The Kelsey Briggs Story

The Lost in Lima Ohio Blog is working hard on this story and has asked that bloggers try and get out the word.

From an article on MSNBC:

At only 2-and-a-half-years-old, Kelsey Briggs’ tiny body had already endured more injuries than most people see in a lifetime. She had broken bones and bruises from head to toe. The DHS report states that Kelsey had a broken collarbone and faded bruises on her thighs and bottom. A doctor said those bruises were the result of abuse, likely from a beating with an object such as a hair brush. Kelsey’s mom, Ray Dawn, said she didn’t know how the bruises got there. At that time, DHS told a judge that Kelsey needed to be removed from the home and she was. In February the DA went to court to establish Kelsey as a deprived and abused child. The DA said Kelsey’s mother and step-father either perpetrated the abuse or failed to protect Kelsey. Two months later, the judge, acting on a DHS recommendation, allowed Ray Dawn unsupervised visits. Given the history some people wonder why DHS thought that was a good idea. Department of Human Service official George Johnson says, Until you can prove a person has done abuse or neglect to a child, at whatever level; until you can prove that, the courts say you need to be certain of things and that there is enough evidence to prove otherwise. If that means returning a child to a childs home you have to do that. Kelsey’s guardian, her paternal grandmother, insists the mothers visits only took place if Michael Porter was not around. Within a month, Kelsey was back in a DHS office. She now has more bruises and what’s described as a sprained ankle. DHS staff noticed that Kelsey whimpered and would not walk or crawl. They tell her mom to take the little girl to the emergency room right away. Doctors eventually find broken bones and say the injuries are the result of abuse. DHS remove Kelsey from her grandparents home and continue to investigate. Because of Kelseys broken legs, within a month, the Lincoln County DA is back in court and files a petition saying, in part that Ray Dawn, “either perpetrated the acts of abuse or failed to protect Kelsey. However, a month later, in June, the court allows Ray Dawn to have physical custody of the little girl.

This just makes me sick, and I know stories like this one happen everyday in this country, but this also adds insult to injury to think about the father having to deal with this while also risking his life while serving our country.

Go check out the other blog, there is more information available.

UPDATE 01-02-06: The Kelsey Briggs Story II

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Author: Brian Bonner

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19 thoughts on “The Kelsey Briggs Story”



  2. how could the mother do this to her how could she not have protected her i cant believe that she didnt help her own daughter. i would have protected her dy just stopping him from beating her. kelsey should not have gone through this. she was a beautiful little girl i will miss her so much she was so beautiful. i cant believe that nobody helped her in her time of need!!!!! how could anyone do this to a beautiful little girl she will be remembered all the time she was so besutiful!!!!


  3. You may want to try “contact us” at your state’s web site. Mention child abuse in your communication and I suspect you will get quick attention … a sensitive issue right now.


  4. DHS is a crock. I called in for my nephew because his father smokes crack & marijuana in the car with the windows rolled up, so that my nephew will get sleepy and go to sleep. The child crisis hotline told me that smoking drugs was just like smoking cigarettes, so they were not going to do anything about it. What can I do to get somebody to do something about it?


  5. One piece of advice is go over their heads. If you have legitimate complaints that you can prove you bother your elected officials, they work for you. DHHS is a bureaucracy, not answerable to the people.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    That said I understand your position from personal experience. It might not yield fruit, but it is worth the walk.


  6. well i just want to say i am so sorry this happen to little kelsy. i am a mother of two little boys and am fighting dhs myself. and for you people who know how the system is or if you don’t know let me just tell you they are not there to help they do more harm then they help. i have a little 3 yr old boy who has been sexual assulted by a little boy and dhs has been aware of all of this it has been going on in the school for the past 3-4 weeks that i am aware of and now since they did not do anything it has trickeld down and affected my little baby. if anyone has any advise to give me just e-mail me at i could use some advise and help. so now that this has happen i am looking at fighting the system for another 9 months and it is there fault that this stuff happens to little kids because they just don’t do there job they are to worried about the money they get from the government i thing we thaks alot for listen to me and if you can help please contact me thanks.


  7. It is such a fine line we walk between parental rights and the rights of children; I have seen the “system” work … and I have seen the system fail for parents … and I have seen the system fail for children as it did here. The answer lies in the dedication and expertise of our social service people … to the extent that they know their job and are committed to doing what is right, not necessarily what is expedient, the system has a good chance of working. You generally get what you pay for … and, like teachers, we don’t pay enough where it counts.


  8. I am the Kelsey’s Grandma and I want to thank all of you for reading her story. We are still working for Justice for Kelsey. Her little life has touched so many and we hope we can rally together to get some laws in Oklahoma changed. We lost 51 children to child abuse in 2004, I don’t know what this years numbers will be, but one is to many. We have set up a site for Kelsey so those with ideas about what works and what doesn’t can post, it is
    Thanks again. We hope to see more arrest in this case and we hope to make a diference in 2006.


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  10. first of all i would like to send my condolences to the father and the grandparents and may god comfort you. now on to department of human services. the only reason dhs probably granted custody to the mother again was so they could hit the father up for support when he returned from iraq. and i dont believe they actually had the nerve to say the system didnt fail the child(yeah it did). numerous occasions you all witnessed physical abuse bruises broken bones that this child had. and you allhave the nerve to say there wasnt enough evidence???. well anyway heres my 2 cents. whoever these dhs workers are need to have their ass”s sued and fired …. and the judge. needs to be removed from the bench. thats not justice he served it was idiocy and incompetence. and let this be proof right here on how our state runs things. their thousands of children in abusive homes at the hands of dhs. and in our courts its not about the welfare of the child its about how much money they can aqquire off of the child. and we also have state legislatures and ill give you a hint . district #35 tulsa ok. its also clowns like our state legislation that makes this laws. and a majority of them are attorneys and guess what they practice on the side(family law ). and its them as well that put these children in dangerous homes. they would rather have the child in the mothers home no matter if theres abuse or not. if they represent the mother against the father? their on the money trainand of course get their cut. and its children such as kelsey briggs that get to pay the ultimate price. and to the family of kelsey ……..that little girl will stay in my heart for a long time. and we wont forget her.


  11. Note that the amendment says “cruel AND unusual”, nor “cruel OR unusual”. Flogging is not unusual in this world of ours … in fact, think one can find a blog story on it …


  12. There are some crimes that I’d recommend a slow painful death, resuscitation, stabilization and repeat until unable to resuscitate.

    This crime qualifies in my book. Damn good thing for the perps that I’m not in charge, eh?


  13. Methinks it is time to take a cold hard look at:

    Amendment 8 – Cruel and Unusual punishment
    Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

    Seems to me an addition something along the lines of:

    That which is inflicted on the first by the second shall not be considered cruel or unusual when inflicted by whatever means on the second through due process of the law.

    Stoning, staking out on an anthill, and few others of similar nature come to mind.


  14. This is a horrible crime and the court and DHS is complicit in it. One of the things that isn’t clear from the posting on her blog is that this happened in or near Oklahoma City, OK. I was getting ready to go up to Lima, which is just up the road, and start a civil disturbance. I’m a little too far from OK City to do that.

    What the hell is wrong with these people? I’m refering to DHS and the courts. There and in many other places. Florida also comes to mind. They actually lose track of kids there and then lose them physically. They can be dead for a year or two and nobody notices. It’s disgusting!

    Get a rope.


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