Show Notes 03-31-2018

Saturday notes 03-31-18

Passover is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays. It commemorates the Biblical story of Exodus, when Hebrew slaves were released by God from bondage in Egypt.
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Knights of Columbus Send $1 Million-plus to Aid Iraqi, Syrian Christians
As the Christian Holy Week begins, the Knights of Columbus has announced that it is sending more than $1 million to persecuted Christians in Syria and Iraq to help them recover and rebuild from the devastation caused by the ISIS-led genocide in the Middle East.
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Florida school shooting suspect gets ‘piles’ of fan letters
The suspect in the Florida high school shooting that killed 17 is getting letters of support in jail including fan mail and pictures of scantily-clad women in addition to hundreds of dollars in contributions to his commissary account.
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Retired cop posts epic message after homeowner’s son uses AR-15 to drop 3 thugs
As a man who received a “Lifesaving Award” from the Arkansas State Police during his career, he also knows a little more about acting fast in an emergency than the vice president who served under Barack Obama.
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Sportswear Company Selling Out of New Line of Gun-Pocket Yoga Pants
Alexo Athletica, a company that proudly supports the Second Amendment, has introduced a new line of yoga pants designed to allow women to “carry with confidence” and comfort.
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ABC spin machine goes all in on ‘Roseanne’ pro-Trump success story
ABC’s PR machine shifted into high gear on Thursday after the news that its pro-Trump revival of “Roseanne” had scored monster ratings — with ABC executives claiming they brilliantly came up with a populist programming strategy following the November 2016 election.
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Family fights to keep strangers out of backyard
A county in Florida that took over private beach property and opened it to the public has had its hand slapped by a new state law that reverses its “theft.”
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Study claims chocolate Easter bunnies, eggs ‘bad for the environment
On Friday, two days before Easter, an academic journal published a study claiming that chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs are harmful to the environment.
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Toronto chef taunts vegans protesting outside his upscale meat restaurant by butchering a deer’s leg at the window then eating it in front of them after cooking it
Toronto chef Michael Hunter, who made headlines earlier this week after carving up a deer leg in full view of the vegan protesters outside his restaurant, has admitted that he felt “guilty” after pulling the stunt even though he was only trying to make a point.
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Cancer experts say coffee is safe, despite California’s new warning label requirement
Cancer experts say coffee is safe, despite California’s new warning label requirement
A California court judge’s ruling ordering coffee companies to put cancer warning labels on their products is not changing the minds of scientists and health professionals who say there is no credible evidence to warrant the dramatic move.
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