Will cooler heads eventually prevail?

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From Framingham Tab:

A Web site aimed at illegal immigration opponents and a protest about the influx of “illegals” to Framingham are just the latest example of the hot-button that was pressed about two years ago by a vocal minority in town.

Since then, the tension between members of Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement and local Hispanics has continued to run high, with calls for the sides to come together being largely ignored.

Come together? With criminals? Why?

Laura Medrano of Framingham, president of LULAC’s Northeast chapter, said the major problem when trying to discuss illegal immigration law enforcement with the Rizolis is their ignorance on the topic as a whole.

“CCFIILE is not very well-versed on the issue,” she said. “There’s no way (the illegal immigrants) can come back here legally once they’ve come in illegally. They’ve already established themselves. They have families.

“(CCFIILE doesn’t) talk realistically about how the (local) economy is being supported (by business owners who open shops in Framingham after coming to
town illegally),” said Medrano.


Look, I’m sorry our sorry ass excuse for a government let you in and allowed you to stay in defiance of all known law. However, if you are here illegally it’s not unfair to ask you leave, no matter how comfy you are being here ILLEGALLY!

And here’s my favorite bit…

Manoel Oliveira, founder and senior pastor of the Nova Vida (New Life) Community Church on Union Avenue, wonders why the disagreement has become so uncivil.

He blames the Rizolis for their threats toward Brazilians and other people of minority descent and wishes they wouldn’t walk around with a video camera rolling all the time.

“Talking to CCFIILE is like trying to talk to terrorists,” he said. “This is not the way Americans behave when they want to solve something. The way they’re going about this is completely wrong. Who are they to try to enforce the law?”

Who are they to enforce the law indeed. That’s what the police are for right, Oh, wait, the police aren’t doing anything about this, neither is ICE (the new INS). So what is a citizen supposed to do?

Why Citizen’s Arrest of course!

A private person may arrest another:
(1) For a public offense committed or attempted in his presence; or
(2) When a felony has been committed and he has reasonable cause to
believe the person arrested has committed it.

That’s right, when our government abrogates it’s responsibility to enforce the law it is incumbent on us as citizens to pick up the slack. No, I’m not kidding. Our government refuses, flat out refuses to enforce the law or keep us safe from marauding illegal aliens or terrorists. So it’s up to us. Does the term “Minutemen” ring a bell?

And Manoel? This is EXACTLY how Americans are supposed to do when their representative government lets them down.

Back to the story and my second favorite bit…

Remember ole’ Manoel, the bleeding heart priest who doesn’t want the law enforced, he has a little secret he’d like to share with us.


Oliveira, who came to America from Brazil illegally 16 years ago, earned his doctorate in urban missiology from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and founded the church eight years ago, hopes to eventually see the two sides settle their differences.

Hmmm, it’s almost like he has a dog in this fight. I mean why would this padre be so sympathetic to illegals? It’s on the tip of my tongue….

I predict the differences will be resolved when the illegals are handed a jumbo adios sammich and a hearty farewell, yep, I think that’ll do it.

“The biggest problem is they spread lies,” he (Oliviera) said. “There’s no way to reason with these guys. They’re full of hatred. They do not promote the truth.”

I think the New England Minutemen have conveyed a clear and direct message. No more illegals, what’s left to say? Hard truths are not lies Manoel.

Oh? and manoel, one does not reason with criminals

Author: Brian Bonner

USAF Veteran, Disabled NYC Paramedic, Oathkeeper, U.S. History and Constitutional Scholar, Internet Talk Show Host - Independent thinking. Constitutional Conservative, living off-grid in the Mountains of Montana - The Constitution is The Solution!

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