Uncooperative Update

dee dee dee dee dit dit dit this just in:

The Uncooperative Radio Host behaved in an Uncooperative way and told WAR radio to go pound sand.

In an unusual move he took the moral high ground and refused to have anything further to do with the project. It seems the leader doesn’t care about laws or morality and insists on stealing other people’s intellectual property by playing commercial music without a license. There is more to the story, but all UB would say is he decided that the leader of the radio station was an amoral individual and he could not, in good conscience, have anything more to do with said project.

In further conversation it turns out UB will be doing his show via podcast instead. UB says he needs some downtime, due to pushing himself too far working on this project and he is a bit ill. Not to worry, he says he will be back bigger and better than ever.

Author: Brian Bonner

USAF Veteran, Disabled NYC Paramedic, Oathkeeper, U.S. History and Constitutional Scholar, Internet Talk Show Host - Independent thinking. Constitutional Conservative, living off-grid in the Mountains of Montana - The Constitution is The Solution!

4 thoughts on “Uncooperative Update”

  1. WS, Thank you so much for your post. My UB was starting to get physically sick from working all day and late into the night on this project. (you have no idea how many times at 2am I yelled at him to Come To Bed, Already!)I was getting very upset. I’m glad you stuck with this blog for so long. I love your comments. Thanks for your support and keep them coming. God bless you and your family . Oh and thanks for your and your daughter’s service. Oh, oh and we will be podcasting every weekend, starting next weekend, after UB recovers. As a nurse, I am using my skills to nurse him back to health. :kiss_ee:


  2. Thank you WS, I really appreciate your comment.

    No hard feelings, but you were not part of the WHOLE conversation. Actually you were not part of any of it. But you seem to have gotten part of it.

    Stealing intellectual property is not morally correct. I got nothing wrong, since I am the only one who contacted the copyright office and spoke to an attorney there.

    Being a blogger, is not in the Biz. In fact, I used to be in the biz for years as a singer and a employee of BMI (company dealing with music copyrights).

    Kit, there was also much more that I am not going into because I am trying to have some class. I have an obligation to tell my readers why I was no longer part of this project.

    I am not concerned about attacks against my character. Those who know me, know my character.

    Oddly, you added nothing to WS’s comment, you may disagree with my decision, but I am a man of my convictions.

    Kit, you should have contacted me privately if you did not understand my position. No one worked harder on that project than I, so you have to ask yourself why I left; not an easy decision.


  3. Well_Seasoned,

    Your comment would have been right on except for one small problem –

    None of the accusations he’s making are true.

    You’ll notice there are no links, no proof, nothing. The situation that he claims happened, to be blunt, didn’t.

    What DID happen was that the “UB” had wrong information regarding the use of materials. Claiming that he had just spoken to the Federal Copyright Office, he ignored the fact that many of us have been in this business for years and are well acquainted with what we can and cannot do. He made accusations against members of the group, was rude, condescending, and very demanding of the other show hosts, and through it all, refused to “play nice” with anyone.

    As for Kender, the head of WAR, being “an amoral person,” I can personally attest that he is anything but. The hosts of WAR are all good, upstanding people who have put a LARGE amount of time and work into making WAR the absolute best it can be. None of us would be so stupid as to throw it all away by breaking the law.

    We were relieved when UB left the company; not because we were doing anything wrong, but because no one likes to be consistently accused of wrongdoing when they’re not actually doing anything wrong. The snotty attitude and primadonna act he had wasn’t helping either.

    Resignations happen on bad terms all the time, in companies and groups all over the world. Fortunately, most employees have the class to keep the dirty laundry internal and stay professional. Every so often, however, someone feels the need to leave in such a completely classless way that it not only cheapens their own position (if they had one at all), but it actually can backfire on the disgruntled member.

    Nowhere is this more true than on the internet and in the blogging community. Those who think they can pull one over on the eyes of the conservative blog-reading community are invariably found out and exposed as the devious and…well, amoral…maroons that they are.

    Good job, “UB.” You’ve succeeded in putting your remarks down for posterity. Just don’t be surprised when you end up being the next internet noun.

    I.E., Bonner. n. Someone who takes moral positions against others based on erroneous information and overactive personal arrogance.

    Ex. “That guy’s a real freaking Bonner.”


  4. Well UB … I know that must have been a tough decision … but … I am reminded of a phrase I’ve used before from the Cadet Prayer at the US Military Academy … “help me to do the harder right, rather than the easier wrong” … by withdrawing from the project, you make a statement … it is not about “conservative” or “liberal” … it is about right and wrong … integrity. You’ve the courage of your convictions … whether I always agree with you or not … and that is what attracted me to your blog in the first place.


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