism. But I'm not for capitalism that circumvents the law in order to save a few bucks by hiring illegal aliens who drive the wage level down for American citizens because they're desperate enough to work for peanuts. Enforce the law by not only deporting illegals immediately when caught, but throw the book at employers who offer them a job knowing they are not here legally.

Entering the country illegally is currently a misdemeanor, but aiding and abetting is a felony. Get the employers and we may have a better chance of stemming the tide.

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Flags, Illegal Foreign Invaders, Entitlements, and Idiots

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If our elected officials are paying attention during their big ‘spring break’, they may notice that the protesters we are seeing in the illegal immigration debate have to be told to downplay the Mexican flag as organizers realized it may be offensive to Americans to have a bunch of lawbreakers shoving a foreign flag in our faces. So, what good is it if you have to direct people not to do what they truly desire to do? I was at the rally here in St. Louis and there were organizers that were trying to get some of those carrying large Mexican flags to put them away. When these people defiantly continued to wave their flag, the crowd cheered wildly. Who are they fooling? Not the Americans. Not the illegals. Hopefully, not even our elected officials. And don’t even get me started on the fact that all of the speakers at the rallies spoke in Spanish instead of English as they made their demands.

Then, to make an insulting display even worse , they decided to have their massive illegal groups recite our Pledge of Allegiance, as if that will make these people appear any less illegal and perhaps more endearing to American citizens. Oh look honey, that bank robber is reciting the Pledge…isn’t he cute?

I can‘t speak for other Americans, but to me, it is an insult to see illegal invaders reciting our Pledge of Allegiance while demanding our government give in to their illegal status and afford them the same rights as those that abide by the laws of this nation.

The Pledge of Allegiance means something to those of us that were born in this country or who came here as legal citizens. It is not a political tool. It is not a ruse. It is a feeling, it is a display of pride in our nation, a symbol of respect for our country. Coming out of the mouths of hundreds of thousands of people that came here with no respect for the laws of this nation is not only NOT endearing, it is highly offensive. I can say a pledge of allegiance to any country in the world, but that doesn’t make me a citizen nor does it prove where my loyalties lie. It was just another sickening display of manipulation on the part of the protesters and their organizers.

I guess I am just sick and tired of those that are organizing these people and making demands on our government trying to show the ‘softer side’ of illegality. And now that they’ve gotten this whole amnesty ball rolling, we have ex-offenders of other crimes in our nation feeling left out and saying that because they are American citizens, they should be given the same amnesty and rights that the illegal foreign invaders are going to get. Yes, if McCain/Kennedy have their way, illegal foreign invaders who have committed not only the supposed ‘misdemeanor’ of crossing the border illegally, but countless other felonies in order to work and live in this country, will have more rights than many American citizens. None of the activists want to mention that after initially breaking our immigration laws, these illegal invaders must then commit countless acts of document fraud, tax evasion, and other crimes in order to live and work in this country. Forging and falsifying documents such as Social Security cards, etc. are not misdemeanors. Those crimes are felonies, folks. Yet we have American citizens that have been convicted of felonies that are far less egregious that have been stripped of their rights as citizens. Even though these Americans have paid their debt to society, thus ‘earning’ their freedom from prison, they are still never allowed to vote or own a firearm. But our wonderful elected officials feel that we should give millions of illegal foreign invaders, who have broken our immigration laws and then committed countless other felonies to conceal their identity and their immigration status, a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Hey, if we’re going to open the borders, why not open the prison gates as well? It’s insanity.

Then there’s the issue of entitlement which is another problem with this bizarre scenario brought to us courtesy of the McCain/Kennedy all or nothing crapshoot. Not only have these illegal invaders snubbed their noses at the immigration laws of our nation but now they have been emboldened to think that they deserve to be handed American citizenship along with all of the rights. They feel they are ‘entitled’. But there’s even more. If McCain/Kennedy passes, these illegal foreign invaders will be entitled to every American program the government can throw at them. With no allegiance to this nation, other than the sickening displays mentioned above, how long will it take before many of these people learn to ‘game the system’?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out, folks.

The average worker in Mexico earns approximately $70-$80 per week. Our government now wants to legalize 11 million or more illegal foreigners. They say they are here to work. But with the cost of living so low in Mexico, it seems that our welfare system could easily be abused by those that have no loyalty to this nation. What is to stop someone from collecting welfare for their family of four or more, have their check direct deposited into a bank here while living in Mexico, and then only crossing the border (remember, they’ll now do it now legally) to show up for their necessary meetings down at the welfare office or to use their free welfare health card? Our welfare monthly checks are much more than the average worker makes in Mexico and could be a nice little present from Uncle Sam every month to subsidize their family. While our welfare recipients are considered impoverished here in America, a person in Mexico could live quite nicely at the American taxpayers expense. And of course we will also hand out social security payments, disability and while we’re at it, we may as well throw in the kitchen sink.

