al-Qaeda Claims Three Men, One Woman Carried Out Jordan Bombings

From an article on FNC:

Al Qaeda claimed a squad of four Iraqi homicide bombers, including a husband and wife team, carried out the Ammam attacks with explosive belts after carefully staking out the hotels for a month. Jordan interrogated 12 suspects Friday who may have helped them.

This is just a quick update from the 53 Dead in Amman Terrorist Attacks article.

UPDATE: FNC Reports:

Strapped with a disabled explosives belt, an Iraqi woman arrested Sunday confessed on television to trying to blow herself up with her husband in one of three homicide attacks earlier this week that killed 57 people.

The 35-year-old woman â the sister of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s right-hand man who was killed by U.S. forces in Iraq â appeared on Jordanian state TV hours after she was captured by security forces who were tipped off by an Al Qaeda claim that a husband-and-wife team participated in Wednesday’s bombings.

They have the video of the confession as well.

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Author: Brian Bonner

USAF Veteran, Disabled NYC Paramedic, Oathkeeper, U.S. History and Constitutional Scholar, Internet Talk Show Host - Independent thinking. Constitutional Conservative, living off-grid in the Mountains of Montana - The Constitution is The Solution!

5 thoughts on “al-Qaeda Claims Three Men, One Woman Carried Out Jordan Bombings”

  1. Interesting how this is shaking out.

    The King and the Defense guy both appear to have been correct, after a fashion. (One said there was a woman bomber, the other said no woman bomber blew herself up) I was wondering how that would resolve.


  2. I see that FNC includes a caveat in their first line: “Al Qaeda claimed…”. I have noticed that other news services don’t do that, or bury something milder farther down in the story. Like this.

    When the U.S. Govt. issues a statement, and they deign to carry it, the bold strong caveats are always in the first line.

    What I draw from this is that they are more willing to believe the enemy’s statements at face value than they are their own government.

    I’m all for questioning government, they have shown me plenty of reason in the past, but not to extend this cynicism to our enemies seems to be an indication of where much of the MSM stands and who they stand with.


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