Conservatives send letter to Bush, immigration enforcement first!

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Allll-Riiiight! It's about time:

Leading conservatives and civic leaders have signed an “open letter” on immigration declaring that “border and interior enforcement must be funded, operational, implemented, and proven successful — and only then can we debate the status of current illegal immigrants, or the need for new guest worker programs.”

The signers include William Bennett, Robert Bork, William F Buckley, Ward Connerly, Newt Gingrich, David Horowitz, David Keene, John Leo, Herbert London, Rich Lowry, Daniel Pipes, Phyllis Schlafly, and Thomas Sowell among others.

Hudson Senior Fellow John Fonte, who organized the letter, said:

“We want to commend the members of Congress who have supported enforcement first including 85% of all Congressional Republicans, 36 Democrats in the House and 4 in the Senate.” (Go read it all here)

Morning Coffee is all over the criminal invaders today:

"Public funded projects employing Illegals"

The Boston Globe points out several specific construction projects (projects funded with taxpayer dollars) in which the contractors are employing apparent illegal aliens in their work force. Of the Projects listed by the Globe the one that stands out to me the most is the $9.8 Million project at UMass-Dartmoth Dormatories. MORE

"Pa. city poised for immigration crackdown"

With tensions rising and the police department and municipal budget stretched thin, Hazleton is about to embark on one of the toughest crackdowns on illegal immigrants anywhere in the United States.

Last week the mayor of this former coal town introduced, and the City Council tentatively approved, a measure that would revoke the business licenses of companies that employ illegal immigrants; impose $1,000 fines on landlords who rent to illegal immigrants; and make English the official language of the city. MORE

"Immigration bill all but dead"

I Certainly hope this means the Senate Amnesty bill is Dead on Arrival, and focus is placed where it is needed, on border security, and enforcing the laws we have on the books now.

Within two days last week, House Majority Leader John Boehner changed from sunny optimism about prospects for passing an immigration bill this summer to a bleak, negative outlook. The reason was that Boehner got the word from House Speaker Dennis Hastert. MORE

Red Hot Cuppa Politics actually helped the Minutemen build a fence on our Southern border. Part of that fence was torn down this past week, from the American side… (and TOADS…)

"Minuteman Fence Vandalized":

Cowgirl built a section of this fence: Remember, this fence was on private property — but what the heck, right? Legal precedent won't allow prosecutions of defacement of property along the border, and our Congress will not put teeth into enforcement. MORE

Toadying Illegal Immigration Amphibians

And we thought we had illegal immigrant invasion problems here in the USA! An Australian state government called for the army to be deployed against an invasion of toxic toads.

InMuscatine's been slaving at the computer:

"NAFTA Interstate"

A.K.A. The largest security breech in the history of America.

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE – Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway by Jerome R. Corsi:

Quietly but systematically, the Bush Administration is advancing the plan to build a huge NAFTA Super Highway, four football-fields-wide, through the heart of the U.S. along Interstate 35, from the Mexican border at Laredo, Tex., to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn. "MORE

Illegal Immigration Destroying National Parks"

NOTE : The MSM can’t even bring itself to admit illegal aliens are destroying the evironment, even in a story about illegal aliens destroying the environment!

Immigration costs strain national parks on Yahoo! News:

Drug smugglers fleeing Mexican police crossed into this desert park and fatally shot a ranger four years ago, prompting officials to build a 30-mile vehicle barrier. That steel-and-concrete wall stops most cars from speeding in from Mexico. But drug and human traffickers have switched to rural entryways into Arizona. MORE

DeMediacratic Nation cuts through the balogny and says it like it is:

"Nation encourages illegal immigrants"

Regarding the title in the paper – NO DUH!!!!

The AJC support comprehensive immigration reform, yet feels it wouldn't be fair to send people back due to the fact that we haven't been enforcing our immigration laws. I wonder how fair it is to the American people that we are now stuck with this illegal immigration dilemma. If I am going to be concerned about fairness, I'll lean toward us first. MORE

Valgerd's Hearth hits a homer:

Texas Ranchers vs Criminals

There has been a long running battle between the ranchers and the criminals who hold their wants above our laws.

A few Texas ranchers tired of costly repairs to cattle fences damaged by illegal immigrants have installed an easier routeover the U.S.-Mexican border — ladders.

"It's an attempt to get them to use the ladders instead of tearing the fences," said Scott Pattinson, who owns one of a group of ranches known as La Copa.

Now, does any, or can anyone, tell me both honestly and with a straight face that the undocumented immigrants illegal aliens criminals who enter our country aren't hurting anyone? MORE

Why Mexicans want to work in the US

There's a growing number of US citizens who don't mind immigrants but do have a serious grudge against immigrants who entered illegally. Would you like to have your eyes opened just a bit on this?

Clementina Arellano grew up with her six brothers in a shack in this dusty Mexican hamlet. Now 42, she's raising her sons in a spacious, 10-room mansion with Roman-style pillars at the doorway and a garden full of flowers and singing birds.

How did she transform her fortunes so dramatically? By waiting tables and sweating in a furniture factory for about 10 years in Hickory, N.C., and sending home up to $500 a month. MORE

bRight&Early has a roundup and it's always good.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.**

7 thoughts on “Conservatives send letter to Bush, immigration enforcement first!”

  1. c mon —“so called CHILDREN of GOD” stop with the ;—-(((oh i don’t know what to call it )))— ohhh …ummm stop with the –“prefer one race over the other” — isn’t anybody tired of all that???,,,,


  2. funny the UNITED STATES is made up of IMMIGRANTS …I don’t believe thing will change —- they will get worse … there will be more immigrants from LATIN AMERICA and from the other side of the world!!..such as ((((well yall know )….this country will be full of latins, arabs , asians ,,,,yall will see ..


  3. It’s simple ! send AAAALLLL illegal immigrants (not just a “FEW THOUSAND” in whatever city you may pick .)))) send them ALL –EVEN THE ONES WORKING IN THE “””AGRICULTURE FIELD”” ……SEND ALLLLLLL…..alllllll …..and let’s c what happens !! lol


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