Watching our officials on both sides of the aisle bowing and scraping to the lobbyists of the illegal immigrants has been one of the most disgusting displays of the blatant greed, corruption, and selfishness of our elected officials I have ever witnessed.

Compromising not only our rule of law but also their own integrity, the GOP has tried feverishly to ‘reach a compromise’ with Senate Democrats in a bill that would grant millions of illegal foreign invaders amnesty. What exactly are they trying to compromise? Our nation? Our laws? Their own integrity? As the majority in the Senate, the Republicans have run away from the courage displayed by the House Republicans like a bunch of little school girls. Rather than do the right thing of upholding the laws of this nation, the Senate Republicans have lost the conservative path and we may want to send them a map.

Shame on all of them for even considering this legislation. And shame on any Republican that lets the word ‘compromise’ come out of their mouth. What exactly are they willing to compromise here? I guess the real question is, what exactly are they NOT willing to compromise.

I think Mark Twain got it right when he said:

Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress; but I repeat myself. ~ Mark Twain

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Georgia governor signs sweeping immigration law

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ATLANTA (Reuters) – The state of Georgia approved a sweeping measure on Monday to crack down on illegal immigrants and the people who hire them as a passionate debate on immigration heats up in the United States.

The law could fuel a national controversy as the federal government and other states consider how to deal with millions of undocumented workers while immigrants, many of whom are Hispanic, are displaying their political power through mass demonstrations in cities across the United States.

The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act, signed into law by Gov. Sonny Perdue, denies many state services paid for by taxpayers to people who are in the United States illegally.

It also forces contractors doing business with the state to verify the legal status of new workers, and requires police to notify immigration officials if people charged with crimes are illegal immigrants.

"It's our responsibility to ensure that our famous Georgia hospitality is not abused, that our taxpayers are not taken advantage of and that our citizens are protected," Perdue said before signing the law.

Other provisions of the law prohibit employers from claiming a tax deduction for wages of $600 or more paid to undocumented workers, impose prison terms for human trafficking and limit the services commercial companies can provide to illegal immigrants.

Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated at rallies in major U.S. cities in recent weeks demanding rights for illegal immigrants in the United States.

"It's a punitive bill," said Sara Gonzalez, president and chief executive of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. "This is a very complicated issue, and I don't see any good coming out of this."

Outside the Georgia Capitol, a few demonstrators cheered when word spread that the immigration bill had been signed. The measure had garnered overwhelming support in both houses of Georgia's Republican-controlled Legislature.

"If you are not a U.S. citizen, you should not receive a U.S. benefit," said Steve Bray, a Georgia resident who was waving a U.S. flag and said he supports legal immigration.

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60 Killed When Bus Slides Off Mexico Cliff

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VERACRUZ, Mexico (AP) – A bus carrying Mexican tourists plunged off a 650-foot cliff Monday, killing at least 60 people in a crash police said could have been caused by brake failure on the steep mountainous roads.

Three people were injured, and authorities said the number of dead could increase as rescuers search for more bodies.

Police did not immediately know what caused the wreck, but were investigating whether the driver was going too fast or whether the bus's brakes failed as it was descending one of the many winding roads in the area, said Ranulfo Marquez Hernandez, deputy secretary of civil protection for Veracruz state, where the crash occurred.

Federal Preventive Police official Arturo Corona told W Radio that the bus was traveling about as fast as 70 mph. Buses often are required to operate at speeds as low as 60 mph. He said a preliminary investigation indicated that the bus's higher-than-normal speed may have been caused by brake failure.

Two of the injured passengers were taken unconscious to hospitals. The condition of the third, an 8-year-old girl, was not immediately known.

Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans filled the highways Sunday and Monday as they returned from Easter week vacations. The holiday typically sees a large number of highway deaths.

The highway where the bus was traveling is considered to be one of the 15 most dangerous in the country, Corona said.

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UPDATE: 67 Killed in Passenger Bus Crash in Mexico

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Will You Vote for An Incumbent That Supports Amnesty?

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Team America, a Political Action Committee dedicated to securing our borders, and founded by Representative Tom Tancredo, has an on-line poll asking American citizens,

"Will you vote for an incumbent that supports amnesty?"

Click here to vote and let the House of Representatives know how you feel.

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This Flag Is Going To Be Here Some Day!

