Show Notes 08-21-2018

Tuesday Show 08-21-18

Judge halts full DACA restart
The federal judge who had ordered the government to restart the Obama-era deportation amnesty in full has backed off his decision and said the government does not, after all, have to begin accepting new applications.
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ICE Director: Agents Did ‘Nothing Wrong’ in Arrest of Illegal Immigrant on Way to Hospital With Pregnant Wife
Acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello said Monday on “Your World” that many people, including in Washington, do not “realize how important” the agency is.
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Animals, even seahorses, the new front in illegal immigration war
Following the same routes into the United States as illegal immigrants, the illegal trafficking of live creatures has jumped nearly 300 percent in the past decade and include such oddities as coral and seahorses.
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Plans for 3D-printed guns explode across internet amid court battle to repress them
Plans for 3D-printed guns have spread across the internet over the past three weeks despite the efforts of a federal judge and some of the country’s largest social media companies to try to impose limits.
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Montana Governor Comes Out In Support Of Assault Weapon Ban
Montana is a very pro-gun state. It’s one of those states where you don’t come out in favor of gun control if you value your political career. I mean, there may be a place or two that you can get away with it, but not in the state as a whole.
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