D-Day Storm the Capitol Campaign!

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From WaPo:

The same coalition of labor leaders, Latino activists, Catholic priests and radio deejays responsible for massive pro-immigrant demonstrations in Los Angeles described a new coordinated campaign on Tuesday that they hope will register 1 million new voters before the November elections.

Immigrant advocates plan to collect postcards addressed to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) and House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) requesting a “path to citizenship” for immigrants. Immigrant leaders from several cities will converge on Washington on May 17, which they call “National Lobby Day,” to deliver the cards and meet with their own congressional delegations.

The group hopes to influence senators working to craft new immigration laws before Memorial Day, said Angela Sanbrano, executive director of the Central American Resource Center. “The next two weeks are crucial for the immigration reform bill,” she said.

Well, it is time for us to do the same. Everyone of us can pass out postcards to people we work with, friends, family, customers and even strangers. Postcards have a lower cost of postage as well. But we are not going to stop there, on June 6th (D-Day) we will call, email and fax the capitol as well. Not just your elected cockroaches but also Frist and Hassert.

Come on folks, if this issue has not made you engaged enough for this kind of action, nothing ever will. I truly believe if we lose this one, we lose the country.

Easy contact tool

White House

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.

Author: Brian Bonner

USAF Veteran, Disabled NYC Paramedic, Oathkeeper, U.S. History and Constitutional Scholar, Internet Talk Show Host - Independent thinking. Constitutional Conservative, living off-grid in the Mountains of Montana - The Constitution is The Solution!

5 thoughts on “D-Day Storm the Capitol Campaign!”

  1. The Border Patrol is about 35% effective at stopping illegal aliens. The staffing level of the Border Patrol to get that effectiveness, the Border Patrol had 9,000 agents. So to be truly effective, the Border Patrol should be at the level of 27,000 agents. A stop gap manning level from the National Guard should involve 18,000 troops. There should be at least 2,500 National Guard troops from each and every state that has an immediate exposure to the adverse effects of illegal aliens crossing our borders. The states are Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California.

    The Dems ranted and raved about not having enough boots on the ground in Iraq. So where are they now?


  2. Letter to the Editor,
    Yancey Common Times Journal

    The Eleven Million Illegal Residents in the U. S.

    In the May 3, 2006, Journal, a reader asks, “What is the Mexican immigration problem about?”