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Sometimes the truth comes out where you least expect it – like in Milton-Freewater, OR. Milton-Freewater is in North Eastern Oregon, just south of the Washington border. It's less than ten miles from the town of Walla Walla, WA. From The AP:

MILTON-FREEWATER, Ore. (AP) — A candidate for the City Council has a court date this week on charges resulting from a tug of war over the Mexican flag.

Police said Greg Sterling confronted students in front of the city hall during a demonstration April 6, and officers had to pull him away from the students and flag to arrest him.

Sterling, 50, said the dmonstrators provoked him and called the assault charge "made up."

"I didn't think I was doing anything illegal," he said. "I'm a proud American and I wasn't out to hurt anybody and I think I was taunted."

He's also charged with disorderly conduct. Both charges are misdemeanors. Police said the assault charge involved a female student who received minor injuries. He's to appear in court Thursday.

Milton-Freewater police Chief Mike Gallaher said two police officers watched Sterling exchange words with students who among about 60 on a sidewalk in front of City Hall.

Sterling pulled two or three of the students into the roadway, and six more followed, Gallaher said. He said officers had to stop traffic.

Sterling said he happened on the march. He said he asked the students not to display the flag, but they called him "gringo" and said, "This flag is going to be here some day.

Then students surround him, he said, and that led to "when I was tangled in the flag."

I don't know if I condone what Mr. Sterling did. I'm just likely to do similar if someone said similar to me.

To some of these people (and I'm willing to bet there are a lot more than are showing), this belongs to Mexico and they will take it back.

If you think this going to end with some watered-down and convoluted law excreted out of the backside of congress, you ain't thinking!

We need to secure our borders first and then deal with those that are here.

No kind of amnesty or guest worker program should be put in place until a wall is built other serious measures are put in place to make a drastic cut in the flow of ILLEGAL aliens are put in place.


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What Bush fails to see at the border

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The following article is taken from the Washington Times, April 6, 2006.

By Ronald F. Maxwell

Dear President Bush, Perhaps you know me from my work. I wrote and directed the movies "Gettysburg" and "Gods and Generals." Walking Civil War battlefields, soaking up the letters and diaries of that generation, re-creating the world of our ancestors — all this has given me a deep appreciation for our country. My dad was with the Army Air Corps in North Africa while your dad was in the Pacific. My French mother was liberated in Tunisia and became a lawful immigrant to the United States For an American, my story is unique and typical at the same time.

You probably don't need to be reminded of the hostility and animus directed your way by most of the Hollywood community. Then again, I'm sure you don't take it personally. After all, they held Ronald Reagan in equal contempt. As one of the very few directors of major motion pictures who sees you in a different light, I implore you to listen seriously to what I have to say.

What is happening on the southern border is unprecedented. Not only in our own history, but in the history of the world. No country at any time anywhere has sustained the influx of tens of millions of foreigners across its borders. A wave of anti-American leftism is sweeping Latin America. A socialist radical may soon be elected as the president of Mexico, a country which officially encourages its emigrants to vote in Mexican elections, urging them to think of themselves as Mexican first and perhaps only. The eventual outcome is plain for anyone with eyes to see. This is invasion masquerading as immigration.

It may already be too late to avoid a future annexation of the Southwest by Mexico or the evolution of a Mexican-dominated satellite state. This is not to say Mexican people are better or worse than any of God's children. It is to say that millions of ethnically and culturally homogeneous people will seek self-determination in a land they will increasingly feel justified in claiming as their own. Especially when the natural weight of demographic change is accompanied by the soundtrack of radical demagoguery which seeks to legitimize and moralize this phenomenon as a "reconquista." Many pundits claim you will be remembered in history as the president who won (or lost) the war in Iraq I see it differently. I believe you will come to be seen, in the years and decades to come, as the President who saved (or lost) the Southwest of the United States.

Mr. President, this is a time for candor. Your immigration policy is viewed as captive to the cheap labor — big business lobby and inimical to the survival of our country. It is splitting the party and draining away support for your presidency. We who understand the vital stakes will not be placated by rhetoric or slogans. The failure to recognize this growing and deep disaffection among Republicans,conservatives, independents and, indeed, many Reagan Democrats, is, in the short run, going to lead to a monumental defeat for your party at the polls in November.

The last two years of your presidency will be plagued with impeachment hearings, with pressures to diminish the war against terrorism, with the cutting off of funds for the war of liberation in Iraq for which so many of our brothers in uniform have paid the ultimate price. The American people will once again be forced to endure a painful repetition of the humiliating withdrawal from Vietnam. We will be dedicating yet another monument to brave men who gave their lives for honor, country and a lost cause.

