Show Notes 07-24-2018

Tuesday Show 07-24-18

Judge: School Broke Law by Promoting Student-led Mission Trip
A public school district violated the law when it promoted a mission trip sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, according to a judge appointed by President Obama.
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University no longer offers credit for ‘Witnessing Whiteness’
The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is no longer offering a course that critiqued “individualism, consumerism, meritocracy,” and “productivity” as staples of “white culture.”
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University hit with Title IX lawsuit for cutting sports budget
Two female students have filed a Title IX lawsuit against Eastern Michigan University after the school cut their sports teams, even though the cuts disproportionately impacted male athletes.
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Tax cuts only help the wealthy, right? American paychecks show otherwise
Like you, we are seeing something wonderful and—until recently—unusual as we enter stores: taped to the front window or hanging behind the counter is a “Help Wanted” sign.
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Weathering a nasty storm: Secrets from small business
A shrewd small business owner is always scouring the horizon, looking for proverbial dark clouds that threaten to upend the landscape of supply and demand.
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