    First, it is about illegal entry into this country. The people we are talking about violated the law as their first act in our country.
    Senator Robert Byrd put it this way: “If amnesty is given to a class on the basis of their having broken the law, then we are rewarding breaking the law. We are rewarding a criminal act. This is not a message that we should send to those who would consider illegally entering this country.”
    Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado said: “This is a kick in the teeth to the thousands of individuals across the world who are legally attempting to enter the United states.”
    Instead of learning the documents and customs on which our country was founded, these illegal immigrants are kept ignorant of such things and (unlike earlier immigrants to our country) they are discouraged by our national leaders from becoming literate in English, the language of the founding fathers. In fostering such policies, our national leaders seem to have a death wish for the United States.
    Meanwhile, as a measure of the kind of citizens we may be getting, Kevin Sullivan, writer for the Washington Post Foreign Service from Mexico City, reports: “When the young mechanical engineer went to get his driver’s license four years ago, he slipped the clerk about $10, skipped the written exam and walked out with a license in minutes. When he got married, a $10 palm greasing got him the date on the calendar he wanted for his civil ceremony. Now he’s working on a construction project, and the city functionaries have told his company that the building permit will require a $100,000 bribe.” The engineer tells Sullivan, “Everybody does it. It’s been going on for a long time.”
    Second, it is about the economic impact of illegal immigration on the lives of Americans.
    Employers want cheap labor, but U. S. citizens are paying for it. Economist Meredith Burke wrote in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, “The price of labor is artificially low. Employers paying below-living wages to low-skilled workers rely upon the public coffers to subsidize the difference via welfare programs. Naturally, such employers enjoy extra profits from such ‘cheap’ labor.”
    And Burke adds that “merely importing more workers, low-or high-skilled, muffles the labor market signals that otherwise would call for the increased wages and improved work conditions that normally attract people into an occupation.” Thus, pay for unskilled workers is kept artificially low by the availability of immigrants, and U. S. citizens quite naturally are not attracted to jobs that pay less than a living wage.
    In effect, the immigrant labor helps to suppress the income of poorer citizens while it boosts the profits of employers.
    Georgie Anne Geyer reports that “Economists such as Harvard’s George J. Borjas have found that the large-scale (and largely Mexican) immigration . . . has seriously reduced the relative wages of native American workers with less than a high school education.”
    Third, it is about our national unity. Six years ago Harvard University professor Samuel Huntington said, “Mexican immigration poses questions unique in American history. Many of the things I have seen lead to the possibility of a cultural community forming in the Southwest in which people could form their lives and careers in an overwhelmingly Spanish-speaking community. We have that already in Miami, and it could be repeated in the Southwest of the U. S. This represents a very unique and daunting challenge to our national identity.”
    During the last week there was further evidence to justify Huntington’s concern.
    For instance, a Spanish-language version of “The Star Spangled Banner,” hit the airways featuring Wyclef Jean, hip-hop star Pitbull, and Puerto Rican singers Carlos Ponce and Olga Tanon. The title of the Spanish version is Nuestro Himno, meaning “Our Anthem.” The Spanish version changes some lines of the song. The second stanza says, “My people keep fighting. It’s time to break the chains.”
    And quoted in an article by Bridget Johnson, columnist of the Los Angeles Daily News, is the following: “Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last 15 years, you should make a note of this: The southwest is already Chicana/o-Latina/o!” This quote is from a website of the California State University, Sacramento, chapter of MEChA. The acronym MEChA stands for “Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan.” or “Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan.”
    The following quote is from a website “What is Aztlan”: The myth of Aztlan is explained in California’s Santa Barbara School District’s Chicano Studies textbook, “The Mexican American Heritage” by East Los Angeles high school teacher Carlos Jimenez. On page 84 there is a redrawn map of Mexico and the United States, showing Mexico with a full one-third more territory, all of it taken back from the United States. On page 107, it says “Latinos are now realizing that the power to control Aztlan may once again be in their hands.” Shown are the “repatriated” eight or nine states including Colorado, California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and parts of Washington. According to the school text, Mexico is supposed to regain these territories as they rightly belong to the “mythical” homeland of Aztlan.
    Instead of a melting pot of cultures, the United States may become a boiling pot, a country with incompatible factions. It’s an issue that should give us pause. Earlier immigrants to this country were from different cultures, but they were interested in becoming fullfledged citizens of the United States.
    Kearney Smith


  3. Demand they Secure the border by any means necessary, including using the Military. No path to citizenship for anyone in this country illegally. Those are the two most core issues in this fight.

    Say it anyway you like and add anything you like to it!

    Here is mine!

    Secure the border by any means necessary. This includes the Military.

    Stiff penalties for employers, which are actually enforced.

    No taxpayer funded programs for illegals or their families. (including school for children of illegals and non-emergency medical care for any illegal)

    No “Anchor Babies” (no automatic citizenship for children of illegals born in the US)

    No path to Citizenship in any name or form for those here illegally.

    No Guest worker program until the above measures are put in place and the need can be PROVEN

    English only education and the official language of the USA


  4. What do you want on the postcards? Secure the borders, no Amisty? I will do everything I can to help. I too feel like I’m being labled a racist because of this, but I cant even think about the impact this will have on the America I leave to my children its just to sad and wrong.


  5. We absolutely have to be heard on this issue!! Let’s all do our part! I myself fear of being labeled a “racist” in which I am not, but I am raising two small children with minds like sponges and I can only say and do certain things in front of them. I will not bring them to any rallies. I do however, do what I can on the internet, by phone when they are at school, by fax and by email. I am trying to do my part. Let’s all gather together and demand to be heard. Good luck to all of you and thank you to all of you who are getting this message out. Thanks Brian!


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