I understand that in your heart you want to believe that the border should be an open place where goods and people can move freely back and forth for the good of all. I do not question your integrity or the goodness and decency of your motivations. Dear Mr. President, this is a utopian creed, which must be discarded before it is too late.

When I watched the Senate Judiciary Committee's one-day public session on immigration reform (I suppose we should be grateful that Sen. Arlen Specter devoted one whole day out of his busy schedule for the public discussion of a problem regarding 20 million illegal aliens) it was remarkable for the near absence of any senator speaking on behalf of the American people or their own constituents. It seems the overriding concern of most senators of both parties is for the illegal immigrant population. Perhaps these senators should be reminded that they are supposed to represent and defend American citizens, not foreign nationals, illegal aliens or indeed anyone else. Listening to the self-serving and pandering speeches, you'd think the senators were elected in Mexico or any other country on the globe except America.

Where was the concern for American schoolchildren forced to sit in overcrowded classes, for American patients forced to wait in overcrowded hospitals, for American workers whose wages are being undercut, for American drivers forced to sit in interminable traffic jams in over-whelmed freeway systems, for the victims of organized gangs, for the American college students who are turned away from publicly funded state universities, for many African Americans who are being literally displaced from their neighborhoods while being moved figuratively, once again, to the back of the bus, for those environmentalists and conservationists who want to protect open space and slow down urban sprawl, for the American taxpayers who have had to bear the burden of billions of dollars in increased welfare costs, over-burdened prisons, extra police and security and even, adding insult to injury, for bilingual education?

Where was the concern that we as a people are compelled to deal with these "in your face" issues which have been imposed upon us by external forces, instead of focusing our time, energies and capital on our own indigenous, urgent concerns, like for instance, the medical care for our own countrymen and women. Might it be irresponsible to mislead the 20 million illegal foreigners already here and might it be immoral to encourage the yearly arrival of millions more when we cannot even take care of our own millions of poor and sick and hungry and, yes, dare I say it, our unemployed?

Working as I do in Civil War history, I have had to explore the ugly depths of the American institution of slavery, and have been privileged to work alongside civil rights leaders and specialists in African-American history. For this reason it troubles me that we appear today to be importing a second virtual slave class of low-wage workers who are hired to replace or displace less-educated or privileged Americans — including the very descendants of American slaves. I agree with you that "no child should be left behind." But that is precisely what immigration advocates are doing to the children of America's working class — by flooding the market with workers from a desperately poor country, who depress the wages of high school and even college graduates.

Little in the current situation resembles the immigration we knew and cherished while growing up in America prior to the '80s. The new and radically dislocating phenomenon we are enduring is not the old, familiar immigration of yesteryear — gradual, orderly, assimilating and lawful. The numbers alone are unprecedented. The American people have been made the victims of monumental social engineering perpetuated upon them without their consent and against their will by an arrogant governing elite. Those who try to neutralize their justifiable instincts of self-preservation as a people and a sovereign nation by constantly invoking the mantra of "a nation of immigrants" are trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

The House immigration bill isn't perfect, but it is a firm and realistic place from which to build an effective policy for the survival of our country. The McCain-Kennedy bill looks like it was drafted by bureaucrats at the United Nations, not by representatives of the United States.

To do the right thing, to take the safe course for protecting our country, you will have to endure even more vilification from the left, you will have to watch large and increasingly violent rallies by those who don't want to abide by our laws or the will of the American people — who think they are entitled — who believe this country already belongs to them — who believe the rest of us should just move aside, shut up and smile. To pretend this problem will go away by pandering to the illegal population, or to leave it for the next generation to solve is national suicide.

The moment has arrived. The Senate has already begun its bloviations and self-agrandizing platitudes, its morality play of good and evil wherein they the noble senators are cast as the redeemers of the entire world population seeking only to "live the American dream." We know by their coded words they will do nothing meaningful to really solve the problem or to defend America. If their actions of the past 20 years are a guide, they will only take the pose of pretending to do so. As a movie director I can see bad acting a mile away.

Today there are two Republican Parties. One is now seen correctly by most Americans as responsive first and foremost to the demands of multinational corporations, the agro-business and the Chamber of Commerce. The other, best represented by the embattled members of the House, represents grass-roots America — we the people. In this debate you have the opportunity to make the party one and whole again, to regain its soul and return it to the service and the sovereignty of the American people.

Dear Mr. President, you must disenthrall yourself from the failed policies of the present. I implore you to rethink this issue and to change course. Millions of Americans, a great majority of your fellow citizens will be with you. Start speaking and doing the sensible, courageous and right thing. You will see your poll numbers turn dramatically around. You will save your country.

By Ronald F. Maxwell, a writer and director currently working on a satirical motion picture about immigration into America.


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